Friday, October 3, 2008

Formal Introductions...

Hey you gize. My friend, Krissy (Atwood) Swallow, made an informal request for formal introductions, and I thought that was a good idea seeing as how she is totally going to participate in our nonexclusive Smart Remarks book club. You gize are going to heart her (like Peeta). I'm going to make a bold statement here... Krissy is one of my favorite people (along with you gize).

So, just who is this Krissy character? Well, we grew up in the same Ward (throughout high school--we were the only two girls in our Ward in our grade). We totally did all that My Maid, Laural, Sunflower stuff together, so she knows how irreverent I can be. We also memorized the entire Disney cartoon, Robin Hood, and would recite the movie line by line, much to the joy of those around us. "Oh, Clucky! But what if he's forgotten all about me?" "Oohdalalie, fortunes, forecasts, lucky charms." "Get your dope with your horoscope."

We had some special growing experiences at girl's camp.

(I'm the one with glasses, doy)

And this one time, at girls camp, we were driving up to the campsite, and this van full of Beehives that was following our van flipped over on the freeway. Sara was in the van, and she had to get a Band-aid. It was a traumatic experience. You can imagine the fodder that provided for testimony meeting.

(I'm the one in the flattering, high-waisted floral shorts, Krissy is on the right, and that's Jessica on the left. You don't know her. Well, maybe you do, what do I know?)

Here we are making friends for life at EFI:

(That's me in glasses again, and Krissy on the far right, and those other girls are some lifelong friends we made. I'll tell you their names later.)

This is us at EFI in casual dress. Krissy is on the right, and on the far left is Jami (Cox) Harris who sometimes makes an appearance here. Hi Jami! (Amy is BFF with Jami's older sister Jeni.)

OK, you gize, that's Krissy.
Now, through Krissy, I met her SIL Jana Atwood (virtually, not in person). She has a hilarious blog, and she thinks it looks like she has a lazy eye in tiny profile pictures, but for reals she is a beauty queen.

So Krissy, now I'll introduce you to some people so you know what's what. Not everyone listed participates in the book club (though it's totally nonexclusive)--I'll put a red asterisk by those who do so you don't get confused (but it's totally nonexclusive).

You should know most of my immediate family members, but I'll list them anyway by their blog names...

Mary*--my mom
VegasLife--my oldest sister Becky
Hayley Nishkabibble--my niece (Becky's daughter)
Tom--my brother
Katie Morgan--my SIL (Tom's wife)
Amy Thurston--my sister*
Erin Beck--my sister*
Sara Straw, sir?--my sister*
Morgan Straw, sir?--my BIL (Sara's husband)*

Mikey in PDX *(or mesplin) is my husband's sister, Michelle. She is super cool you gize. She works for Intel cuz she's so smart. She hearts football and McNabb (who ever that is). Hi Mich!

These gize below are my cousins, grouped by family (I'll only list people who update their blogs or sometimes leave comments on here otherwise it's way confusing)...

Cristin Carter*

Manic Mandy(Bishop)*
Emily Matson*
Tim W8 (and his wife) Brenda W8

Sam&ly (Markie's daughter)*
Ello Sunshine(Jenny B) (Markie's daughter)*

Next we have my uncle Markie*, and my aunt Shel* (Monteray HilBailey's).

OK, now we come to Memzy*. She is my cousin Shed's wife. I should mention that she's an aspiring/amazing photographer (and Memzy, you should totally check out Krissy's blog--she takes amazing pictures, too)
Through Memzy, I met and imprinted on Landeelu *. She is Memzy's silly cousin.
Through both Memzy and Landee, I met quesetescapa *, though we have never been properly introduced (rude L & M), I've just read her silly comments on their blogs.

I hope I didn't forget anyone. (Tell me if I did so I don't look like a jerk, MK?)

So, you gize, you gize. If you know someone who likes to read, and might be interested in our book club, totally invite them--and don't forget to introduce them. They don't have to be an "author" on the blog to participate in the discussion. That will mostly happen in the comments on the day we discuss the book.


Memzy said...

Even tho I know all these peeps it was nice to see it in christmas colors.

::totally checking out your awesome friends blogs::

Landee said...

Freakin A. I need to go take a nap now. It's like too much information all at once. Besides I was kinda in the middle of a dream about Peeta & I want to get back to it.

::waving at Krissy like a derranged poodle::


ajesplin said...


Jana said...

I am overjoyed that I received air time on this blog. Wow- those pics of you and Krissy are priceless. What type of awkward pose is that in the first one?
I totally plagiarized your Breaking Dawn review at my book club last night. I read it out loud to everyone and they were cracking up. So sue me.
PS Is EFI like a FLDS version of EFY? I figured as much since you guys were dressed like pioneers.

Markie23 said...

Krissy... let's see ::quickly scanning through blog::

*Way cute kids
*Likes outdoors adventure
*Has a very "hoppy" family
*Reads S.M. books (where were you earlier?)
*Is that Sabra?? BIG POINTS!
*extremely cute kids
*extraordinarily cute kids!

Well, just close your sleepy little eye balls, and join the group!! I've imprinted already.

Annie said...

^^^^^Okay that's a little creepy stalker like?

Krissy and Jason said...

Gee, thanks for the introductions. (and the pics, I forgot how totally hot i was) Now I feel like part of the gang.

so, most of you gize are family and that would explain the cute baby pictures and extreme funnyness you all must run in your gize's blood.

It's nice to meet you all and don't let jana fool you, she's way more flankier than I am!

ajesplin said...

Jana... EFI comment... hilarious. I'm gonna use that at my next book club meeting.

Krissy, there's gonna be a quiz.

Amy Thurston said...

Jami's sister Jeni called me to tell me that a girl in her ward was blogging with Jenny and Landee and Memzy. It was Jana. I am glad you introduced everyone. You are always good that way. I was snooping on Krissy's and Jana's blogs anyway, now I will comment. Since we have been formally introduced, it would be rude not to, right?

BTW, try not to be creeped out by the guy dressed up like little bo peep.

Landee said...

I think me not being formally introduced led to some of the "issues." I just kinda came on the scene and started making fun of people. I blame Memzy for not making a dedicatory post to me.

You've raised the bar for newbies.

ManicMandee said...

Wow Krissy is already using THE words. You know.
Gize and Flank.
I still can't type "gize". It kills me to intentionally mispell certain words knowingly. I do it unknowingly quite easily.

Erin Beck said...

That one blonde bimbo has no perm!! She shoulda been 86 before you even got to EFK Jr. Do not let her into our exclusive book club jens..Im so serious. Give her the keys to the street and do it tonight!!

Emily said...

Thanks for the introductions. It's nice to meet you Krissy. How fun that we are getting a blogging network of awesome people.

Mary said...

I love the Atwood family and am so happy to have Krissy join our group. I miss her mom, Janis, who was my visiting teaching partner for years. Tell her 'hi' for me!

Jami said...

Little did I know that as I was making fun of Jeni (my sister, not a misspelling of you) about Amy (your sister) putting a ridiculous picture of her on the WWW...low and behold her little sis did the same for me. Irony, karma...where does that fall?