Saturday, March 7, 2009

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Here we have part 2 and part 3 of my Amazon KenDoll demo (Part 1 is in the post below if you missed it).



Emily said...

I'm sold!

Flem said...

I love the soundtrack for one. The 99 cent is appealing for sure. How many 99 centers would I have to buy in order to make up for the initial investment of the kindle?

I love your demo vids, especially the font you use. The only think I might like to request is not to use "pap" as an abbreviation.

Annie said...

For the record I don't read that much but I did watch all 3 episodes of your demonstration. Do I get points for that?

Katie said...

I love that voice too. The story really comes alive with that sensual voice.

I don't know...99 cents still sounds like more than free...I don't know.

I did like this music better. It was a really emotional segment.

ManicMandee said...

Um, I think I could do without the voice feature. But it was funny.
I still think the whole thing is pretty cool!

Landee said...

How did you change from your jammie pants to your jeans so quickly?

I too enjoyed the person reading to you. I bet Blindy uses that feature all the time. Straws.

Jenny ESP said...

Hey you gize, after searching a bit more through the KenDoll store, I found lots free books (all older books, of course, but a few that I have been wanting to read).

Flem--anywhere from 30 to 60 books, depending on how much they cost. I buy about 3 books a week on average, so I'll suck KenDoll and his cheap books dry in no time. A few months ago, I went on a Georgette Heyer spree (of Grand Sophy fame--thanks Markie) and bought 13 of her books over a few weeks. They averaged $15 each, so that's $195. (wow, I never added that up!) If I would have had my KenDoll, I would have saved $120, a third of the cost of a Kindle. On S. Meyer books, I would have saved $50. Pap.

Memzy said...

You are the ultimate consumer for this product. I love it. I am an avid reader but NOTHING compared to you and your books. Is Tony feeling left out now that you have KenDoll? I can't wait to get one for myself someday.