Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sweet 'n Low

*This post was originally entitled "Eeeek!" when I started it last night.

I wrote this part last night:

So many exciting things are happening at once, I keeping going, "Eeeeek!" and then Anthony jumps, sees there's no mouse or cockroach or anything, and gives me a dirty look. He should know by now that I have a touch of Tourette's Syndrome, undiagnosed. (Morgan siblings, feel free to attest to my childhood oddities in the comments).


First of all, Breaking Dawn. Nuff said.

Second of all, my sister-in-law, Michelle Esplin, one of my favorite peps, just confirmed that she is coming to visit us next week!


And did you read that Hillary-US story Memzy posted on her blog?

Life is beautiful, people.

OK, after that, I saved it as a draft, because I was planning on expanding on those deep thoughts after we got back from the movies last night.

This part I'm writing right now:

I am SOOOOOOOOO depressed. I'm actually fighting back the tears.

First of all, it's Sunday. Nuff said.

Second of all, have you visited my SIL, Katie's blog in the last 24 hours? You will bawl your eyes out. She wrote a very sad post, but the picture she posted speaks a thousand words. The back of my throat is getting tight just thinking about it. Cord walked into the office when I opened her blog, and tears immediately started to build in his eyes when he saw the picture, without even reading a word. Katie is the kindest, most accepting and forgiving person I know, and I really love her a lot. Tom, you are SO stinking lucky. I hope you know that.

Third of all, I took a break from reading the Twilight series, and I got sucked into watching TWO Lifetime television movies this evening, back to back. I hate that channel! But it's like impossible to walk away, no matter how long and depressing the movie turns out to be, and suddenly six hours have gone by and it's dark outside.

Fourth of all, the Twilight series has ended. I am in the depths of despair. I have the same depressed feeling I had when the last Harry Potter book was released, and that lasted like a month or so. (Thanks a lot Cristin). I wanted to prolong the end, so I decided to reread the series from the beginning before I read Breaking Dawn. I know, I know. But I could barely remember the plot, only Edward. Mmm, Edward... wha, where am I? Oh. Ahem. I finished Twilight again and I am almost done with New Moon, but I am already in the deepest darkest depths of despair, knowing that the end is coming soon. (Curse my fast reading skills!)

I need to move someplace less sunny, like, I don't know, Forks, Washington or someplace like that. All this sunshine is messing with my dark mood, making me skitzo.

Life is dark and depressing, people.


Cristin said...

I've been in mourning ever since I finished THE book. I can't even tell you. First I had to tell my friend who hasn't even read the series, how depressed I was...just like the end of Harry Potter. I don't know how I'll go on.... then I had to tell LM how sad I was and he was like "Just read it again." he obviously doesn't get it...

I'm gonna try to read something else to take my mind off it but I'm feeling a deep sadness. Why do books do this to me(us).

Amy Thurston said...

Did you watch the Lifetime movie about the mean cheerleaders? Me and Howie did. Maybe I don't want to read that series. I hated how I felt after Harry Potter. Sorry you are depressed. Maybe Tony could pick you up something for that at work tomorrow.

Memzy said...

I got a shout out on a Jenny post?! RAD.

Let me just say that 1. I can't read Katie's post right now. It's too much, due to the fact that my dad has a fatal disease. It sucks. 2. I started reading the Twilight series to get OUT of the downy-dumps from finishing Harry Potter. Now what? ::running away sobbing::

Emily said...

I guess your boys haven't started school yet?