Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween isn't cute anymore

Choosing Halloween costumes for my kids used to be an elaborate brainstorming process that would begin several months before Halloween. We would always put a lot of thought into it, even if we were broke and had to make homemade costumes out of materials from around the house (oh, and later I'll totally tell you gize about the embarrassing homemade Halloween costumes I made for myself when I was a kid).

My kids are older now, and I don't have much input in what they dress up as for Halloween anymore. Last year, they were all Star Wars characters. This year, Cord and Gus are going to be vampire ninjas (something they made up) and Homer is going to be "Indy Jones"--only because he wanted to carry around a whip (which he already broke).

Anyway, I want to share this hilarious Halloween home video from 2003, which was arguably the funniest/cutest Halloween ever, thanks to poor little Gus. Gus was *Santee Claws* from the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas (the best holiday movie of all time, IMO). If you're familiar with the movie, the Santa wears this weird bell-shaped red suit/dress. I don't know many 2-year-olds who would put up with the big, bulky costume I made for him. He looked so uncomfortable, and he kept getting stuck, like if he would fall over, he'd be stuck on the ground, but he never complained or anything. It was pretty hilarious.

Cord was Jack the pumpkin king that year, which is why I made Gus dress up as Santee Claws--to coordinate, ya know. Plus, I had tons of red flannel so I wouldn't have to buy any material. We were busted broke at the time. In fact, I made Cord's black, pinstriped costume out of Anthony's graduation gown, and actually hand-sewed white stripes down the whole thing. I didn't have money for patterns, so their costumes were pretty jacked-up. (but I rarely sew with a pattern so it's no biggie)

I wish I had a good picture of them that year, but I lost my camera around that time, so all I have is this video. A few of my nieces and nephews are in the video (Becky's and Erin's kids), so you can see their cute costumes too. I made my niece Francie's Little Orphan Annie costume out of the same material as Gus's Santa costume.

Keep an eye on poor Gus... the end is hilarious.

(Oh, and ignore my annoying "mom voice." Yeah, that's srsly how I talk to my kids.)

Edit: OK the sound is all messed up in the beginning... sorry


Landee said...

That SantyClaus outfit is borderline child abuse! I saw Gus "get stuck" on the lawn about 2 minutes before you did. Between that and that mom voice I think I need to call CPS.

In other news, that Orphan Annie dress was TDF.

In other other news, my kids still don't have costumes. I hate Halloween.

::wahwaaaaah:: Total Debbie Downer ^^^

Sam, Shel & Co said...

What a great costume rigger you are! You and my sister Julie win the prize for the coolest costumes with no money. Actually, you would win even if you spent money. They all look rad!

Sam thinks I'm making costumes for all of us this year. Ha! Boy, won't he be surprised. :0)

Memzy said...

That video alone will help me get through this day. Heelarious. And i happen to love your mom voice. Prolly cuz I have a very similar one. And that IS the best Christmas movie of all time.

"What's this....what's this?"

Emily said...

You and your sisters have always been awesome about coming up with the neatest halloween costumes for your kids. My kids' costumes are usually pretty tacky and lame. That video was hilarious!!!

quesetescapa said...

Love it! I am impressed with the halloween efforts-- I make the mistake of asking the kids too far in advance and then they change their minds. It might be better to wait until Oct 29 and just take them to clearance sales...

Hot Pants said...

I have to go redo the mascara after that one. Gus in the stroller was the funniest thing ever! He looked so pathetic. And Francy was sooo cute as Annie.
What was Emma? My guess was Anne of Green Gables.

michelle said...

There are tears running down my face I am laughing so hard!!! That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!! Poor Gus Gus!! He did look SO cute in that costume though.

Loved Cord's costume and makeup!! He should do that one again. You are one talented mama putting those costumes together.

No wonder you are bummed about Halloween because how could you EVER top that!

Erin Beck said...

OMG Im so so glad you have a video of that. i cannot find one pic of the kids that uyear and that was by far the best halloween costume ever. You are so crafty and talented when it comes to sewing. The kids all look so little and so cute!

Ayla said...

Interesting post..! Finding the right Halloween costume can be both thrilling and challenging.

Annie said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I am now in the Halloween Spirit of things. Cute!

Mary said...

Those are some dang cute kids if I do say so myself. You did do a wonderful job on all of the costumes and Gus was so adorable with his fat costume and his chubby cheeks to match.

samandlysander said...

Those are cute costumes, I love the nightmare before christmas.

Vegas Family said...

Oh, they are look so little and cute. Time sure gone by.

I remember that Halloween and Gus and Cord's costumes were so cute.

I need to find my video of that year. Jack so little and a thumb sucker. I miss that stage.

hayley said...

What?! You need to get started on making your kids costumes. They always turn out really cute.

And why didn't I dress up? I guess I was to cool for Halloween that year.