Friday, March 6, 2009


My life is very unbalanced right now. It's been heavy on the TV, light on everything else. I haven't taken a nap since Sunday. But I'm finally putting up my KenDoll post here.

I decided to do it show-n-tell style, but my video ended up being something like 9 mins long, which is 9 hours in blog time. So I'm giving it to you in installments.

Part 1: The Paperlikeness of it


This is what the free KenDoll app for the iPhone looks like:

I just downloaded it. I doesn't do everything a KenDoll does. You can't buy a book directly from the app, only read the books you have already purchased through the KenDoll store via Right after it downloaded, my copy of P&P was up. Again, you'd have to be pretty desperate for reading material, and in close proximity to an outlet, to want to read a novel on your iPhone. It's no replacement for a paperback, or a KenDoll. But hey, it's free.

Next up, what the KenDoll sounds like when it reads to you...


ManicMandee said...

So then why are you watching so much TV? That's pretty cool. Looking forward to hearing it read.

Jana said...

I'm captivated by your acting skillz.
What the heck was that on your phone. Did blindy have donkey ears??

Memzy said...

Shed and I just watched a Charlie Rose the other night with the Bezos guy (CEO of Amazon) and he was talking all about the KenDoll. We were enthralled. So I am DYING for the next "read it to you" installment. DYING. After we buy a new house and then buy a new car and then save up some more money..........I think we'll wanna buy one of those.

Landee said...

Lollerzing at your wallpaper picture. Like I lollerz every time I turn my phone on now. It's the best present you've ever given me.

Also, this is kinda like a podcast. I like it.

Lastly, you almost said "read your scriptures" with a straight face. I'm proud of you.

Carol said...

Jenny, loved your post. Loved hearing your voice--made me feel like I've met you. FYI--I bought a Sony Digital Reader for Uncle Visor for Christmas for the sole purpose of scriptures at church instead of carrying the heavy books. He can't turn pages or hold the book. So, I downloaded the scriptures and it was NOT good. Books are great--scriptures are not formatted for the Sony Digital Reader to be accessed by chapter and verse. You have to turn the pages to get where you want to go. Not good. So I took it back, got an iphone, loaded the scriptures on it and ---TADA--perfection. It's true, it's better to read from the book at home--but it's great to take to church and he can use it all by himself. That's actually the only time I let him use the iphone--the rest of the time it's mine. Did that sound selfish? Sorry. (I do let him play quordy. I think the Kendoll is a much better device than the Sony Digital Reader. I'm looking to the future.

ShelBailey said...

I have friends with a condo up in Vancouver, BC. They got a KenDoll about a year ago and she said it's lightened their luggage when they go up there by about 50 lbs. (Her husband is retired and goes through 3-4 books a week, when he's not making FABULOUS homemade bread) Mostly she hated hauling the books back home at the end of the trip, because Jim never throws/gives away a book when he's done, he likes to keep them ALL (and their condo is teeny tiny). She says the KenDoll may keep them from having to add a house onto their house just for the books.

Katie said...

That was riveting! Like a thought provoking question...How is a page less like a page...

Thank you for this...thank you.

Flem said...

1. Yes Kindle is amazing.
2. Nice wallpaper. Not.
3. I cannot BELIEVE you are using the iphone as the "what not to buy" for this. You have sold your soul for realz.
4. You have an update waiting on facebook.
5. Nice laughing about having your scriptures on your phone.
6. Overall show and tell score: 7

Flem said...

Sorry in case that sounded rude, you got the 7 for a great voice and nice jeans, Jenny size 2.

Jenny ESP said...

MM--I'm just in a rut I guess.

Jana--those were rabbit ears on Blindy, not Donkey ears.

Memz--Just put it into your mortgage.

L--I aim to make you proud.

AV--I heard the Sony Reader has a lot less book selections, tho I don't know for sure. Definitely set boundaries when it comes to sharing your iPhone, husband or not.

Shel--Tony insists on taking the same stack of books (that he'll never get around to reading) on every vacay. Can't wait to take this baby on a cruise.

Katie--You're welcome.

Flem--I can't believe you gave me a 7, I was striving for a 10. Don't you think Blindy looks a lot like Fiver? That was an email on FB, not an update. And if you read a novel on your iPhone, I'll take back everything I said about it in that video.