Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Changing the Face of American Idol"

Yes, according to Ms. Seacrest, American Idol has a face.
AND the producers intend to change it, extreme makeover style.

Subtle changes to American Idol's arms and legs, maybe dropping a few pounds, I can deal with that. But changing the face? That is some serious plastic surgery.

Possible lame twists to American Idol that will bug the Stuff out of me, and therefore, all Americans:

The judges will score the contestants (a la Dancing with the Stars) and that score will combine with America's vote. Way too much power to the judges, who aren't always 100% in touch with who Americans' want to stay. Ahem. Wild Card show.

America will vote, and the judges will decide, out of the bottom two, who will go home. This would have rescued contestants like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry, but more often than correcting America's mistake, I think the judges will end up force feeding us their favorites. Ahem. Wild Card show. In addition, the judges could build up the drama by making them "sing for their life" like they did when they picked the top 36. This would be especially annoying, because, as we all know, the whole thing will be for dramatic purposes only. The judges know exactly who they want to go home, and no "sing-off" is gonna change that--gimme a frickin break.

The judges will get to "veto" Americas vote or bring a contestant back. This one could be a real pain in the A. And rather high-handed of them. I mean, the judges aren't our elected officials. We didn't grant them this sort of power, they would just be taking it. The worse part about this one is that Little Rounds could end up winning the whole thing.

We shall see...


Landee said...

Oh man. You just gave me the heebees even considering any of these things. They need to take a cue from Tati and not try and fix something that's not broken. ::said with thick, fake spanish accent::

I hope what they are doing is dropping Pauler. That would change the drunk face of AI anyway.

Carol said...

Tell me it isn't so---. I don't want the judges to have any more power than necessary because I often don't agree with their judgements. And I second Lulu--get rid of Paula. Her face scared me last night as did her cognitive skills or lack thereof. When she stands up to dance while they sing I HAVE to look away. Painful.

Memzy said...

I'm just now reading this post during commercial break on idol. And I'm thinking this twist us the best possible outcome. I'm ok with it.

ManicMandee said...

Ooh, I am not liking this!

Emily said...

Surprise, surprise that Jorge didn't get the veto vote. He creeped me out. I swear, he undressed me with his eyes everynight.

BTW: I tried to text you yesterday but it didn't work. Can you email me your celly please? Or, text me if you have mine.

eekareek said...

Who wouldn't want to under dress Emily with their eyes? She is hot. Also, Emily, I am not making fun of you, think your hot.

Jenny, I watched Idol last night and the new rule is that the judges can save a person who has been voted out. I don't quite get all the rules cuz Ry said they can only save a person one time but then later on said the judges can only save once the whole season. And what if they keep saving people every week and then we have a build up of 5 people needing to leave in one week. I feel this system is flawed.


lovedkat said...

well i shouldnt have read this cause i havent watched it yet this weekend....oh well it wil still be tntresting. sounds like an annoying twist!

Katie said...

Thanks for spoiling, Sara! Rude! I guess I won't take it so personally cause once didn't record.