Saturday, September 13, 2008

Swap Meet

Anthony took the boys to a swap meet today to spend Cord's babysitting money, and Homer came in my office before they left and said very sweetly, "Mom, I want a monkey."

I was like, "Aw, you want a monkey?"

Homer: "Yeah"

Me: "Like a toy monkey or a real monkey?"

Homer: "A real monkey."

Me: "Aw, you want a real monkey?"

Homer: "Yeah. With sharp teeth."

Me: "What?"

Homer: "A monkey with sharp teeth that will kill Cord and Gus."

Me: "Er..."


The boys had been playing Donkey Kong on the old school Nintendo that morning, so I think that's how the thought occurred to him. I hope. Anyway, he came home with a pair of plastic handcuffs instead. Phew.


Katie said...

Are handcuffs better? You're right, much better than a rabid monkey bite. What a terrible way to die.

Landee said...

I'll tell you what's creepy.... Vegas swap meets. Who knows where those handcuffs have been/what they've been used for?

I mean, I KNOW there are hookers on every corner there.

Memzy said...

But they were plastic tho Landee. Even the scumbags know to buy metal.

I want a swap meet.

ps. Jenny what were YOU doing during this swap meet adventure?

Amy Thurston said...

I love it when kids talk about killing their siblings. It's too cute.
I heard hookers like to have the plastic ones, because it makes it a little easier to escape if their John is a serial killer out for hookers.

sarastrasser said...

A little STD on a handcuff won't kill 'em. Or maybe it will...that was Homer's plan all along. Mwahaha

Amanda said...

Wow, talk about sibling rivalry to hookers and STD's.

Memzy said...

And Jenny's specifically said to "keep em clean" people.