Monday, December 29, 2008

Ken Doll, etc, etc...

First, I wanted to tell you gize what's up with my Ken Doll (aka my Kindle). Well, apparently, people have been going goo-goo-ga-ga for Ken Dolls like crazy, and Amazon couldn't keep up with the demand, and so they are on back order. When Tony ordered mine, he knew I wouldn't get it until... gulp... March 09. Yeah, I know. So I don't physically have it in my possession, but I keep watching the video of it on Amazon. When I do get it 4realz, I'll give you gize details about it and brag and stuff. MmmK?

I buy books by the brazillian, so I figure the Ken Doll will revolutionize my life. Won't know for sure 'til March, of course. Until then, I'll be old school like the rest of you gize. Speaking of old school, Tony and I bought a super fancy put-it-together-yer-self bookcase at Tarshay for $32 yesterday.

Probably our last bookcase you gize. Then we go digi. But in the meantime, we needed it big time. We ran out space in our closets and under our bed, and we were trippin' over stacks of these old-school-type books made of paper all over our room, so we had to break down and buy a bookcase for them. Sigh.

Over the last few days, I've been organizing and cleaning my mansion (my house grows into a humongous mansion every time I have to organize/clean it). It's all work that we needed to do for some time, like clean out our shoe closet from H, and sorting through 20 Sequoia trees worth of papers, and finding places for new toys, and donating old clothes to charity (::shining my halo::), and taking a pumice stone to our toilets. But my motivation for doing it all right now is...


Also Shed, Brains, Cracker, and Char Char Binks, but mostly Memzy. See, they're coming to Las Vegas and staying with us ESPs tomorrow! Eeek! So ecstatic. I've been working hard to get my house in shipshape so Memzy'll know how clean and perfect my house is on a regular daily basis. Can't Waite for those gize to get here, tho. Blog ya later.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Big drama at church today...

Our sacrament meeting is last, so the process of meeting up with your kids and finding a place to sit can be a little chaotic, especially if you aren't used to that backwards arrangement.

Well, my sister Erin and her kids, Maddie and Frances, came to church with us today (technically, they're in our ward but it had been a while), and when Sunday school was over, Erin and I met up with our kids in the chapel and found a place to sit, but after a few minutes, Maddie still hadn't shown up.

We sent Cord to go look for her, but he came back after a few minutes without finding her, so Erin got up to look for her. Sacrament meeting started, and a few minutes in, Erin peeked her head into the chapel and motioned that she still couldn't find her. So I left the kids, and went out to help. We looked everywhere, the bathrooms, classrooms, outside, in Erin's car, in the plants and trees, places people can't fit, etc. but she was nowhere to be found. Finally, Erin decided to drive around the area, thinking Maddie might have left on foot (which was unlikely, but we had looked everywhere), and I went back in to sit with the rest of the kids.

About 15 minutes passed, and while I waited for Erin, I scanned the whole chapel, bench by bench, looking for any of her friends, thinking she might have sat down with another family (also very unlikely), but she wasn't anywhere. Finally, Erin came back looking rather panicked, because she still hadn't found her. So, I gathered up all our crap, and ushered our kids out to the foyer.

We really had no clue what to do next. The primary pres.'s husband happened to come out about that time, and we explained the situation to him and he went to get his wife and Maddie's primary teacher, thinking they would have some input. Erin had called Corey, and he arrived at the church around that time and enlisted the help of a few other men in the foyer. Those gize ended up pulling out The Bish, and The Bish thought they should grab Bro. FBI Agent, and Bro. Cop, and get their advice. Should The Bish go back in and announce that a child was missing? Should we call 911? About an hour had gone by.

By this time, both Erin and I were feeling a little emotional. Honestly, I was on the verge of bawling and had stopped talking to prevent that from happening. Cord was throwing out phrases like, "man, that would suck if she got kidnapped," all casually, and I was recalling old-wives-tells about kids being snatched from churches, when all the sudden, as non-nonchalant as you'd imagine, Maddie comes wondering into the foyer with her primary teacher. He had gone back in the chapel to search every pew, and found her sitting on the first bench by herself.

Maddie was like, "Wha's the biggie?" and Erin immediately goes for her throat (just a mid-air choke). It turned out, Maddie had gotten to the chapel before us, and had found a seat on the front row. She saw us come in and sit down, waved to us without getting our attention, but didn't come back and join us, as she had the better seat.

