Friday, January 30, 2009


No school today cuz we'd rather be in Bako. My mom's been there for a
few weeks taking care of my grandma Bailey, and her birthday was
yesterday, so we thought we'd go for a visit. Plus, it's been 28 days
since I've seen Memzy, so...

We got a really late start on the road. So frustrating. Tony ran to
walmart real quick to get a car adapter spliter thingy so we could
plug in all our electronical stuff at the same time. Now, if you
noticed, I used the words "real quick" in reference to Tony, which
doesn't even make sense, cuz Tony doesn't do "real quick" stuff. He
was at walmart for almost two hours, while the kids and I sat on the
staircase with our suitcases and iPods and lap tops, drumming our
fingers, pulling our hair out, gnashing our teeth, murmuring, etc.
Then Tony walks back through the door, completely oblivious to my
seething anger, and he has extra stuff with him, like a Legend of
Zelda tshirt.<--dead srs. I told him he did not have permission to
wear that in my presence, but he was like "wha?" and went right
upstairs to change while I packed up the car like a man.

(You gize, on his shirt, Link is holding a giant yellow shield, and I
think it's fuzzy. I haven't looked too closely at it, just out of the
corner of my eye, cuz I'm still mad at him. Probably forgive him by
Barstow, though, and then I'll feel it and let you know.)

Anyway, at least we have several electronical devises to intertain*
ourselves during the drive. I hope I get to see all the Bako folks
while I'm there. Peace.

*means entertain I think (def. by E-Mat)


Katie said...

I can't believe you are mad about that shirt. I would gladly get on the road two hours late for a fuzzy Legends of Zelda shirt. You have no heart.

I always send my kids to school when we are going on a trip, and then just pick them up on the way out of town. That way they aren't in my way while I am trying to get ready to go, and I don't think it counts as an absence. I will let you know, for sure when report cards come back in a few months. Also, I am spending the day thinking of a new joke...spoiler. It will be amazing, the highlight of your trip, no doubt.

Memzy said...

I think she was PLANNING on leaving much, much earlier tho which would render school useless. Am I right? If it makes you feel any better Jenny, my Cracker will go ballistic about that Zelda shirt. He happens to be obsessed with that game. OBSESSED.

ps. Are you to Barstow yet?

Jenny ESP said...

My school-age kids help me pack and stuff--they don't get in the way. If I could send homer to school, I totally would. I was mad at Tony for making us wait around, not for buying the Zelda shirt--that was just groovy--but we just passed Barstow, so I forgave him. Now I'm mad at my iPhone for making me car sick, and at all you gize for not posting something on your gizes blogs so I have something to read.

Emily said...

Have a great time! I'm sure you'll read this comment the second you get it cuz you've got your iPhone. Nothin' better than having one of those babies on a road trip. Nothing.

Katie said...

Now you know how I feel, sitting at my computer all day waiting for something new to read.

ManicMandee said...

Have a great trip! Your Anthony is sounding more and more like my Steve the more I hear about him.

Katie said...

Also, your comment is NOT ignored! They just don't have dollar stores in Eagle. I guess they think it would cheapen it. Snobs! Maybe if you send me the ingredient list, I can make my own.

Landee said...

You say these things like you haven't been married to the man for almost 13 years.

They sell Legend of Zelda shirts for grown-ups? Must be for the grown ups in those "institutions" and stuff. Yay for Tony tho. Srsly... fuzzy or not? We're dying to know.

PS School is o-ver-ra-ted ::clap clap clapclapclap::

Markie23 said...

I am proud to have supplied you with not one, but TWO posts to read today.

I am however very jealous of two things. One, that you get to see my mom and sis this weekend; and two, that Anthony got a Zelda T-Shirt. I am obsessed with that game. OBSESSED. I am playing the latest (Twilight Princess) for like the fourth time through. I would totally spend two hours in a Walmart looking for a Zelda shirt.

Flem said...

I am in education and I pull my kids out a total of about 10 days a year. Or more.

I believe in school and they have to go when we are in town but we just can't be waiting around for the last week of school or for Christmas vacay.

But I send my kids to school when they are sick so I figure I make up for it.

Amanda said...

We usually don't get on the road until 6pm even when we try to hurry. It sucks because we get there after the kids have slept the whole time and we're tired and they're wired. It's all down hill from there. That is why we absolutely don't go anywhere.

Have fun in Bako--even though I don't know where that is.