Monday, September 8, 2008

Don't Press Pause...

...on my playlist, because One Day Like This by Elbow is the perfect song for this post. (Amy confessed that's the first thing she does when she gets to my blog). Plus it uses the phrase "Holy Cow" in the most perfect way. You'll appreciate it.

A freaky storm just tumbled into town. It was perfectly sunny, and within an hour, it looked like this:

So far, it hasn't started raining on my side of town, but Anthony called from work to tell me it's pouring where he is. If it rains, I'll get a picture.

Spoke too soon! It just started pouring! Look:

Trust me, this is blog-worthy stuff. I wasn't the only one out taking pictures.


I bought Cord a new shirt (he's just starting to outgrow his shirts from two years ago) and laid it out for him to wear to school today. I was tired this morning, so I laid back down after I got the boys up and going. I woke up to this conversation beside my bed:

Cord: "I got a new shirt. Sweet tiger!"
Gus: "Yeah."
Cord: "This is awesome!"
Gus: "It's gonna be mine soon." (<--meaning he'll get the hand-me-down)

I don't why that struck me as hilarious, but I woke up laughing.

Oh man! It stopped raining!


Memzy said...

I love that kinda stuff. I recently bought a rug for Brains room (there may be carpet stains in there from the years--I can't confirm nor deny) while he was at school. I'm thinking to myself "what boy of 10 yrs of age give a mouse's arse about a rug?". Yet when he came home that day I heard him in his room telling Cracker "look at my cool rug" and then a "thanks mom!" from down the hall. Go figger.

Memzy said...

ps. that song was worth the non-pausing. I usually don't pause your music btw. I think that cements my status as one rank above Amy.

Amy Thurston said...

Were you leaving that giant trash can open at the end of your driveway to catch the rain....for your food storage.
I only pause the music, because I don't want Dwight to know how often I am on the blogs. See, I pretend I am "working" on the computer. Then all of a sudden, loud music bursts through my high tech computer speakers, and he knows I am on the blogs and not working. Yet, if I am quick enough to pause the music, no one knows any better. And I continue to look like a hard worker.

Amy Thurston said...

I will remain above you memzy for many reasons:
1. A comes before M
2. I am taller
3. Even if she did like you more, my status as her bio sister prevents her from admitting to it without looking like a jerk.

Landee said...

Amy, you're taller than Memzy? What are you like an Amazon or something?

Sorry, Jenny, I usually don't talk to other people on someone's blog but that is astounding.

Also, Amy stole my comment about the garbage can... only mine was going to be something like "So does Anthony drive a moped to work or sumpin? Howz he gonna get around that ginormous garbage can?" Or something like that.

I too pause your music the second I get on your blog. I'm not trying to dupe my husband or anything though. I just don't like it competing with my iTunes I already have kickin'. I'm sure you understand.

Cristin said...

Hey I never pause your music, in fact I sometimes come to your blog so I can listen to the tunes while I pay bills or clean my office...I think that means that I automatically get move to the top of the ranks. C comes after a but before m and Amy, you might be taller but I'm there!

Oh and Jenny, Emily asks me often when something that is Sara's will be hers. I don't remember being all the excited about Cathe's hand me downs...

Cristin said...

Grats on the know you could experience rain a lot more often if you just happen to move to Oregon..I'm just saying..

ajesplin said...

Yes, I rank people according to height.

C--I suppose what makes rain so exciting is that it's rare. It's kind of like if the sun comes out in Oregon.

I loved hand-me-downs when I was a kid--always way to huge on me because Erin went through puberty about 10 years before me, but I'd wear them anyways.

Please refrain from speaking to each other in the future. (<--I'm a jerk)

Amy Thurston said...

Hey Cristin, Memzy and Landee. What's up?

Amanda said...

I love Summer storms! So romantic.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

I don't pause the music on your blog unless I'm watching a FHDV (or whatever the acronym is).

I'm sure I'm taller than Amy, but I may just think that because I'm used to being taller than everybody. I'm definitely older than everybody. :0) That ought to count for something.

It rains here, too, but only for a couple of months of the year. So, we aren't soggy like Oregon, and not dust-dry like Vegas. We think it's darned close to perfect.

Cristin said...

Hey Amy.

Your right Jenny. When I lived in Nevada, I thought the rain was awesome! I wanted to move to oregon so I could have the rain all the time. My first year in Oregon, we had record rain and I thought I was gonna have to slit my wrists. Lesson learned.

Michelle, you shouldn't say things like that unless you want everyone to come live with you...especially when it's around February here and I haven't seen the sun for a couple of months and I dream of running away from my annoying kids that have been indoors for too long and I wonder if I'll ever see the sun again before I die.

Katie said...

Sweet tiger. It will be Thomas's soon...