Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ken Doll in my Barbie Dream House

So, I got this email from Amazon yesterday, updating me on the status of my Ken Doll (they totally copied FB with the status update thing, btw).

It seems since ordering it in Dec 08, Amazon has come out with a new, improved 2.0 version of the wireless reader. I knew a new version was in the works, and I was a lil worried about getting the old-school version. But good news, you gize...

Here's what they said:

Because you already ordered the original [Ken Doll] and are awaiting its arrival, we're pleased to inform you that we are upgrading your order so that you will receive the new [Ken Doll] 2. You will be in the first group to receive [Ken Doll] 2, and you will receive yours as soon as [Ken Doll] 2 becomes available later this month. You need not do anything. [Basically, you deserve the best Jespy.]

K, K, the list of improvements sound interesting:
  • Sleek new design
  • Seven times more storage and holds over 1,500 titles
  • An advanced display provides even crisper images and clear text for an improved book-like reading experience
  • Page turning is faster
  • Battery life is 25% longer
  • New 'Text-to-Speech' feature means [Ken Doll] can even read to you
Hmmm. Did you read that last bullet point? Sounds interesting. I wonder what that means? Is it gonna be like listening to a book on tape, or will be more like listening to one of my freaky avatars speak? Like this-->"Lay down. On a bed of roses. And die. I'm talking about Jenny."

Here's a picture of the sleek new design:

Sleek indeed.

Same price tho. Crazy expensive. The price is gonna have to come WAY down before it ever becomes a household item. In the mean time, you can totally read mine over my shoulder.

In other news, Apple announced that they will be releasing their own version of Amazon's wireless reader this fall. Hmmm. I love me some Apple. I bet it will be cheaper, too. They haven't released the deets yet so we'll have to wait on the edges of our compy chairs for that announcement.

In Dateline NBC news, are you gize planning to watch the octuplet mother's interview tonight? It's a must-see. Right after the Biggest Loser, see a Bigger Biggest Loser.


Memzy said...

AI, Biggest Loser AND the octuplet interview? I'm gonna be up all hours tonight.

ManicMandee said...

Best part of this post is the last line. Funny!
If I got any TV channels I'd totally be on top of that.
I'm also betting it wont be like listening to an audio book. I bet it will be one of those fake voices programmed to read the text. But you'll have to let us know.

Katie said...

My two favorite things...octuplets, and jiggley flesh.

Your new and improved Ken Doll sounds so new, and mysterious. I want one. The list of things I want seems to be getting longer, thanks to you. Don't you realize the economy is bad? Lucky for me, by the time I can afford one, they will be so much cheaper, and way better than yours.

I thought I might mention. The new alarms that are coming out all have British accents. I bet your Ken Doll will be British. More classy, don't you think?

Hot Pants said...

I set my DVR for it when Ann Curry announced it last Friday! Congrats on the new and improved Ken Doll!

Emily said...

I'm now even more jealous of your new KenDoll. Can't wait to hear how much you love it.

Flem said...

That is AWESOME. So it was providential that your kindle was back ordered because you would have to buy a new one. You are one lucky sucka. I saw it advertised on Amazon and I was excited on behalf of kindle users everywhere. My techie friends already ordered it cuz apparently one is not new enough anymore.

Feb 23? Is that the right date of delivery?

Markie23 said...

Couldn't bring myself to watch that Jagger lipped breeding machine. It was hard enough watching that Biggest Loser dad with the three rows of man boobs. Yuck. And then there was that crazy American Idol girl that got moved to another room and sat along the wall listening to the voices inside her head. She scares me.

Landee said...

Markie, you nailed it! All three programs. Three rows of man boobs....::cringing:: I hate the weigh ins onnacuzza him.

Hi, I'm Jenny Jesperson. And I'm a spoiled brat. My hubby got me a Kindle for Christmas. I demanded an iPhone not 5 days later. I still get my Kindle. I am the epitome of gluttony.

As a biblically barron person, I am on Angelina-Jolie-knock-off's side. You gize who get pregnant cuz you were "bored" or "got lazy" sicken me.

Annie said...

I'm really happy for you and your new KenDoll. I'm pretty sure I won't be getting even the older version for a really looong time. And about that "Crazy" Momma. She is a total Angelina Jolie wannabe. Cookoo Cookoo...

Mary said...

Congrats on your updated model. I'm so glad that it worked out for you. Can I borrow it?

Jenny ESP said...

K--if it has a British accent, I'll use that feature all the time. Especially a male British accent. Love those gize. G'day mate!

Flem--so, are any of your friends gonna give you their lame out-dated sloppy-seconds model?

L--no way, that's my name too! And like I told you, crazy people always make a good first impression. You just fell for it.

M--you can certainly read it over my shoulder.

Vegas Family said...

I definately gotta see the octuplet interview? Thanks for the reminder.