Thursday, February 12, 2009


So the top 36 American Idols have been chosen, and now 35 of those contestants have one thing on their minds: How we gonna beat a blind guy?

It reminds me of the very first season of the reality TV show, Big Brother. If you're not familiar with the show, basically, it's about a bunch of people locked in a house together for an extended period of time, filmed 24/7, who vote each other out until one winner remains. Much trashier then that description, but you get the idea. BUT, in the first season of Big Brother, the contestants did not vote each other out, the American people voted the contestants out. As you can imagine, everyone in that house was on their best behavior. No trashy-trashy (which is why they changed the rules). In that first season, there were a bunch of normal average people, and then one guy who had only one leg.

So, a bunch of average people on their best behavior, and one of them has only one leg. Who do you think the American people voted for?

Now, with American Idol, there's a huge difference, of course, because the contestants will be singing their lil hearts out on a fancy stage, not just folding laundry right when the dryer beeps, putting dishes directly into the dishwasher, opening doors for each other, and playing checkers. So the American people will have something more substantial to base their votes on.

Blind guy can definitely sing, but he is not the best singer in the bunch, not even close, and he can play the piano beautifully, but dueling pianos guy outshines him on the piano. Either way, the American people are not gonna let blind guy go without a fight, and better singers will be sent home before him. I'm certainly rooting for him this season. Cuz he's blind.

Someone who proved they can really belt it out, probably one of the best girls this season, is crazy Tatianna. Is she on my top fav list? No. If she had only one leg would she be on my list? Probably. Am I glad they are putting her on live TV? H yeah.

There are a lot of good contestants this year. I'm impressed and excited. It's gonna be a tough one.

These are my top American Idol picks
(in no particular order and subject to change)

Windower who looks like RDJ
Arab tech nerd guy
Sad Eyebrows guy
Single mom
Welder guy
Blind guy
Forgot the words guy
Eyeliner guy
Oil rig guy
Nursing home mom guy
Dueling pianos guy

Yeah, I think the boys are outshining the girls this season. What do you think?

Other questions:
What are your top picks?
Who's your favorite past winner?
What's your favorite single from a past AI contestant?
Where are Rubin Studdard and Fantasia? Where the H are those gize?


ManicMandee said...

You hit a nerve with me on this one. Ready for a long comment?
I just saw last night's show!
Did you not see Fantasia visit last season totally looking freaky on stage? Craziness. She's on Broadway isn't she? I can't think of her without also thinking of "Baby got back."
I am actually pretty bugged they didn't put widower's best bud through.
I also am surprised I'm glad Norman is on. He makes me laugh despite myself.
Tatiana is the most obnoxious contestant I have ever seen! I think she even beats out Sanjaya.
I like the flamers. I just get a kick out of gay guys- BIG time.
I like blind guy too, and agree with your assessment.
Old seasons...I loved the Davids. Loved loved loved them. But I am not liking David Archie's music on the radio. I feel bad saying it, but gag me.
Beyond that, I've kind of forgotten much about older seasons contestants.

TimW8 said...

Did you see how "gay face pierce headband guy" reacted when he saw Tatiana had made it thru??? Classic!!! It made it bearable that they passed her thru.

Jana said...

Lollerz! It's not selfish to wait to watch AI til the kids are in bed, more like good parenting. So you're not sayin, "SHHHH! I'm trying to hear the singer! Be quiet!" the whole time. I know this one friend that does that. Lamerz.
I love how you label and judge all those gize. That's why that shows fun to watch. You can just make fun of them...that and the bachelor.
Did you like my use of all my favorite words of yours in this comment!

Flem said...

You listed almost all the contestants.

Here are my faves:
RDJ, duh
Ann Marie Bosco? or w/e her name is
Dueling piano guy
Forgotten lyrics guy
Oilwell guy
Welder Guy
Jorge Nuñez--cuz his name, duh
The Jesse girl who beat the Amy Winehouse girl

People who I don't like (and I am not cold-hearted, I treat all people the same unlike you guys who all handicap the handicapped by creating a different set of expectations for them):
Blind guy
Tatiana (she is either on drugs or pretending maybe both)

People who I have no idea about--nursing home guy?

People who I feel sorry for:
Piercing mom in prison guy

markbailey said...

Now that bikini girl is gone the show has lost all its luster.

I think this season's AI should spawn a spinoff. I'm thinking kind of a Hunger games thing where the only contestants are Tatiana and "gay face pierce headband guy", and they battle it out to the death. For weapons Tatiana can use her psychotic laugh, and "gay face pierce headband guy" can use his obnoxious whining.

Memzy said...

I'm so confused. All I can see is Danny Gokey (aka Robert Downy Jr). Everything else is clouded by the vision of his singing and doing the running man on his dancing clip. He will always be my FAVE because of that. ALWAYS. I'm in heart.

Krissy said...

I think i might be Jana's "one friend" she referred to in her comment because i am sooo guilty of that! Last night i kept yelling at my kids to sit down because they like to watch the TV two inches away from their face. The only reason i don't wait to watch AI without the kiddies is because me no have tivo. ::GASP:: i know, i am living in the stone ages i tell ya.

