Thursday, December 11, 2008

Drama Club

Last night was parents' night at drama club. Good thing I brought my camera so you gize can see what happened.

In this first video, Cord is playing Flash the action figure (in the red suit). He, along with 5 or 6 other kids (including Victoria, who is dressed in a pink ballet suit with a mane of curly hair), become living dolls when the sleeping kids wake up and bring them to life.


Living dolls.





I wish I would have known that Cord was going to play a living doll; I would have given him a few tips, shown him a few pictures of Sara's porcelain face, etc. Did you see that one kid who nailed it? You could tell he started to feel stupid and let the act drop a little, but for a second there, he nailed his living doll pose.

In this second video, Cord is a tomato, and his friend Sydney is a cucumber, in a play called "It's Enough to Make You Cry." They both want the "customer" to buy them, but in the end, the customer goes with the onion.


All of this stuff is supposed to prepare them for the big production at the end of the year, with costumes, set, etc. Fingers crossed for living dolls, though.


Landee said...

Cord has fabulous projection. I could barely even hear that Sydney chica.

I smell a Tony! (not your husband, the Broadway award)

Memzy said...

Drama club?!! I am SRSLY jealous. Brains would be ALL OVER that stuff. Cord is a natural fer rizzles.

Tonight, Brains "band concert". I put that in quotes for a reason you gize.

Landee said...

Where is everybody??

Jenny ESP said...

^^Yeah, I know, right? I keep checking your blog, but still... nothing. Eerie silence.

Memzy said...

More like a creepy nothingness.

quesetescapa said...

Cute video! For a while I thought they were dancing to Good Charlotte's rendition of "If You Leave" and thought it was a little weird for kids that age, but then I realized my Itunes was still playing and I was shocked to discover it in my collection.

Landee said...

It's like The Nothing all Atreyu/Bastian style.

"Call my name!"

"I gotta keep my feet on the ground!"

Sam, Shel & Co said...

I'm jealous that you even have a drama program. We got NOTHIN' music, very little art and no drama. And my drama queen would have been a natural if she'd started in 1st grade. Now she's too shy/cool to do anything like that.

Annie said...

That was totally cute! He would fit in with my Drama Boys!

eekareek said...

I want to see a video of you teaching him the Living Dolls. Obviously the drama teacher has no idea what is living doll is supposed to do when it comes to life.

Katie said...

One of my favorite memories of Cord is him breaking out his "I am in a glass box" routine at Disneyland. That kid has talent. He needs a better part though. I am going to suggest living Jack in the box. Because he is so good at the box part.

Emily said...

That was great! Unfortunately for me, the only drama I get to experience with my kids is followed by a punishment.

Mary said...

I don't know, I think Sydney should have played the tomato cause she was a natural "tomata". Cord is a natural as he started at age one quoting lines from every Disney cartoon he'd ever seen.

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