Monday, August 4, 2008


1--I'm still in the depths of despair (see post below).

2--Hmm, Bella would save herself a lot of trouble if she'd only invest in a cell phone.

3--Mmm, Edward.

4--To the people who showed up at my house without calling and said, "Oh, you're still in your pajamas? It's past noon."--Do you really expect me to take a shower and get dressed everyday for NO REASON?


Tiffany said...

Memzy told me to get over to your site ASAP cuz you are "so freaking hilarious." She wasn't lying.

Thanks for the funny reads I've had lately. My fave line was "Olin Mills really knows how to pose a family picture."

(PS I'm Memzy's cousin... and Shed's CIL... I feel the need to namedrop here so you don't think I'm a stalker)

Cristin said...

I'm soooo there with you in the depths of despair. I started reading Good in Bed to help take my mind off EDWARD oh I mean, Breaking Dawn and it's not working. I'll have to cry myself to sleep tonight...again. OOOOO and my neighbor had the nerve to ask if she could borrow THE book...pfft as if. I've only had a chance to read it once. jeesh

I hate it when people come by without calling, but they're usually my friends and usually expect me to be in t-shirt and my flannel lounge pants. Just trying to keep it real.

Amy Thurston said...

Was it your VT or a salesman? I made a pretty sweet homemade no soliciting sign for my door. I could make you one too. I used Microsoft Word, then I made a homemade laminate with clear packing tape over it to protect it from the elements. It is going to last a lifetime I'm sure.

Memzy said...

I could use one of those no soliciting signs there Amy. I am almost done with Breaking Dawn and I feel the anxiety of "the end" building. Should I really finish? That's the question.

Memzy said...

ps. Tiffany up there is fer realz not a stalker. She is a little funny herself sometimes.

ajesplin said...

Umm, I don't expect salesmen to call me before they solicit me, not that that makes it OK for them to come over or anything. It was actually the dreaded VT. (dreaded, only because they come over to visit--not just drop off junk--without talking to me about it first. Seriously? Not cool. Who does that?)

But I'm totally gonna make a "no soliciting" sign for my door and see if that gives them pause.

And I checked out Tiffany's blog, she's legit and "so freaking hilarious" like rest of us. See for yourself.

Still depressed. Waa Waa(<--read like "Debbie Downer")