Friday, December 12, 2008

Random things I want for Christmas but won't get due to the sluggish economy

Lightwedge LED book light.

This thing is expensive you gize. Otherwise, I would have gotten one a long time ago. They come in many colors and they even have a nightvision one that would be great for astronomers, aviators, sailors, pirates, and soldiers.(<--according to their website)


People take this thing for granted.

Two Weeks in China

I didn't always know I wanted this. I just realized it a few weeks ago. Still, it's a dream. A brand new dream.

Five Snuggies

A lamp.

Not necessarily this one, any lamp will do.

Last, but far from least...


If you haven't heard of this, it's a wireless reading device. You can instantly download any book you want to it, wherever you are, and the sale price of the book is much cheaper than a real-life paper book. You gize, just think, even out-of-print books will be available. Ahem. The Grand Sophy. This will revolutionize the Smart Remarks book club. And shall we say bye bye to Rusty Old used books stores? We shall see, we shall see. Don't get me wrong, I still love to hold a real life paper book in my hand, and I would continue to purchase my favorite author's books just to pile and stack all over my crowded bookshelf, but how convenient would it be to instantly download a book onto a light-weight reading device and keep it forever? And pirate it out to your friends and family?

So what's on your list of unattainable Christmas gifts?


Emily said...

That is one great list! I saw that infomercial on the blanket thingies last night and I was laughing so hard! You could totally just make one yourself. You MUST get an iPhone--one of the best things that ever happened to me. It will also take your blogging to a whole new level, trust me! Did you see the Oprah where she was giving away those Kindle's? You would have thought those people won the lottery!

Emily said...

Oh, and on my list: A skinny, firm toosh. But, I'll settle for a treadmill.

Krissy and Jason said...

A date with Edward.
But that'll never happen know, because of the economy and stuff.

P.S. I was just thinking of the time we made gingerbread houses for an activity and we stuffed our houses full of candy and then put the lids on and our leaders were all, "wha?..where'd all the candy go?" SUCKAS!

Mary said...

I don't think book stores get "Rusty", perhaps a little dusty, though. I want one of those book thingies and an IPhone. But even if we could afford it, it would break us trying to pay the phone bill and downloading charges that would inevitably come along with those fantastic electronics. I've learned that with my IPod....don't let dad know how much I've spent on ITunes.

Landee said...

Men in snuggies are HAWT. And luckily, you don't totally look like you're in a cult in those things.

I want an iPhone and a cruise to the Caribbean.... but the economy, you gize. ::sigh::

Mary said...

Oh, and I have an extra lamp or 2 that you are welcome to the next time you're in town.

Jana said...

My Christmas wish is so outlandish, it will never happen. But that's what this is about, right? My wish is this: to have one more lunch with you, at Carl's Jr. Maybe I would even order something to eat this time...I don't know though...the economy.

Markie23 said...

Year passes to Disneyland... for the rest of my life.

Memzy said...

The other night my kids were mesmerized by those snuggies and as soon as the commercial was over they started yelling, "We want one of those!!!" Advertising/marketing people are smart.
I will prolly want all of that stuff except that trip to China. I realized a few weeks ago that I would never want that for a gift. Can I totally copy and paste the rest on my letter to santa? He's been asking and stuff.

Hot Pants said...

We saw that infomercial last night and realized it would be the same thing as just putting your robe on backwards. I would like a maid. And not the kind you have to clean up for before they come. I want the live-in kind. And I want her name to be Alice, and her boyfriend's name to be Sam, and he has to be a butcher. And she needs to bring her own uniform, cuz I can't pay for that too.

quesetescapa said...

1. Iphone & Kindle--my former upstairs neighbors aka my heroes in the early adoption area each have these items so I kinda live through their gadgets.
2. Another bathroom
3. Wheat Grinder
4. New Imac for the family
5. Surround sound for my computer
6. Crushed Ice Maker

I could keep going.

Katie said...

I am perfectly happy with everything I have now.
Thank you for the private post. That is what I really wanted for Christmas. I am going to leave a comment as soon as I read the whole thing. I don't want to jump to conclusions, and Tom is going to monopolize the computer, so I will have to wait. I am actually leaving this comment using the "important phone call" as my cover.

Annie said...

Maybe you can tag along with Grandma B. to China.