Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Halloween Stuff Here

Ha! Tricked you! This post is all about our Halloween day. So many bloggers have mentioned how much they hate Halloween. This is unfathomable to me, because it's one of my favorite holidays. No judgment, though. Weirdos.

There was no school (Nevada Day). First, we went to this over-priced pumpkin patch that sold tiny pumpkins to poor unfortunate souls who were willing to trade their voices or first-born children for a pumpkin. They also had really cute/well-cared for animals...

Next we drove around for two hours (I kid you not), trying to find pumpkins, and discovering that every place we went to was out of pumpkins. Here we are at Wal*Mart "Superstore" which was completely void of pumpkins. Huh? How is that possible? But we got collapsible trick-or-treat buckets for 50ty cent. Huh? How is that possible?

(sorry about the extreme crookedness of these pictures)

Then we stopped by another pumpkin patch that was even more over priced then the last one (srsly, who pays that much for pumpkins?), so we couldn't bring ourselves to buy any. But the pumpkin folk gave our kids free blow up toys for being extra special, and we found a few festive photo opps.

Around this time, Anthony had been out doing some early voting, and he graciously agreed to go from store to store until he finally found four reasonably priced, mediocre, pumpkins. Phew.

Here are the final results:
(Note: we had to carve the pumpkins after we got back from trick-or-treating because we wasted so much time looking for them)

Homer and Frances mostly played with the guts.


Here are the costumes...

Cord (or perhaps this is Gus?) the ninja

Gus (or perhaps this is Cord?) the ninja

Homer as Jack Skellington (he was supposed to be "Indy Jones" but he ripped his costume to shreds right after he got it, so we pulled out that old Jack Skellington costume I made for Cord when he was 5... and what do you know, it fit)

Francie was the Corpse Bride and Maddie was Alvin. So cute. Hopefully, Erin will post her kidses' pictures on her blog. There were better ones than these.

That's it! Happy Thanksgiving!


Landee said...

a) Nothing says festive punkin patch like a Hyundai dealership and palm trees in the background

b) I totally wanted to listen to Francie & Homer play with the pumpkin guts but freakin' Coldplay wouldn't pause so I had sensory overload with both things going on at once, ran away crying, was in the fetal pozish for about 10 minutes & had to have a diet beverage. I'm fine now tho.

c) I love the double ninja action. Does Gus like to be w/e Cord is or is it the other way around? I think they were supposed to have been twins but something got mixed up ::whispering & pointing up:: up there.

d) I'm now jealous of any pics of you w/o me in it too. Once you go ESP you never go back (I heard).

samandlysander said...

Nice ninja costumes. I love Halloween too. It's too bad that not many people get into it.

Erin Beck said...

Yo jenny, corey and I both had a great time spending all hallows eve with you (so spooky!) even tho we spent most of the day finding a pumpkin when at the end of the day Tony bough us some roughten sunkin in pumpins to carve..anyway I went home with nightmares and got no sleep cuz I had the kids in my bed to protect me.. it was so worth it and we all hope to spend Thanksgiving with you and the fam. I miss ya and loved spending last night with ya sis! tomorrow night..destiny's mamma practice!! cannot wait.

Memzy said...

I hope that Destiny's mama thing is not a joke. Cuz I wanna hear it. My two biggest boys have gone as copy-cat Harry Potters, and ninjas two years in a row. If they are close enough in age I think sometimes it happens. But not this year. I guess I should post pics of that huh. Be back later.

Jenny B. said...

VERY NICE ! and pumpkins are way to much $
but area must. that is half the joy of Halloween
i think i will start carving them at thanksgiving too !

Markie23 said...

No Peeta? No Katniss? No Edward, or Bella? I sure would like to have seen the Seattle Six out on Halloween together in their capes, going door to door asking for candy or pints of blood.

Hot Pants said...

I have a crook in my neck from looking at your pictures. I'm, glad you made Homer the skelleeton cuz that was my favorite ever! We had humongo pumpkins at WalMart for only $2.88. Not that I bought any. We used the ONE we grew in our garden. We only got one, so we only carved one.
I can't wait for the return of Destiny's Mamma!

Mary said...

Loved all of those pictures. I especially liked Homers "yum, yum" noises as he pretended to eat his pumpkin 'guts'. We had a lady in our ward giving out free, humongous pumpkins she grew in her garden. Too, bad you won't move to Idaho...jab, jab!! I use to hate Halloween, but now that I don't have to worry about creating costumes, I love it! I want a copy of that picture of Erin and her girls as I don't have any family pictures of those guys.

ManicMandee said...

I am amazed by such dedication to get pumpkins! I would have either forked over the cash for the overpiced ones simply out of laziness or just given up there. Great photos and commentary.