Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Disappointing Post

I went to an advice expert (Ask Memzy) to ask what I should blog about today, and as per her advice, I will blog about my grocery list.

Grocery shopping is on my top ten list of things I abhor to do. I rarely do it. I rely heavily on Schwans, Anthony's willingness to grab things from CVS, and stocking up on nonparishables like Cup O Noodles and Top Roman (are those the same thing?). I don't want to think about grocery shopping, let alone blog about it.

Ugh, I'm depressed. Why, Mem? Why did you give me this topic?
I guess I'll recommend a few of my favorite things:

Dixon Ticonderoga pencils.

I'm a pencil lover. I make a lot of mistakes when I write and I need to be able to erase them. I rarely write in pen. Anyway, Ticonderoga's will set you back a little more, but once you go Ticonderoga, you never go back.

Oral-B Pulsar toothbrush

I LOVE this toothbrush. Anthony and I have been using the Pulsar for over four years (not the same one, of course). It will set you back a little more than a regular brush, but once you go Pulsar, you never go back.

Lean Cuisine BBQ pizza:

I remove all the chicken and add a half-pound of Swiss cheese, but if you like chicken, you wouldn't have to bother. My freezer is stocked with this.

IPod Touch:

I don't have one of these, and still, it's my favorite. That says something.


Google Image search:

(key search words: taco cat)


Button Crafts:

Button Collectors:

Button thieves:

This post is Memzy's fault.


Landee said...

Was this post disappointing? Well, let me put it this way. No it wasn't.

Well, it is good cape weather. Cool. Breezy.

Yo quero Taco cat.

Memzy said...

I gave you this topic JUST for this reason. You turn everything "mundane" into a beautiful melody of words. < I know. I'm really smart.

I happen to hate grocery shopping too. And today is the day I'm supposed to make my "list" so I was hoping for some insight. However, knowing that you do not cook or actually worry about feeding healthy food to your family makes me feel good inside. And I mean that in all honesty because I always feel guilty about my cooking/feeding my family. So knowing that there is a Saint Jenny out there who doesn't AND is a coolest person evah is what life is all about for me, really.

So, in conclusion.........mission accomplished.

Amy Thurston said...

I suggested toothpaste as your topic. (Remember, when I got in trouble for answering Ask Memzy? The toothpaste asnwer was for you) I was hoping to hear what your favorite brand was, or what sold best at CVC, or what your kids like, or if you think Edward ever needed to brush his pearly whites.

samandlysander said...

I too love the pulsar toothbrush and button thieves.

Amanda said...

Capes, Taco Cat, Button Thieves...this post was utter perfection. LOVIN it.

lovedkat said...

Your post was very artistic and should be displayed in a museum for interprative art.

And Amy, Edward does not need to brush. The salty venom cleans his teeth just like Taco Bell mild sauce will clean a dirty penny.

Landee said...

I've heard once you go flank you never go back.

Have you found that to be true?

Cristin said...

I'm surprisingly cheered that I am not the only one who uses the services of Schwans...it's like so awesome that they bring stuff to your door so you don't have to go to the store and pay way less money. I'll give the toothbrushes a try, I usually just use the ones my dentist gives me for free.

I totally agree, it's soooo cape weather.

Amy Thurston said...

Jenny thinks Edward used the bathroom. I say no, but if he did, then maybe he needed to brush his teeth too. Do you really think salt got all of the elk blood out of his teeth Sara? What about his breath? Bella always talked about how good he smelled, but she couldn't handle the smell of blood. He obviously used some sort of freshener. I'll ask him when we get to Forks.

Landee said...

There is no way Edward used the toilet, are you kidding me?? Remember how he'd be like "Oh, don't you need to go take care of some HUMAN stuff." No way his royal gorgeousness sat on THAT kind of a throne. Srsly.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

Safeway delivers (at least it does here) and it's way cheaper than Schwans.

We queremos the taco cat, too.

abutler said...

I feel your pain. Have you seen MY boring blog lately? Pahleese

Mary said...

I'm afraid you inherited your aversion to grocery shopping from me. Sorry. But now that your dad is retired I have the problem solved. He doesn't know what to do with himself, so I have turned over the task of grocery shopping to him and he loves it. He goes once or twice a day. It's a way for him to spend money and not feel guilty about it. After all, a person has to eat!

Emily said...

I happened to love this post. Nothing says exciting like buttons!
You could turn anything "boring" into exciting!

I want an update on your running. I started on Monday and it's killing me!

Vegas Family said...

You have a great blog. It's a natural talent.

How about ingrown toe nails for a topic? I know you have a few stories on those.

Landee said...

Nice profile update, btw. Er, right.

Memzy said...

I'll have you know that last night while getting ready for bed, Shed said,

"i need a new toothbrush"

me: "k, i'll get one tomorrow while i'm out"

shed: "maybe you should get one of those oral b pulsar brushes. you know, like Jenny said".

true story

Landee said...

You're funny.

ajesplin said...

^It's my cross to bear.

M--I'm glad you took my toothbrush advice. You won't be sorry. Get those pencils too.