I remember last season of SYTYCD there was this girl auditioning and i was like "she's got wierd arms...fix your arms...what's up with her arms?" and then when she was done dancing they said she had a prosthetic arm. Oops! If i had known that before she started dancing i wouldn't have been so arm, yeah, you're right about the blind guy.

Jenny ESP said...

MM--I was surprised about the rejection of widower's BFF, but not as surprised as he was. He was like, STUNNED. I have a sneaking suspicion this season's gonna be good, so I'm glad you're watching. Did you get TV, or does Fox replay them online or something? That would be good to know in times of TiVo malfunctions or power outages.

Tim--I was consoled but the fact that we get to watch her have melt downs on live TV.

Jana--yeah, labeling and judging Reality TV is a pleasure. Delightful! And I guess I'll take credit for all those words I didn't make up. lollerz.

Flem--there are 36 tho. Way too many. And they all have labels and disabilities. Makes it tough. Hang on a sec, I gotta go help a blind guy cross the street. No, no, don't get up. You just sit there and treat blind people like they can see.

Markie--that would definitely be a fight to the death.

Memzy--I'm telling Shed.

Krissy--Whoawhoawhoa, no TiVo? Priorities.<--get them straight. And I could never forget one arm girl from SYTYCD. Awkward.

Vegas Family said...

I am ganna come back and read this all later on the count that I have recorded all the AI but am about 5 shows behind and I don't want to have any information before hand. Like it to be a majical surprise and all. I can tell this is a juicy post though so cant wait to read it!

ManicMandee said...

You know I had to come back for more AI talk.
Still no TV, but I try to make it over to Anna's occasionally to catch up on AI. She saves her TVo AI recordings for me.
Steve and I also watch the Office online together weekly.
Finally, I have internet access and try to stay on top of pop culture as much as possible. So I get by without TV fine with those 3 things.

Jeni said...

For the record, Fantasia is still around and somehow figured out how to pay for her multi-million dollar home that was getting foreclosed on...uh, maybe don't buy a multi million dollar home. Duh. And I agree, LOVE Robert Downy Jr and also eyeliner guy...they are so cute!

Jami said...

Take a seat folks...someone is getting on their soap box. WTH. I am so NON impressed with the selection. How could they have kicked off RDJ widowers best groovy friend and keep Mr.Gentle? And gay grandma loving boy for that matter. he (RDJBFF) was one of my favs, and they just wanted to cause commotion...and boy did they here in #%(&@, Idaho. Love RDJ though--don't get me wrong, he is an early fav that I think will be throughout (flashback to '08... DC was my pick from day one, you might want to respect my thoughts). Wicked guy (eyeliner boy as you call him) is also a fav. Love momma boy needing a hair treatment as well. Tatiana--seriously she makes it into top 12 and I am done for the season--MARK My Words, I want you all to hold me to it too. Girls this year...hmmm..are there any on there? Not any memorable ones! I am luke warm on red headed 16 year old. That is it.

Oh--and Krissy, for crimminy out loud--get the TEVO. Thank-you, and goodnight...well afternoon.

Flem said...

He has a walking stick for that.

And I just realize who sad eyebrows guy is-- I love that guy even though he looks a little geeky.

Confession:I have never voted. This season I will though b/c I have att this year and can text.

Favorite contestants from past years: Latoya (way better than Fantasia, beautifuller too), Scat guy? Blake Lewis. And last season, Jonas who never made it. Also at the time I loved Kat McPhee though she has kinda gotten annoying now. Oh also the Nigerian guy last season with the whack name...

Landee said...

I didn't even notice Jana was using "un-normal" words up there. I'm losing it.

I don't watch AI.

But, I think BlindGuy is faking and Jabba the Grandma made me like DoubleHeadbandBoy better. Psycho from the Block must die. Intolerable.

Jenny ESP said...

VF--five shows behind??? That's what happens when you dash off to Venice IT for a few days. Priorities.

MM--I'm glad you stay on top of things, especially The Office. I'll try to post some pop culture stuff for you to read from time to time.

Jeni--rule of thumb: if you wrote a song entitled "Baby Mama," then you shouldn't buy a multimillion dollar house.

Jamie--your words are duly marked, but I think you may rue the day you said it. Rue it! If she makes it into the top 12, how could you STOP watching that train wreck? Agree, agree about the snooze-fest girls this year. I have one major concern with RDJ guy that I'll share with you later. First, I gotta see what he sings next week.

Flem--a walking stick cannot compete with a set of good-old-fashion eyes. You've never voted? How unAmerican of you. And you just gave us reason number 1,743,7328 to get an iPhone. Sad that Blake Lewis' first album was so creepy.

Landee--you can't fake that blind guy stare.

Annie said...

Just so its known I am having a total Reality T.V. crush on guy who looks like RDJ. I heart him... a lot!

Katie said...

Good season? I wonder if I can get it on your iphone...wait, I wonder if I can get an iphone so I can watch sad...

Emily said...

Good stuff! I'm loving this season so-far. I haven't yet picked a favorite cuz there are so many good ones IMO.

michelle said...

And the winner is....DANNY!!!

HATE, HATE, HATE Tatiana. I cringe everytime she is on the screen.

I like that we are voting in the top 12 this year.