Monday, September 29, 2008


I like to read good books. I need to read a good book.

Here are the nominations for the next Smart Remarks book:


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This was actually nominated by our Patron Saint, Stephenie Meyer. Yes, she cares what book we choose. She doesn't want us to pick anymore of her books. It was seconded by Miss Landeelu Landerson. See pasted email below:

Dear Leader & Founder of Smart Remarks,

I'd like to submit a formal request to, at some point, have The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins reviewed by the fine members of your book club. Markie will love it (tons of action) and the girls will love it (a weird love story). I couldn't put it down (just finished it two days ago).

The only problem is, I'm not sure what we will be able to mock because it's just that good.

Thanks for listening,

Landeelu Landerson
Member, Smart Remarks Book Club

Shut up Landeelu, you had me at "weird love story."


This book was nominated by Memzy last month, and is still worthy of a nom, me thinks. We'd be foolish to ignore her sage advice. After all, it was her idea for me to blog about my grocery list. ahem.


Austenland by Shannon Hale

This 'un was also nomed by Memzy. Quite worthy, but should we make her read a book she hasn't read you gize?


The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer:

This was nom.ed by Markie, poor guy. Honestly, it sounds like a good 'un, but that pee-stained cover is not going to inspire many votes. And the whole "Large-Type" thing screams "nursing home library." Landeelu Landerson? Could you make a new cover for us please? You do have a dalmatian muffler or whatever it's called, right? And a horse?

There. Four books to choose from. Now exercize your right to vote.

Wait. One more thing. I had a discussion with Amy today about the state of the Smart Remarks book club. She's concerned that it's, well, not as fun as it was that one time. We didn't really get a good back-and-forth discussion going with The Host. So, she suggested we schedule a specific time to get online and discuss, and keep the discussion in one blogger's comments. Everyone would still do their own review, we would just "flank" at a certain time and place. Make sense? Agree? Is this too much to ask? What if I mail you refreshments? Cinnaburn Rolls?


ajesplin said...

I'm voting for #1 you gize.

Cristin said...

me too, in fact I was going to suggest it after my friend posted it on her website.

Landee said...

I'm telling you, The Hunger Games is where it's at! Flank. That email was posted without the writer's consent. I guess Jenny can go read Midnight Sun now.

Amy, I heart the idea of all the comments being on one site. Hopefully that will recreate the magic we captured in a bottle with Breaking Dawn. Although, I submit The Host sucked too much to get anything really good going anyway.

My vote: The Hunger Games

ajesplin said...

Sorry about that Landee. I didn't want to speak for you or anything, but I should have asked first. I'll be sure to not post any of the other emails you sent me without permission. Promise. You'll still do the cover, right?

Landee said...

I'll have to get my dalmation muff back from my friend who borrowed it for a night out with her husband but yeah, I'll get right on that. Luckily I still have my matching hat.

The real question is, how am I gonna get Gty to put on his riding clothes and get the horse outta the garage to stand in the background.... this is turning into a logistical nightmare. Let's just not pick it and then I won't have to worry about it.

Landee said...

"This was nom.ed by Markie, poor guy."

Oh my gosh. I'm still laughing.

samandlysander said...

I'm voting for hunger games too. After Steph and Landee's rave reviews I don't see how we could read anything else.

ajesplin said...

Landee just sent me this email you gize:

I'm totally just kidding about the "without my permission" stuff. I really just wanted to make a Midnight Sun joke. You can cut & paste any email I've ever sent.... except those ones.

Katniss. Prim. Peeta. Cinna.

sarastrasser said...

I feel bad for Markie and his extremely sissy book so I will vote for Markie's choice.

(Crossing my fingers, please don't let Markie's book win, please don't let Markie's book win.)

Sam, Shel & Co said...

I think the first one looks good, but I'd try any of them, including Markie's. Has this been out long enough that I'm going to be able to get it at a library without waiting several months? I didn't read the Host (thank goodness, apparently) because we already have so many books that all of my 50 bookcases are full, and the library waiting list was about 6 months long. And, we're on a "money diet", just in case Apple goes down the toilet with the rest of the economy.

Oh, and so far, I've never read anything Markie suggested that I didn't like.

Amy Thurston said...

I'm tired of pee stained covers. So I'm going to vote for #1. And I will buy it brand new, even though the economy is bad and I should be storing up wheat and water. Shel, have you not been reading the blogs? People are reading books on the toilet, while they are doing "big job", touching the books with their dirty hands, and then returning their library books after. Get a black light. I guarantee you'll see something.

Amy Thurston said...

And you gize, don't send secret emails w/out me. I've seen some of those things, and I don't want to be on the outs of one.

Amy Thurston said...

"Katniss. Prim. Peeta. Cinna."
See, what is this? Is it a joke about the book? Or a secret, private joke? Will I ever know?

abutler said...

I'm voting for #1 too. I also think it's a great idea to consolidate the Smart Remarks Club to one site.

And thanks Amy for the visual on the library books.

Is this book going to have enough estrogen in it for Markie?

Landee said...

The joke is (cuz I want no secrets between us) is that Jenny wrote back:

Not as smart member,
Um, I noticed that book on S. Meyer's website and looked it up on Amazon. Kinda like Renaissance Man, but teen girls? So for sure. I can find something wrong with it. I'm really judgmental/self righteous. Any weird character names?
Smarter leader

And those are the character names. She's already mocked them so I have no idea what she's going to say in her review.

Landee said...

Also, I'm wondering about taking it one step further and maybe we/you create a Smart Remarks BLOG.

Then our beloved book club is documented all in one place. We may want to write our own reviews on our sites but then comment there OR you could pick a "Guest Writer" every month who does the one on the site & then we all comment there. You know, fun stuff like that.

I won't feel bad if you say "No, that's dumb" but I just thought of it & my fingers won't stop typing.

Thanks for your consideration.

Emily said...

Ok Jenny, I'm going out on a limb here. I have left myself out of all your other Smart Remarks fun because I haven't read those books. But, I want in! I vote for any of these books except the pee stained one.

ajesplin said...

^^Yay!! Maybe our humble book club will bring out the hard-core book lover you've been suppressing.

Disclosing the rest of our private email:

Catnip. Primp. Cinnaburn. Hotpocket.

ajesplin said...

And Landee, excellent idea, I'll get right on it...

Erin Beck said...

I vote for the book with the least amount of pages and the most pictures!!

Memzy said...

I'm so smart since two of my noms were on your noms list, right?

I vote #1. I'm in dire need of a good book to read. And Landee has never steered me wrong before. Except to try scrapbooking.

^^AGAIN!! How dare me.

And excellent idea on the book club site. I can't wait to see how Jenny designs it. Maybe Landee can come up with a "cover" of us all on it. Right?

Markie23 said...

Wow, I am really getting bruised up here. Good thing I have such a well developed self esteem, that I can post a profile pic of myself in a bonnet, and recommend chick books.

I am proud to at least have earned 1 vote - even though Sara is praying it doesn't actually get picked.

Just remember... never judge a book by its pee stained cover.

Krissy and Jason said...

So when you say "non-exclusive" do you really mean it or are you just saying that to make me (and perhaps Jana) feel better?

My vote is for #1.

ajesplin said...

^K--My nonexclusive invite is totally nonexclusive. There are tons of people who want to be non-excluded.

Amanda said...

So I was really, really hoping after reading Erin's blog that we could read a Sweet Valley High book. I could see myself dying of laughter in those reviews. I guess I will take whatever wins out in the popular vote. Oh well.

Mary said...

I vote for Austenland or the one Mark recommended...can't remember the name after reading through so many comments!