Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sir Links A Lot

I have so many Links to share with you gize, starting with this one:

Hmm. Poor Link's got a lot on his mind. The weight of the world is on his tiny felt shoulders.

Anyway, last night while Tony and the neighborhood cockroaches and the toilet in my master bathroom were all running, I was doing some important research on the Internet until 3 in the morning.

Now you nerds get to waltz in here and reap the rewards of all my hard work.

First... Landerson brought this blog called Cake Wrecks to my attention. I spent a good 2 hours on there, looking at pictures, reading the commentary, and laughing until I fell off my dinosaur and broke my rock underwear. My favorite cakes are the womb cake, the eatable baby cake, the bride without a budget cake, the "Lenin cake again?", and last but not least, the Santa caterpillar cake.<--I don't know when I've laughed that hard.

Careful on Cake Wrecks. It's hard to tear yourself away from that blog.

Moving on... remember that one Smart Remarks book club book we read back in May that retailed for something like 10 bucks? Well, if you were planning on buying a second copy for your downstairs bookshelf, don't. Because for a limited time, you can read it on the Internet... for free. It's formatted to look like a book, and you can even PRINT it off. Say wha?

Brilliant marketing strategy by Ms. Clare, as it's the first book in a series, and there's no way you can stop reading after that messed-up cliff-hanger ew yuck this can't be happening ending to book one.

Next... have you seen the trailer for Tim Burton's Alice and Wonderland? Curiouser and curiouser. In fact, the curiousest.

It's set to release in March of 2010.

Did you know Anne Hathaway is playing the White Queen?

(carpets and drapes, no matchy. ahem.)

Did you know there was a White Queen in Alice and Wonderland? Yeah me neither. But it makes sense. Wherever there is a Red Queen painting white roses red, there is a White Queen, silently fuming.

And, of course, Johnny Depp is playing Frodo Baggins, as the Mad Hatter.

But let's not be silly. The Mad Hatter has to play a bigger part in the Tim Burton version than he did in the cartoon version, on account of him being Johnny Depp/Frodo Baggins. From the trailer, he seems like some kind of narrator. Fingers crossed that we finally get an answer to that age-old riddle: What the H is a writing desk?

If Tim Burton's Alice and Wonderland is at least as good as Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers's, I'll be pleased.

And... my last link is not a link at all. You get to watch this YouTube video from the comfort of my blog. I promise you, it will make you say "whoa... is he really gonna... whoa!" And then you will run get other nerds to come watch.


Emily said...

Wow, that post was packed full of weirdness!

Hot Pants said...

I just spent a good 3 hours reading your blog. Of course, 2 hours and 50 minutes was on the cake one. I got dehydrated reading it. I laughed so hard. Dwight kept asking what was so funny and I couldn't even talk.
You know when they say the carpet doesn't match the drapes, they aren't referring to hair and eyebrows.
I think back in the day, I could have passed all the Mario worlds pretty fast. I never actually timed it, but I always tried to do it fast. But did you see how many times he really did hit those eating flowers and never died? Somethin' was up with that!

Jenny ESP said...

Amy, I warned you about that blog. Huge time sucker, but you get a nice ab workout. The Santa caterpillar about killed me. And you don't get it... when the hair and eyebrows don't match, that proves the carpet and drapes don't match. ::pat on head::

On Mario bros, you can touch the edges of eating flowers without dying, just not the middles. Try it. I spent hours and hours everyday playing that game when I was a kid, only to discover that the whole thing can be passed in 5 minutes.

Markie23 said...

How can I get my own fuzzy little Link? I wuv him.

Memzy said...

Oh. Boy.


Lollerzing my a** off. On all accounts.

Krissy said...


Landee said...

Cakewrecks is my BFF. She just doesn't know it. I'm making Beebee a Lenin cake for her 4th birthday.

People can pencil in their eyebrows, you know. That proves nothing. I'm sure Anne Hathaway's carpet is bombshell blonde. Isn't everyone's?

That Mario video just goes to show that shorties do it best! He avoided many pitfalls by being small. I'm going to tell this story to my midget children. Thanks for this.

eekareek said...

The fastest I ever Beat S.M.Bros. is a little over 9 minutes. That was amazing! I definitely need to start practicing more.

It is okay if the carpets and drapes aren't an exact match. Sometimes the drapes get a little bleached out by the sun and due to the blinds, the carpet doesn't see much of the sun. It actually seems more natural that way.

Landee said...

^^^ is a profeshunal hurdid doer so she knows about natural hair colors and stuff.

Maddie said...

die already!

Katie said...


Katie said...

I watched the entire 5 minutes of Mario. It was thrilling. I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Did you see how close he came to the hammer? I feel nauseous from the stress. I think I need some baby cake to settle my stomach.

Elizabeth Bailey Waite said...

Hey, cute girl! You make me laugh. You have a great blog going on, and you are so sweet to leave a note now and then on mine. I get very little fan mail, but then I'm not all that entertaining either. For a good laugh nothing beats the Esplin blog.