Thursday, February 26, 2009

Uncanny Resemblance

Edward (aka Rob Pattinson)

Edward (aka Adam Lambert)

America has spoken. Eyeliner guy made it through to the next round. Whether it was his high note that did it or his uncanny resemblance to Edward Cullen, we shall never know. Alls I know is that I helped make it happen...

Along with Lil Red...

And Man in the Mirror Guy/No Face Time Guy...

I'm most surprised that No Face Time Guy made it through cuz he had no face time. Quite a feat. ::pat on head::

From this batch of losers, I do hope to see Nick/Norman and Dueling Pianos Guy in the wild card round.

Next week, I'm looking forward to seeing Sad Eyebrows Guy and Blind Guy. Don't really wanna see Lil' Rounds, but what are ya gonna do? She's on the show and stuff.

One more thing I wanna say about Edward/Adam, cuz I know a few of you weirdos don't like him. I know he's dramatic. I know he's over the top. I know he sings those unmanly high notes. Yet, I still frickin love the guy. He's gonna unbore me the entire season.

In other news, did you gize know that Landee and Gty Landerson will be right here in good ol' sunny Las Vegas this weekend?<--eeeeeekkkkk! This kind of exciting last-minute stuff only happens to people who live in Las Vegas or Anaheim or Orlando.

The Blue Man Group can't WAIT to see us Friday night.

In furthermore news, Cord choked on a mint at Cafe Rio tonight. We were finishing up our meal, when we noticed that he was bright red and giving us the international "I'm choking" symbol he had just learned at scouts. Tony started shaking him and slapping him on the back, un-Heimlich-like, until the mint came up, along with two grilled salmon tacos that were quite expensive. And stinky.

Back in business

OK, my freaky compy problem is fixed now. Wha? Don't ask me how, cuz I have no idea. I'm starting to think this is a keyboard malfunction, tho.

Anyway, Homer:

Frickin cute and stuff, and I swear I have control of him. But the last few days, I've noticed a pattern of him whinnying and demanding various services from me, something I have no patience for. After correcting him a million times ("whatta ya say?"), I finally told him, "listen, you have to ask nicely and say please everytime you need something the first time or I'm not going to help you," and he countered with, "when I cry, that means please." Clever, but I didn't fall for it.

I love this blurry celly pic of him on the counter watching Cord make "PB&J sushi rolls."

And... lookie what new restaurant opened up down the road:

More stuff to say, brb...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Creep Compy

I don't know what my deal is, but I've been so non-compyish lately. My poor blog has suffered. And my playlist? So stale. Sorry about that.

But remember a while back when my compy was doing that weird thing, typing everything backwards? Well now it won't let me type double letters. I'm not kidding. For every word that has a double consonant (or vowel), I have to use my mouse to move my cursor back and add the second letter after the fact. Takes forever. What the frick is wrong???(<--I had to go back and add all those extra question marks too) What the frick!


Nah, forget it. I can't blog right now. I can't even backspace more than once. I can't push any key twice in a row. Compy wins round one.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Nifty Weekend

How was your gizes weekend? Mine was busier than a... I dunno. It was busy. Part of the reason was that we had our cub scout Blue & Gold on Saturday, and I waited until the last minute to do most of the stuff I was assigned to do, like make a ginormous vat of Sloppy Joe. Gag me! The noises that came from that pot as I stirred it with my wooden spoon. ::shudder::

Anyway, each family had to decorate a table in the theme of a different state. We made it into a lil contest to inspire more effort, and I gotta say, all that kreativity in one room was mind blowing. Our state was Florida, and we got 'em with a mountain of oranges and Disney World stuff. First place, hollah.

At one point, they asked all the scouts to get up and sing "Fifty Nifty United States." They did so with great reluctance, so Cord was asked to lead the boys. Cuz he has NO SHAME.



Yeah, that's two containers of sloppy Joe, all right. Gag me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Loverly day today! I hope you gize are experiencing the same loverlyness where you live relative to your normally dreary climates.

Did you gize know my oldest is starting middle school this fall? It's impossible that I have a kid that old, but don't ask me to explain. Please. (teen prego).

It's kind of early to bring up the next school year, but I got a note from Cord's school district, letting me know that they are voting on whether to require school uniforms at his middle school this fall.

What do you think? Do your gizes kids have school uniforms?

When Cord was in first grade, before we moved into our current mansion, he went to a school that required uniforms and I loved it like crazy. It made things super easy for me, and the kids looked stinkin' cute, like little English lads and lasses. I am so hoping they put those stinky greasy middle school kids in uniform.

