Friday, September 12, 2008

"You cheated on me after I specifically asked you not to?"

Anthony's been a bear lately, not like himself.
He finally confessed that he was jealous of my iPod.
I laughed, and then rolled my eyes when I realized he was dead serious.
I turned the tables on him, and acted like a bear on the rag.
(Are you as horrified by the phrase, "on the rag" as I am?)
Anthony ran errands and came home with a peace offering.
Gus came home with a case of middle child syndrome.
Anthony and I had plans to go out.
I felt like we should invite Gus to come along.
Anthony easily agreed.
I'm glad he's only threatened by inanimate objects.
And not kids.
And not fictional characters.
Gus was super excited about going with us.
He spent most of the time talking about Cord.
And wondering how long we've been gone.
Cord earned $7.50 for babysitting.
He's gonna share it with Gus.
Boys are easy.
I didn't mean it like that.
Is this a Haiku?

Anyway, me and my iPod are a package deal. I can't live without it, and Anthony finally accepted that, and bought me this "IV drip" iPod holder.

Plus, I started ticking off all the junk he's obsessed with (he writes these little lists and leaves them all over the house) and threatened to suddenly develop a jealousy for them.


Amy Thurston said...

I liked your catchy title. Way to sink us in. But then I remembered you have never asked Tony to not cheat on you, so it couldn't mean what you were trying to make us think it meant.

ajesplin said...

^sorry, I guess you'd have to be a hardcore Office fan to get the reference.

Amy Thurston said...

Wow, you have a lot of hardcore things you are into, or things you are hardcore into.

Amy Thurston said...

I am more of a softy I guess. (unless I am working out, then it's all hard)

Landee said...

Saying you are horrified by a phrase does not negate the fact that you said it. Disgusting.

You're nice to bring Gus along on your date night. I'm going to go on the record as saying I've never done that nor will I ever. Wait, we did take JBird out to give him "the talk." He was so excited about it he forgot all the mental pictures we painted for him.

Oh, and it's not a haiku. It's a bunch of sentences centered. I wasn't even an English major and I knew that.

ajesplin said...

Landee, you see right through me. We are kindred spirits.

Memzy said...

Bosom buddies.

It's true, Landee was a Fine Arts major. And I wasn't an English major either and I know that is not a Haiku. It's obviously a limerick. But isn't it rude that Jan would cheat on him when he SPECIFICALLY....

I find this very interesting about your love affair with your ipod. I can't wait to see what happens in Seattle when I am telling you my life story and why I am the way I am and look over to realize that you didn't hear a word I said and are mouthing the words to Coldplay's Strawberry Swirl instead. Then I'll ask for you cell phone and call Anthony so we can commiserate.

sarastrasser said...

Ipods are the greatest things ever. I will totally turn the volume up when my kids start to cry and several times I have lied to Morgan and told him the volume was turned off and I could hear him. It is my bff and if you just want to go to Seattle and walk around just listening to ipods and not talking, I am all for that.
I suck at english so I am going to say it was a similie <---is that how you spell.

Vegas Family said...

I "get" Anthony's jealousy with your Ipod.
I am jealous of Wade's EBAY. He is completely addicted and needs help, in my opinion.

Amanda said...

I wouldn't mind seeing one of Anthony's lists...
I am jealous of you IPOD too. I want one.

Katie said...

I felt like you were telling a secret joke, just to me with that title...then I saw Amy's post. She just so does not get us...
Your blog is to the IPod as my friend Amie's blog is to Stephanie Meyer. Check it out!

abutler said...

I hope my boys don't read this post. For babysitting they get "Computer Time." I have managed to convince them that by us leaving the house that gives them extra computer time when we get back. Cool huh? There are exceptions, like when they could be doing something totally better than watching there brothers and sister.

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