Everyone was relieved by the outcome, and we joked about it a little, and then Erin and I awkwardly gathered our five hyped-up kids and all their junk, and sat in the back of the chapel for the last few minutes of sac. Cuz what were we supposed to do at that point? Leave? I dunno. Awkward. Embarrassing, too, to cause all that much-ado-about-nothing in the middle of sacrament meeting.

PS. if you like adventure, click here.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

First, a list of the things I love most...

That my fragile baby Jesus ornament made of construction paper and Popsicle sticks is still safe and sound after 7 years...

Those chocolate dipped oatmeal cookies with homemade filling...

These gize (plus the one who went to bed early)...

The most awesomest, stretchiest stockings in the world...

The perfect set-up...

This gi...

Ginormous magic pills that get rid of sinus infections/strep throat by Christmas morning...

The anticipation...

The posing...

The non-sugarless gum...

Yeah, that's just some of the stuff I love about Christmas.

So, this year, I was spoiled rotten with the gifts. It's crazy, but I somehow ended up with FIVE out of the six of things on my list of "random things I want for Christmas but won't get due to the sluggish economy." If you remember, my list included the Lightwedge, an iPhone, two weeks in China, 5 Snugglies, a lamp, and a Kindle. And you will never guess which things I got...

First, I found a replacement for the 5 snugglies...

Five fleece throws from Old Navy for only $3 each, you gize. I'm gonna have Amy sew some arms on them.

Second, Cord bought me this with his own money:

So sweet. I SO luv my new lamp, you gize.

Third, the Nish family had us for Christmas this year, and they must have been reading my blog cuz they got us half way to China...

It's a box filled with treats, a travel book, map, a gas card, and a hotel gift card. So thoughtful, and way above and beyond. Thanks Becky!

Fourth, Tony got me the Lightwedge...

I used it last night, and it was amazing. I highly recommend it if you are a bed-reader.

Now, what's left on my list? An iPhone, and a Kindle. Both are way cool, and both are way out of our Christmas budget so I shouldn't have gotten either of them until about 2010, but I live with Mr. Gift-of-the-Magi. (Tony is notorious for secretly selling pennies from his collection on eBay and surprising us with gifts. He's gotten us trips to D-land, a car (yeah, srsly), huge wads of cash, etc.) So, what did the Notorious T.O.N.Y. get me this time? To reveal the answer, click 'n drag your mouse over the blank space below and the answer will appear (This is so exciting.)

A KINDLE!!! Eeeekkkkkk!

Thanks Tony! It's super extravagant IMO, but I can't wait to use it. You're the best.

For Tony, I enlarged a few of our favorite photos from the bestest trip we ever took together and framed them...

(If you're wondering, only $10 at Sams for 24x20, you gize)

(this is the hotel we stayed at)

I also made a photo book for him on Blurb but it didn't make it in time. (You should check out Blurb if you've never used it. Super reasonable prices.) And Santa got Tony some running clothes, which he desperately needed. (He's ran 2 marathons and 2 half marathons in the same pair of old swim shorts. Yes, swim shorts.)

These were our favorite gifts...


...But I filmed that before we opened our last gift.

Tony and I had been planning on buying a second compy for our family for some time, as all five of us constantly fight over computer time, but we decided to save it for Christmas. So, a sell at Best Buy and a generous monetary Christmas gift from my parents helped us buy the boys one of these...

Um, OK, I can't get the video to upload right now for some reason, but it's a video of the boys opening a laptop and freaking out about internet access and their own email addresses and stuff.

Thanks mom and dad! Your gift card was well spent!

I have a couple more "thank you" shout-outs.

The Murdock's (Anthony's sister Angie) got us Guess Who (which we played a million times last night) and The Office Trivia Game (which I can't wait to blog more about). Thanks! And Grandma Cheryl sent us sweet package that we took with us to the movies and ate. Thanks! And Grandpa Greg and Grandma Judene sent the boys cold-hard cash, which we used to buy the boys the Lego sets they wanted ahead of time (I have a funny video of them opening it and freaking out but it won't upload either, sigh.). They are still busy putting the Legos together and playing with them. Thanks a bunch!