I'm thinking this could be their casual wear:

But they would certainly have to dress in full robes on exam day:

And for PE:

On a completely unrelated note, I did in fact vote for Tatiana on American Idol 30+ times via AT&T text last night.

What did you gize think of the show last night? I was hugely disappointed. It was like "Worst of the 90s" night. Very unpleasant. And I just don't understand why the contestants would pick the same old songs that have been sung year after year on the show? If they pick an old song, for my sanity's sake, make it current and relevant to the futuristic iPhone year of 2009, geez. Still, I love RDJ Widower Guy (did you gize know his name is Danny) and Arab Nerd Guy (aka Anoop), despite their efforts to turn me off with their gag-worthy song choices.

Why did I vote for Tati? Cuz all the other girls bored me to death, wore giant sneakers with shiny spandex pants, or completely bombed. Single mom (aka Alexis Grace--but her Cabbage Patch kid name bugs) did good, but not well enough to make me vote for her. Tati sang the best of the girls, and she worked much harder than anyone else on the show to get this free handout that she's entitled to. Plus, she looked directly into the camera and asked me to vote for her.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So the top 36 American Idols have been chosen, and now 35 of those contestants have one thing on their minds: How we gonna beat a blind guy?

It reminds me of the very first season of the reality TV show, Big Brother. If you're not familiar with the show, basically, it's about a bunch of people locked in a house together for an extended period of time, filmed 24/7, who vote each other out until one winner remains. Much trashier then that description, but you get the idea. BUT, in the first season of Big Brother, the contestants did not vote each other out, the American people voted the contestants out. As you can imagine, everyone in that house was on their best behavior. No trashy-trashy (which is why they changed the rules). In that first season, there were a bunch of normal average people, and then one guy who had only one leg.

So, a bunch of average people on their best behavior, and one of them has only one leg. Who do you think the American people voted for?

Now, with American Idol, there's a huge difference, of course, because the contestants will be singing their lil hearts out on a fancy stage, not just folding laundry right when the dryer beeps, putting dishes directly into the dishwasher, opening doors for each other, and playing checkers. So the American people will have something more substantial to base their votes on.

Blind guy can definitely sing, but he is not the best singer in the bunch, not even close, and he can play the piano beautifully, but dueling pianos guy outshines him on the piano. Either way, the American people are not gonna let blind guy go without a fight, and better singers will be sent home before him. I'm certainly rooting for him this season. Cuz he's blind.

Someone who proved they can really belt it out, probably one of the best girls this season, is crazy Tatianna. Is she on my top fav list? No. If she had only one leg would she be on my list? Probably. Am I glad they are putting her on live TV? H yeah.

There are a lot of good contestants this year. I'm impressed and excited. It's gonna be a tough one.

These are my top American Idol picks
(in no particular order and subject to change)

Windower who looks like RDJ
Arab tech nerd guy
Sad Eyebrows guy
Single mom
Welder guy
Blind guy
Forgot the words guy
Eyeliner guy
Oil rig guy
Nursing home mom guy
Dueling pianos guy

Yeah, I think the boys are outshining the girls this season. What do you think?

Other questions:
What are your top picks?
Who's your favorite past winner?
What's your favorite single from a past AI contestant?
Where are Rubin Studdard and Fantasia? Where the H are those gize?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All Domestical

Hate cooking. Hate it. But I have never made an easier dinner than this. Just open cans of various stuff, throw it all in crock pot, and ignore it until dinner time. Super tasty too! And I LOVE the two cooking time options. Thanks for the recipe Shel! (I also made a delicious desert thanks to Memzy, but that's for her blog. Thanks Memz!)

p>*BTW, Landee and I both made this for dinner tonight without texting each other ahead of time or anything. We're so intunned. We imprinted on each other, remember?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ken Doll in my Barbie Dream House

So, I got this email from Amazon yesterday, updating me on the status of my Ken Doll (they totally copied FB with the status update thing, btw).

It seems since ordering it in Dec 08, Amazon has come out with a new, improved 2.0 version of the wireless reader. I knew a new version was in the works, and I was a lil worried about getting the old-school version. But good news, you gize...

Here's what they said:

Because you already ordered the original [Ken Doll] and are awaiting its arrival, we're pleased to inform you that we are upgrading your order so that you will receive the new [Ken Doll] 2. You will be in the first group to receive [Ken Doll] 2, and you will receive yours as soon as [Ken Doll] 2 becomes available later this month. You need not do anything. [Basically, you deserve the best Jespy.]

