Monday, February 9, 2009

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Recently, my Super Honest Friend told me she listened to my blog playlist, and concluded that I have the "weirdest" taste in music, and that the music on here is "strange."

This didn't offend me so much as confuse me.

Most of the music on my playlist comes from current, well-known artists. Most of these artists can be heard on my local radio station every day.

If Super Honest Friend had said, "your music sucks," I would have understood. (Understood that she has horrible taste in music, but still, understood.) However, the fact that she described it as "weird" or "strange" means that, to her, the music is unfamiliar, unknown, odd, or super queer.

Hasn't she heard any of these songs before?

Music by The Strokes, Blue October, The Killers, Bloc Party, Vampire Weekend, Muse, Snow Patrol... Coldplay?

Now, it could be that Super Honest Friend is country folk (<--said like Nelly Olsen from LHOTP). Or, it could be that she lives in a geographic location that is a lil behind the times, and, therefore, does not play the most current artists on their radio stations. Or, it could be something else... she could be one of those people who simply woke up one day and decided they were good music-wise, and they had no desire to update their music.

It's this last group of people who puzzle me.

I don't know if Super Honest Friend fits into this category, maybe she'll pop in here and set me straight. But I want to know, are you one of these people? Does 90% of the music you listen to come from the 80s or 90s, or whatever was playing on the radio when you were in high school or college? Most importantly... WHY? There is so much great new music out there, to suit all tastes, and it's so easy to find, what with new digi technology and all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm super loyal to my old favorites. I'll dust off my Depeche Mode playlist from time to time; blast Bob Marley on a sunny day while working in the yard; or turn off all the lights, get into the fetal position, and listen to Morrissey.<--::single tear rolling down cheek::

My old favorites bring back good memories, but I don't want to reminisce everyday. I want to live in the present and think about the future, and listening to old music takes me back.

Mostly, I would not be content listening to the same old songs, over and over and over. I wake up to music, shower to music, blog to music, read to music, clean house to music, run errands to music, make dinner to music, fall asleep to music... that much ABBA could kill a person.


samandlysander said...

I think you have excellent taste in music. In fact we have very similar music tastes. I have had people tell me the music I listen to is wierd too. This is probably because most people in bakersfield only listen to rap, pop, or country. Bloc Party and the Strokes on the radio here is practically unheard of.

TimW8 said...

I get made fun of for listening to mostly 80's stuff but that's just because I'm too lazy/cheap to look for new stuff. Plus I hate listening to the radio these days. But I do like Lady Gaga so that should count for something right.

Emily said...

I love your taste in music. In fact, sometimes I just go to your blog just to listen to your playlist. Your so-called friend is lame. Kidding of course.

Landee said...

I guess if ONE (not you necessarily) were to actually talk to their son while pushing them on the swing at the park rather than listen to music and things of this nature, then ONE (again, totally not you) would be fine listening to the same old music over & over again because that ONE would probably listen to music only when alone in the car and no one was begging to watch Max & Ruby. If ONE only gets a few minutes a week to listen to music then ONE doesn't want to waste their time on new weird crap.


Not Super Honest Friend but On Her Same Team

Memzy said...

I really like having tons of good music that no one really listens to on the radio. I also like telling people about really good music that they've never heard of and they LURVE it. I often feel like my life should have a soundtrack. So basically, your friend is dumb.

::cheesy smile and wave at friend::

Vegas Family said...

I don't push the mute button when enjoying your blog so it must be good.

Katie said...

I am so not like that. There are a few songs that I can stand to hear a lot, but for the most part, after I know the song inside and out, I am sick of it, and need at least a two year break before I hear it again. I love to find new music! Love it! I love it more than anything. That includes, but not limited to family, friends, and candy. I am also a fan of your playlist too. Not as big a fan of yours, as I am of mine

You guys should check it out! It is like jenny's times a bazillion.

Jana said...

You're forgetting a few things here...1)maybe most people aren't as cool as you. except me, I am 2)maybe some people think it doesn't get any better than bon jovi 3)maybe some people are too busy to explore new music avenues.
I am now going to go and consume an entire of box of Crunch & Munch and watch the Bachelor. Too busy, you gize.

