Thursday, February 26, 2009

Uncanny Resemblance

Edward (aka Rob Pattinson)

Edward (aka Adam Lambert)

America has spoken. Eyeliner guy made it through to the next round. Whether it was his high note that did it or his uncanny resemblance to Edward Cullen, we shall never know. Alls I know is that I helped make it happen...

Along with Lil Red...

And Man in the Mirror Guy/No Face Time Guy...

I'm most surprised that No Face Time Guy made it through cuz he had no face time. Quite a feat. ::pat on head::

From this batch of losers, I do hope to see Nick/Norman and Dueling Pianos Guy in the wild card round.

Next week, I'm looking forward to seeing Sad Eyebrows Guy and Blind Guy. Don't really wanna see Lil' Rounds, but what are ya gonna do? She's on the show and stuff.

One more thing I wanna say about Edward/Adam, cuz I know a few of you weirdos don't like him. I know he's dramatic. I know he's over the top. I know he sings those unmanly high notes. Yet, I still frickin love the guy. He's gonna unbore me the entire season.

In other news, did you gize know that Landee and Gty Landerson will be right here in good ol' sunny Las Vegas this weekend?<--eeeeeekkkkk! This kind of exciting last-minute stuff only happens to people who live in Las Vegas or Anaheim or Orlando.

The Blue Man Group can't WAIT to see us Friday night.

In furthermore news, Cord choked on a mint at Cafe Rio tonight. We were finishing up our meal, when we noticed that he was bright red and giving us the international "I'm choking" symbol he had just learned at scouts. Tony started shaking him and slapping him on the back, un-Heimlich-like, until the mint came up, along with two grilled salmon tacos that were quite expensive. And stinky.


ManicMandee said...

Ok, I didn't think they looked alike until those two photos were there by each other you posted. And I still haven't seen either of this weeks shows. Now it's all spoiled for me. But oh well. I guess I didn't mind hearing it now.
And glad Cord is still alive. Phew.
Have fun with Landee!

Markie23 said...

Cafe Rio food is oh so good, but only going down... coming up, not so great.

Jami said...

I heart Edward...both of them. Lil Red--fan favorite (fan, being me) You can go ahead and refer to my last AI comment and see I am not lying. man in the mirror that is really a little boy...I was suprised and really not that impressed. I thought last night for sure two girls would have made it through. I liked SLC girl who looks extremely uncomfortable behind the mic (seriously--didn't touch the mic once...germaphob??) Anywho--just my thoughts. I didn't vote though, I have to wait until the chill factor (a performance that gives me chills). It generally only happens 3-5 times a season, it is a prestigious vote.

Memzy said...

My iPhone looked very similar to that one just the other night. BMG eh? Okay. Hey make sure to wash the sheets extra good before they come. Oh wait.... They aren't sleeping there. Nvm.

Carol said...

OK--Your post has softened my take on Eye liner guy. I'll listen/watch with a more open mind in the future. The photos are amazing. Choking/Cord=scarey. Glad he's OK.

Here's your assignment--when Lulu arrives, give her a big hug for me. You can do it. Take Iphone pix and send to me. Try to remember all the funny stuff that happens and then blog, blog, blog.

You'll love Blue Man Group-seen it--loved it. Next time Uncle Visor and I come to Vegas to visit Nick and family we MUST meet for lunch/ice cream or something.

Hot Pants said...

I think ANYTHING that Jami would vote for would be a prestigious vote.
Cafe Rio is a fave of mine. We only have the knock off Costa Vida here. I'm going there for lunch today and all worried about choking on a mint now.
Did you tell Landee you'd put a lock on the door for her?

Jami said...

amen to that Amy "Hot Pants" T...amen.

Katie said...

You always throw those shocking details as an after thought. I love it, but you know who I don't love...Eyeliner guy!!

Did you see his tongue? So unnatural like his voice, and his too tight pants, and the eyeliner. You know he is White Snake from the 80's right.

Krissy said...

Jace choked on a penny the other day while we were driving home. I could see him in the rear view mirror and told him about a million times to get it out of his mouth or he would choke on it, and then, whadayaknow...

i am jealous you have a cafe rio. How can you like cafe rio and not like pork?? That is the best thing on their menu!

michelle said...

Love Adam...:)

Jana said...

Now I know why you imprinted on Landee and not like the Edward guy?!! Least favorite AI contestant ever...if not least favorite person EVER!! I know, it's kind of a big deal.

Flem said...

1. I am doing lists tonight
2. I like your tunes today
3. I heart Adam
4. Can someone teach me how to repeat my text so I don't have to retype it?
5. Gross cafe rio story but good job allowing him to practice his new skill of choking sign language.
6. Blue Man Group? Total enigma. Why would anyone see them?

Amanda said...

Wow, if I had known there was an Edward look a like I would have watched American Idol. So when does it come on? I seriously don't know.

Amanda said...

Hot picture of Edward, btw and I'm glad Cord is okay.

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