Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back in business

OK, my freaky compy problem is fixed now. Wha? Don't ask me how, cuz I have no idea. I'm starting to think this is a keyboard malfunction, tho.

Anyway, Homer:

Frickin cute and stuff, and I swear I have control of him. But the last few days, I've noticed a pattern of him whinnying and demanding various services from me, something I have no patience for. After correcting him a million times ("whatta ya say?"), I finally told him, "listen, you have to ask nicely and say please everytime you need something the first time or I'm not going to help you," and he countered with, "when I cry, that means please." Clever, but I didn't fall for it.

I love this blurry celly pic of him on the counter watching Cord make "PB&J sushi rolls."

And... lookie what new restaurant opened up down the road:

More stuff to say, brb...


Katie said...

I can't wait. And Oh. My. Gosh. Homer is so cute. "Crying means please."...??? I think he gets the cuteness from me.

What is taking you so long

Emily said...

Homer acting up? I don't believe you.

So jealous you got a Cafe Rio close by.

Glad your back in business.

Memzy said...

I'm still trying to be nice instead of jealous of Cafe Rio.


Landee said...

What was with all that BRB stuff? PS do not let the kids have the mints at Cafe Rio. They are deadly.

Homer= too dang cute. That might be the first pic I've seen of him with his hurr did. Love it to pieces.

Jenny ESP said...

I said BRB, cuz Anth was ready to leave (out to eat) and I wasn't finished blogging. I got more crap to say on this here blog today, see, and you are gonna sit there and read it, nerd.

Landee said...

So is this ^^^ the brb you promised? Or do we need to keep refreshing your blog every two minutes?


Vegas Family said...

I LOVE Cafe Rio...could eat it everyday! One opened up by my house too!