Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Gus made this lil monster thing at hidzcraftz. She has a lot if cute
ideas. I'll put the link up later. He's very proud of it, tho it's
hard to tell since I couldn't get him to smile.

I have lots to post, but I've had a busy week, and there's a ton of
stuff I need to do before we leave town. Thanks for the input on my
last post. Still tharn. Still stressin. Sigh.


Memzy said...

Monster craft thingys rawk.

Landee said...

Yes, plzthanks put up the link to where ever that thing was borned from. So... will it live on his bed? Will he take it to college some day? Does it have a name?

This post lacks some vital details.

Emily said...

How cute! The monster thing too.