Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How's it going?

I don't know if you gize have been counting, but we are 27 days into 2009. How's your year going so far? I know some of you are in the depths of despair on account of the economy or the glum weather (CA, LV, and AZ residents excluded), but what about those super high/unrealistic goals you set for yourself way back 27 days ago? Are you accomplishing them? Me neither. I mean, I'm totally excelling at the easy ones, like spelling more wyrds rong, eating more cheese like a total turophile*, and night-running at night with my old-school iPod, but my more challenging goals are kicking my A**.

So, why can't I accomplish the S*** I wanna accomplish? I'm not feeling desperate or anything, I'm just whelmed****. But I should be feeling nice and gruntled***** by now. I mean, 27 days? Plenty of time to become Master of My Own Universe.

Anyway, one day at a time, so maybe tomorrow will be productive for me.
How 'bout you gize?

*cheese pervert (def. by Memzy)
not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, just whelmed (def. by Memzy)
*****opposite of disgruntled


Flem said...

I don't set goals in January. Or really the other months. I should. But I do like the idea of using the asterisk to allude to profanity and then later pretend like it meant something much more innocent. Nicely played.

eekareek said...

"You can be overwhelmed and under whelmed, but can you be whelmed?"*

So sorry about those more difficult goals that you haven't reached. I have every bit of confidence that you will someday beat Super Mario Brothers 2 so just hang in there.

* A quote from one of the best teen movies ever, "10 Things I Hate About You".

ManicMandee said...

Nice how you are able to get me to swear in my head like that.
Who needs New Year's resolutions anyway. When all is well beforehand?

Memzy said...

Your S had only 3 asterisks but then your "stuff" had more letters than that. You little.....

I don't make New Years Res. Mostly cuz I don't wanna be disappointed with myself for failing and S***.


Katie said...

You had to ask, didn't you? Now I am left with the decision to either fess up and look weak, or lie and be a liar.

Preparing healthier, real meals...nope.
Doing accounting on a regular basis...nope.
Giving up my candy...nope.
Being a better wife...nope.

No a single one of my goals has been achieved. Thanks for keeping us honest...(I know you are really just trying to make us look bad so you can feel better about yourself.)

Emily said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one not accomplishing all my goals. New Years resolutions are def overrated!

Jenny ESP said...

But you gize, you gize, if we are all losers, then we all tied for first place, which means we're winners.

Sara, Memzy made up that wyrd first. You are so obsessed with Heath Ledger (rip). Let it go.

And, Memz, the asterisks do not represent missing letters, but yes, another wyrd we can spell rong.

Krissy said...

Wow, Memzy is a regualr dictionary isn't she? And I am a total turophile...I am glad I know the name for my love of cheese, I have always wondered what it was called!So, thanks. also I don't really ever set goals that way i won't be so depressed when i don't achieve them! wyrd up.

Memzy said...

Wyrd, Krissy. Wyrd.

Amanda said...

My goal is to be the epitome of lazy. So far I am accomplishing my goal very well thank you.

Cathe said...

I think the whole point of resolutions is to make you feel like a failure and loser. Who thought of the idea anyway?...the stupid a**