K, K, the list of improvements sound interesting:
  • Sleek new design
  • Seven times more storage and holds over 1,500 titles
  • An advanced display provides even crisper images and clear text for an improved book-like reading experience
  • Page turning is faster
  • Battery life is 25% longer
  • New 'Text-to-Speech' feature means [Ken Doll] can even read to you
Hmmm. Did you read that last bullet point? Sounds interesting. I wonder what that means? Is it gonna be like listening to a book on tape, or will be more like listening to one of my freaky avatars speak? Like this-->"Lay down. On a bed of roses. And die. I'm talking about Jenny."

Here's a picture of the sleek new design:

Sleek indeed.

Same price tho. Crazy expensive. The price is gonna have to come WAY down before it ever becomes a household item. In the mean time, you can totally read mine over my shoulder.

In other news, Apple announced that they will be releasing their own version of Amazon's wireless reader this fall. Hmmm. I love me some Apple. I bet it will be cheaper, too. They haven't released the deets yet so we'll have to wait on the edges of our compy chairs for that announcement.

In Dateline NBC news, are you gize planning to watch the octuplet mother's interview tonight? It's a must-see. Right after the Biggest Loser, see a Bigger Biggest Loser.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Recently, my Super Honest Friend told me she listened to my blog playlist, and concluded that I have the "weirdest" taste in music, and that the music on here is "strange."

This didn't offend me so much as confuse me.

Most of the music on my playlist comes from current, well-known artists. Most of these artists can be heard on my local radio station every day.

If Super Honest Friend had said, "your music sucks," I would have understood. (Understood that she has horrible taste in music, but still, understood.) However, the fact that she described it as "weird" or "strange" means that, to her, the music is unfamiliar, unknown, odd, or super queer.

Hasn't she heard any of these songs before?

Music by The Strokes, Blue October, The Killers, Bloc Party, Vampire Weekend, Muse, Snow Patrol... Coldplay?

Now, it could be that Super Honest Friend is country folk (<--said like Nelly Olsen from LHOTP). Or, it could be that she lives in a geographic location that is a lil behind the times, and, therefore, does not play the most current artists on their radio stations. Or, it could be something else... she could be one of those people who simply woke up one day and decided they were good music-wise, and they had no desire to update their music.

It's this last group of people who puzzle me.

I don't know if Super Honest Friend fits into this category, maybe she'll pop in here and set me straight. But I want to know, are you one of these people? Does 90% of the music you listen to come from the 80s or 90s, or whatever was playing on the radio when you were in high school or college? Most importantly... WHY? There is so much great new music out there, to suit all tastes, and it's so easy to find, what with new digi technology and all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm super loyal to my old favorites. I'll dust off my Depeche Mode playlist from time to time; blast Bob Marley on a sunny day while working in the yard; or turn off all the lights, get into the fetal position, and listen to Morrissey.<--::single tear rolling down cheek::

My old favorites bring back good memories, but I don't want to reminisce everyday. I want to live in the present and think about the future, and listening to old music takes me back.

Mostly, I would not be content listening to the same old songs, over and over and over. I wake up to music, shower to music, blog to music, read to music, clean house to music, run errands to music, make dinner to music, fall asleep to music... that much ABBA could kill a person.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Owed to Emmat...

All my life, I have searched for an electronic version of Boggle that I could play on my touch-screen phone, 50-60 times a day. Finally, after 28 years of existence on this planet (ahem), my cousin Emmat casually mentioned Quordy. It's an iPhone app, and it costs $3 to download. I had a short internal debate about the cost before I bought it, on account of the economy, but now I realize I would gladly pay double, maybe even thousands for this game. It is utter brilliance. I think there might be a compy version of Quordy you can download if you don't have an iPhone--it's definitely worth a google. But really, you gize, get a gosh darn iPhone already sheesh!

So I just had to say, by authority of the British crown...

All hail
een Emmat

Friday, February 6, 2009


We signed Homer up for fun Friday at the YMCA. He was excited about it
all week, but this morning, he was really nervous. He kept suggesting
we go to Chuck-E-Cheese instead. Then he just stopped talking all
together. It was sad. Those gize better show him a good time. It is
called fun Friday, afterall.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Current Status: I would kill for a Chapstick. Kill.

For the last two days, Tony has gotten home from work extra late so we couldn't go running. I didn't want my body to go all Mr. Burns on me, so I decided to dust off the ol' treadmill so I could run on my own without getting raped, etc, etc.

After I finished running, I looked down at my final time and I was like Oh.My.Whoa.Wha? Cuz I ran 3 miles super record-breakingly fast. So I figured that running on a treadmill must be freakishly easier than street running. Freakishly. But I texted my peeps anyways, to double check/to brag. They were not impressed.

Confirmed Fact: Treadmill-cred is lame. Street-cred is what you need.