Thursday, September 11, 2008


First, Happy Birthday to my cousin Emily Matson.
For some reason, I always remember that today is your birthday, but only recently, like in the last 7 years.

I was trying to decide if I should write a downer post today, like "Where were you when the planes crashed into the buildings?" I'm sure you remember because for a few days you really thought the world was coming to an end. You ran out and bought a crazy amount of duct tape, trash bags, and Crest White Strips, and then filled a duffel bag for each member of your family (ahem. Becky) with escape-type clothes, like travel capes and things similar to what the Von Trapps would pack. Then you filled your car with gas and calculated how far you would be able to get, and realized you couldn't quite make it all the way to Canada, so you would have to stop in Idaho and go to Gus and Mary Morgan's house. They would feed you old expired food-storage food, and then you'd put on your travel capes and climb every mountain until you reached Canada.

(911, US refugees arriving in Canada in their capes)

Anyway. Not even gonna bring up that depressing stuff.

We had a long day yesterday. It was open house at the kid's school last night--we missed the one before school started because we were out of town, so we hadn't even met the boy's teachers yet. We also had to squeeze in time to get the boy's pinewood derby cars to the "weigh-in" last night, so we needed to hurry through the whole open house. Didn't happen.

We went to Gus's class first, met his teacher, and got through his "checklist" of things to see in the classroom in pretty good time.

Then we went to Cord's.

He has four teachers (Math, Science, Language, & Gate) plus the "specials" teachers (PE, music, art, library, & drama), and it took us an HOUR to get through his "checklist" and we totally skipped the "specials" teachers.

The reason why it took so long?
One of Cord's classmate's parents created a bottleneck.

For some reason, this same couple and their son would get to the next classroom just before us, and they would completely monopolize the teacher so none of the other parents could even step in and introduce themselves. They seriously had no qualms against making a long line of parents wait while they talked to each teacher for about 15 minutes about their Very Special All-Important son.

Oh, the glares that poor kid was getting from me.

But his parents? How can people be so unaware of everyone else around them? And all the murmuring and gnashing of teeth?
I think they actually believed it was just lil' Mason's open house.
Did they learn nothing from the events of 911?

Tonight is the Pinewood Derby. I hate the Pinewood Derby.

Well, what do you know, this post turned out to be quite depressing. Don't read it.


Katie said...

Look who is back. I got all the internet kinks out. I was going to make capes for my kids out of the curtains, but then I remembered I never got curtains. We will have to fashion them out of sheets, or maybe I could knit some.

Landee said...

I missed you yesterday. Really, all the Crest White Strips in the world could not have filled the void that was left by a AJ-less day.

I actually have quite a dramatic 911 story... we were living in NY. I got up to watch my daily Regis & Kelly.... and it wasn't on.

ajesplin said...

^do tell.

Landee said...

Well, that's it really. No Regis. Isn't that dramatic enough??

Memzy said...

1) I too hate pinewood derby's.
B) What happened on 9/11?
Red) Capes rule.

tom said...

911 is my favorite holiday

sarastrasser said...

When you were glaring at the poor innocent boy, did you also hiss and pull your lips back exposing your shiny, venomous teeth?
On 9/11 I was woken up very early in the morning (I think at about 9:00 or so. Can't remember) by Amy telling me that I was being attcked (she was living in Canada at the time so technically she wasn't being attacked)

Amy Thurston said...

I remember that call vividly Sara. I was trying to save you. Didn't Becky order gas masks as well. (Someone has a bit of their father in them.) Glad I'm not ever paranoid or anything.....
I loved the smooth transition you made from 911 to parent teacher night. I have had many experiences with bottlenecking parents who take up everyones time. I even got into an argument w/ Calvin's teacher last year over it. Let's just say I had a scheduled parent teacher conference slot that she didn't adhere to, and I may have been on my period at the time.

Amy Thurston said...

Pst..Jenny...I think Landee may have a blog crush on you.

Landee said...

Amy!! Do not! Gosh!

AJ, if you have some kind of blog tracker and I show up here 1,000x a day, it's totally not me. It's... dog or sumpin.

Amanda said...

Even your depressing posts have a hint of that good old fashioned Jenny humor in it. Thanks.

Memzy said...

I MIGHT have been the one that outed Landee on her blog crush. Or that coulda been my butt.

ajesplin said...

she can't help it you gize! She imprinted on my blog.

Amy Thurston said...

I was actually referring to her comment about missing Jenny and the void it left in her life, but whatever.

Krissy and Jason said...

Thanks for the laughs. We have meet the teacher night next week...not really looking forward to it, and the pinewood derby?...definitely not looking forward to that!!

Landee said...

Actually, your blog just smells irresistible. I've been sitting over here with a clenched fist thinking about all the different ways I could kill all your other commenters.

::trying not to breath::

Amy Thurston said...

Speaking of smells, I've been trying to read The Host. For someone that wants to write something different, she sure has a hard time deviating from her old themes.
1. She is continuing to use the word "hiss"
2. The guy strokes the girls face from her temple to her cheek bone and it burns with his touch.
3. Melanie has already talked about Jareds scent, and it sounded like he might smell similar to another character we all know and love.
Herr writing must reflect herself.
I think Stephenie hisses a lot at her hubby, it burns her whenever he touches her, and she has a strong sense of smell.

Amy Thurston said...

BTW I am only on page 92, I am guessing there are only more similarities to come.

Landee said...

I almost just left a comment re: ^^^^ but then I thought I'd just save it for my Smart Remarks. (it took A LOT of backspacing to get rid of it, btw).

I need to start re-reading that ASAP.

Amy Thurston said...

When is this book report due?

Emily said...

Reading all these comments was ALMOST as entertaining as the post itself. I have to admit, I'm a little creeped out by Landee. Serious blog crush going on:)

Thanks for remembering my birthday.

Jenny B. said...

im loving the costumes !

Jana said...

I was confused for the majority of this post, trying to figure out what those people in capes had to do with your cousin's birthday. I thought the girl was your cousin, and I was like Oh...she's one of THOSE types of cousins.