Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cleo Bronson

That's my porn name (first pet + street address). This is me in front
of my childhood home (1843 Bronson St. Camarillo, CA 93010). The giant
olive tree is hiding her magnificance. Believe me, she's a beaut in


Memzy said...

I'm guessing that Optimus Prime came and saved the day with your traffic situation? Nice.

She IS a beaut.

Memzy said...

And if those rules apply my porn name is Misty El Portal. Ha!

Landee said...

I think it's really your middle name plus childhood street name.... I can see why you changed it to PET's name tho.... cuz you are negative in the middle name department.

See, the pet thing doesn't work cuz you can have a boy pet. For example, my stripper name would be "Hansel Raindrop" under your rules, "Dawn Raindrop" under mine. See how superior my way is? Thought so.

Hot Pants said...

I drove by that place last summer. It was a dream come true. Memories of the "Night Stalker" flooded back.
-Elizabeth Bronson
Queen Latifah Cookie Cruncher the Third Bronson

ManicMandee said...

That house brings back so many memories.

You should have knocked and asked for a tour.

Cleo was a dog right? Why am I struggling to remember that pet?

Erin Beck said...

hey my porn name is Cleo Bronson too!

eekareek said...

Yeah, Jenny, your porn name rules are wrong. Landee is right. My name is Marie Jullion (because I feel like I grew up on Jullion not Bronson). The ironic thing is that I drove by my house today too. I didn't take a picture though because I didn't want the Wilkinsons to see me.

Jenny ESP said... if there is a right and wrong way to chose a porn name, but...

"Yeah, Jenny, your porn name rules!"... Thanks Eekareek. Too bad "Marie Jullion" doesn't sound like a porn name in the slightest. That's actually your Cabbage Patch name, tho. Your porn name is "Big Mama Jullion".

Landee, you just got lucky that your middle name is a total stripper name. Not everyone is so fortunate. Furthermore, I see nothing unpornish about Hansel Raindrop. It's very butch.

MM, I can't believe you forgot about poor Cleo. Yes, she was a dog we had for about 7 or 8 years. A beagle.

Emily said...

Crazy stuff happened in that house...