Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy B Sara!

It's my only little sister's BDay.

Sara is so much fun to hang out with. She'll do pretty much anything (<--got no shame). I love this FHVD post of her. It's my all time favorite video, and even though I've seen it a thousand times, it still brings tears of hysterical laughter to my eyes. She's just a dancer at heart. She's gotta dance.

Here's a video I made of pictures of her through the years. It's so groovy, it makes me cringe. I'm pretty sure it's the song, because she was really cute.




Landee said...

NOW I know what you were doing all day yesterday. So you guys were fans of the matching outfit thing, huh? Niiiiice.

And she was adorable... it's definitely the song.

Amy Thurston said...

Happy Birthday Sara! I always picture your face when I think of Bella.

Memzy said...

Matching outfits were the best. But my fer sure fave pic is the one of the high side pony's with the crimped ends. I'm having an 80's party here soon and I'm hoping to show that picture of an example of how to dress.

Cristin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!! umm why are you in a picture with my boyfriend?

Sweet video jenny!

Erin Beck said...

Happy Birthday sawa hope you had a fantastic birthday

sarastrasser said...

Thank you Jenny! My favorite part was the ending!! I LOVE EDWARD!

Mary said...

Thanks for the sweet walk down memory lane. I loved the video! Happy Birthday, Sara!