Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm like Hannah Montana, cuz I got the best of both worlds:

It is coming down out there AGAIN!

Sticking to the roads and everything:

And it's just getting started (there has been way more snow since I took these pictures).

Homer played outside for about 1 minute before he came inside crying about his frozen brain hands. This is his own set up in front of our space heater:

And to those Utah people who's --> I broke, our trip to Utah is only postponed, not -->.


Crysty said...


Cristin said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

Your plans aren't the Rocked?
I guess me leaving has left Las Vegas cold.
You're welcome.

Memzy said...

I'm soooo jealous. Will it stay you think?

Jenny ESP said...

Katie, that's the Terminator. Our plans aren't "terminated." Doy. Just postponed.

And we got a message from the school tonight... they said school will likely be canceled tomorrow but we gotta watch the 5am news to be sure. Eeeeeeeek! I finally feel like a part of you IdaUtaOrCo-ians.

Hot Pants said...

Ahhh, the excitement of a possible snow day. I love it!

Krissy and Jason said...

Brooklyn just threw up so she gets to stay home tomorrow, which is kinda like a snow day...exciting, huh?

quesetescapa said...

I saw it on the news tonight that ______ finally froze over. Rude I know, but funny.