Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dead Inside

I'm not 100% positive I'm dead inside, but here's what I did today.

I laid down to take a nap, but I was wearing jeans and couldn't get comfortable, so I never fell asleep. (My mom told me to never sleep in my jeans because a certain bad infection happens to girls who sleep in their jeans, but I've slept in my jeans millions of times and its never happened to me. Must be an old lies tale.) So I decided to get up and go run a few errands. I was gone for about 2.5 hours, and only ended up completing one thing on my list (buying cookies for this scout thing tonight).

I spent most of that time wondering around Khols, shopping for some winter clothes for this wintery trip I'm taking next weekend. They were having a big sale and I found tons of cute things. My cart was loaded, and then all the sudden I got super lazy and didn't feel like trying anything on, so I decided I would just buy whatever I had in my cart without trying anything on. I stood in this really long line for about 15 minutes and right when it was my turn, the thought suddenly occured to me that I didn't want to spend any money on clothes and that I don't really care what I wear, or what I look like for that matter.

So I told the cashier, "You know, I don't need any this stuff. I changed my mind." And she was like, "You don't want ANY of this?" and I was like, "yeah, I'll go put it back," and she goes, "Are you sure, we've having a huge sale, and blah, blah, blah..." and I was like, "I'm sure," and then I walked around the store, putting everything back.

You know what's funny though? I totally made people start second-guessing themselves. Everyone in line behind me started going through their carts and putting things back.

After wasting so much time on that one task and having nothing to show for it, I decided to just go home and forget about the rest of my errands.

So, about that winter trip I'm taking next week, I'm gonna have to find some old, outdated clothes from the back of my closet and layer for warmth and stuff like that. I'm just wondering, does the fact that I don't care mean that I'm dead inside, or is this just a natural part of it being winter time?

Oh, and Memzy, my entryway has looked like this for four years:

I can't reach it. Nobody looks up anyways.


Markie23 said...

You have fabric that you can drape around yourself like a cape... so you're good.

Cristin said...

I think this dead inside thing is catching because i have it. By the way...layers is the way to go.

I'm soooooo glad that I'm not the only one with an unfinished painted entrance because mine looks just like that and I feel guilty every time I look at it but it's really high and I can't reach without a ladder. I'm feeling less dead inside because I'm not the only thanks.

Landee said...

I think the next girls trip needs to be to go see Oprah... preferably when she's discussing The Secret. Although I've heard just being in Oprah's presence motivates you enough to try clothes on at Kohls. Maybe just try Tivoing Oprah and see what happens?

Your entryway is hilarious. Hilarious that Memzy challenged you, and you took that challenge, and one upped her huge time.

Hot Pants said...

Every time I am at Jenny's house I look at that wall and think, "I have long arms, I could just finish that up for her." Then I remember they aren't quite that long, and I don't feel like painting either.
Do you know how many times I go shopping for clothes and fill a cart, then never actually buy anything because I don't really feel like spending any money?
At least you get to eat cookies you bought for the scout thing tonight!

***Your comment thing is suddenly giving me instant spell check. How did that happen?

Jenny ESP said...

^It seems as if you've finally updated your browser, Amy. Welcome to fall, 20008.

Hot Pants said...

I use two different browsers. I guess I am using the better one now.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

Maybe it's the time of year for being unmotivated, etc. All I want to do is climb in bed with good book. Don't always get to, however.

Katie said...

You don't need new clothes. You do have a fur lined jacket don't you? That is all you need. I love that jacket, it looks so cozy and warm. The kind of jacket that could really heal deadness deep inside. Put it on, see how you feel.
P.S. There is nothing I hate more than a wasted nap. Seriously, nothing, except Satan.
P.P.S. I am not feeling at all left out, not being able to go on this girls weekend. Just promise you won't have a good time.

Hot Pants said...

Katie, there is still time for you to get a ticket. It could be your birthday present to Tom.

Mary said...

I love going shopping and picking out a lot of stuff I want and then putting it all back. It's like I owned it for a time, but didn't have to spend any money. I can always go back and try the things on again and maybe even wear them around the store a bit, before returning them to the racks. It's a great way to save money!

Memzy said...

Alls I can say is --BOSOM BUDDY. Cuz of the painting for one. And fer two, because I've had some cash set aside for a few weeks JUST for buying winter clothes in time for this trip. And every time I have a chance to shop I think, "Nah, I'm just gonna spend money and then end up not liking the clothes or wearing my old faithful jeans and hoodie anyway." BOSOM.

And super thank you for that picture. It brought a single tear to my eye.

Memzy said...

And nobody looks up fer rizzles.

quesetescapa said...

The painting job looks like a modern art statement.

I wish we were neighbors so we could shop together and I could put it all back too... No you are not dead inside. Just awesome.

hayley said...

That really made me laugh. I wouldn't feel like doing anything else after putting all those clothes back either.