Katie said...

Also, I would like to point out that "Smells like teen spirit" was one of the first songs that spoke to me. And I totally skip past it every time it comes up on the pseudo-ipod. Sometimes I even wonder what I saw in that song in the first place.

Erin Beck said...

I am against blogging but I do check yers time to time..cuz you always seem to amuse me but this one I have to leave a comment on only cuz It involves music! We pretty much have the same taste so check out the bands the spirit, killing hannah, the editors, and sparta..theres some crazy bad songs but also some great ones...especially to run to.

Flem said...

Landee is lying. She is not on that team.

Also you have good taste.

I enjoy a balance of both. I can go months without new music but then I go on a rampage and get a whole bunch o' new stuff. It is something on which I tend to spend my hard-earned cash so I stay away until I get dragged to a concert and then I can't help myself I am in the loop again. Your music here, plus pandora, plus my monthly trips to NC bars keeps me apprised of good stuff and then I can stream it on imeem whenever I want. Is that an illegal site?

Anyways don't judge cuz some people are poor.

ManicMandee said...

When you insult someone's taste in music it's like kicking them in the crotch. At least that's how it feels to me. We all have our own tastes and for different reasons.

Jenny ESP said...

Should I be surprised that so many of us have similar taste in music? And that we're all so good-looking, too? Poor SHF took a bit of beating in here, tho. All joking aside, I have to tell you gize, SHF is not only super honest, but super nice, and super hilarious too, even if she is a lil deaf in one ear. I'm not the easily offended type, so I felt no kick to the crotch, MM--no worries. Her comment just got me thinking, and I used it as a spring board for my question.

Tim--Lady Gaga totally counts, Jesse approves and he reps the next generation. And according to Sam, Bako has limited radio options, so I don't blame you for hatin'.

L--yeah, yeah, that's my point. I can't believe you listen to Max and Roovy just cuz BeeBee wants to. Put your headphones in already. Then you'll both be happy.

Jana--Oh my gosh, the Bachelor last night! Crazy! Judging those gize...

Mary said...

You know that I never get new music, but I do listen to talk radio a lot. That might explain my lack of knowledge in regards to what's new on the music front.

I'm still having problems with my blogs. I can only open a few of them and can't comment on some of the ones that will open. I read Emily's blog on her trip to Boston, that sounds wonderful, but I wasn't allowed to comment. I couldn't get Katie's to open or a couple of others that I can't recall at this moment. Yesterday I couldn't get Memzy's to open, but thank goodness it did today so I could get in on some of that great advice!

Memzy said...

Well the comments thing is how Emily has changed her blog now so that isn't your computer Mare!! But thank goodness for getting to MY blog. ::giggle::

Amanda said...

Ok, this is toooo funny. Of course with Jenny we all know that she can take a joke. She has one of the best sense of humors in the world. So I was totally messing with her.

So here's the lowdown as to why I said her taste in music is weird. Mine is apparently "outdated." I only just recently heard of Coldplay when I saw them perform on SNL this fall and just last week found out about Lady Ga Ga from a facebook friend. I also didn't know that Daughtry was ever a contestant on American Idol. I've never watched AI.

The main reason my music taste is "outdated" is because I never have a chance to listen to music. Here's why.

1. I don't listen to it in the car because we have an installed DVD player that is constantly on. I have all the kid movies memorized.
2. I don't have a treadmill and I don't work out
3. I don't have an iPod
4. I'm around kids all the time and listen to kid music, ie. Hannah Montana, Hillary Duff, Kidz Bop, etc.
5. I can't afford to download music. We have been poor for a million years
6. I can't listen to music and write/read at the same time. The only thing I can do when I listen to music is clean. And I never clean. Well, hardly ever anyway.
7. I'm old and senile and stuck in my ways. (And some people think I'm dumb but that's debateable).
8. I'm not as cool as Jenny Esp
9. Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah. It doesn't get any better than Bon Jovi.