Phew, that was a long post! We had an exceptional Christmas. We hope you gize were all as gruntled as we were this year. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MInute Clinic

Have you gize ever been to a minute clinic? So handy and it only costs 10 bucks (for us, anyway). They have them in select CVSs (I wouldn't dare try the one at Wal*Mart you gize). I found one in LV that's always empty and really clean (it's in the CVS at Decatur and I215 if you live here). The best part is that you don't see a doctor, just a nurse practictioner, so they are totally cool with you calling up your pharmacist husband and asking him what drugs to prescribe. See, Nurse-in-box thought I had a sinus infection, and I thought I had strep throat, so we compromised, called Tony, and asked him for an antibotic that covered both, plus something with Codeine in it to knock me out. Cuz I'm hurtin'. Win/win.

So, being sick and all, and being that I spent the last "last-minute" day before Christmas in a Codeine-induced coma, I'm officially nixing the Christmas cards. But I might send out Happy New Years cards that have snowmen or Santa on the outside.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Christmas Cards...

So, last night, I started to half-heartily prepare my family Christmas cards. Yeah, half-heartily. My whole heart isn't in it you gize. Should I skip it this year? I don't even have a family picture to put in it that you gize don't already see five times a day on my blog. Yeah, five times. What if I just send cards to non-bloggers who haven't already seen these pictures five times a day? Is that rude? Lemme know.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seven Minutes

^^That's how long it took me to guess the dramatic twist in Will Smith's new movie, Seven Pounds.

I also laughed inappropriately at least seven times. Maybe I'm just a cynical, cold-hearted snake. It wasn't horrible or anything, just highly predicable. I heard some people sniffing, as if they were brought to tears. I was crying too, just tears of laughter. There was this piano music in the background, and it sounded like one note, then another note, and then the wrong note... repeat. Couldn't breathe during that part. Stomach hurt.

**Warning: Erin put a nice lil spoiler in the comments, so don't read if you would rather be surprised seven minutes into the movie.

Super Hot Topic

Question: Does your husband (or if you're a man, do you) do the Christmas shopping for the people on his side of the family, or does he leave that up to you?

In the 12 years that we've been married, Tony has never picked out a gift or card for anyone on his side of the family for any occasion, and I'm just wondering if that's typical.

I'm having the hardest time coming up with a Christmas present for my mother-in-law in particular. Apparently, Tony's not concerned about the fact that we haven't gotten anything for his mom yet. Probably because he knows from past experience that I'll eventually do it, even if he agrees to take care of it himself (<--he always agrees to do it, but of course he never has any intention of actually doing it).

We're running out of time because we have to mail the gift, so last night, I finally asked Tony to just give me an idea of what to get his mom (he has NEVER come up with a suggestion either), and I'd go pick it up. He was like, "uh, lets see, uh," for like twenty minutes. I was like, "What are her hobbies? What does she like to do? What does she need?" and he was silent for a minute, and then he goes, "I guess you could get her some church clothes."

Wha... ?

He was serious you gize.

PS. Does anyone actually know their MIL's dress size?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Foe Toe Fry Deigh *In the nick of time...

New Christmas PJs...

Homer, passed-out in front of the space heater...


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Humor Me...

...while I blog on and on about the snow.

And not just a few schools, but ALL Clark County schools.
Yeeeeeee-hawww, Jester's dead!(<--said like Goose from Top Gun).
This is the first time all the schools have been canceled since 1979. (Incidentally, my family lived in LV that year--I was just a widdle baby).

To celebrate the cancellation, we bundled up and ran down to our community park to play in the snow. It brought back nostalgic memories of growing up in Idyho.

The boys made these snowball forts, and then we had an old-school girls V. boys fight.

Look at their lamerz snowballs...

Ahem. MY snowball...

In your face, Three-Year-Old!

Ah, a mother's sacrifice caught on digi-film.
(Giving up my dry gloves to Three-Year-Old Crybaby.)

Tony, conquering the giant snowball from H.

As you can see, all this snow business is making us Las Vegians extremely gruntled.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm like Hannah Montana, cuz I got the best of both worlds:

It is coming down out there AGAIN!

Sticking to the roads and everything:

And it's just getting started (there has been way more snow since I took these pictures).

Homer played outside for about 1 minute before he came inside crying about his frozen brain hands. This is his own set up in front of our space heater:

And to those Utah people who's --> I broke, our trip to Utah is only postponed, not -->.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Utah picture-gram

This weekend, we were totally gonna go here--> , but now we're not, on account of this--> and because we don't have any of these--> and because we need to shop for these--> and cuz we are running out of this--> and cuz my kids would miss this--> and I would rather lounge on this--> reading these--> and eating these-->.