Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We're going there tomorrow. Remember when Edward went there?

Anyway, we've never been to Phoenix or the surrounding area, and it's close so we wanted to check it out. We were planning to go to Utah, and just showing up at various relatives houses without calling ahead of time, commenting on the disorderly state of their houses, and wondering aloud why they're still in their pajamas at noon. Naw, just kidding. But we've decided to save Utah for the winter season, so the boys can see that white substance that blankets everything in sight--what's it called again?

So, as far as that Phoenix area, can anyone suggest a few fun family activities? Any "must sees?" I'm guessing Emily would know, or Mark, or Michele Bailey... anyone else? Thanks!

Another question, if we pushed back our next Smart Remarks book club meeting a week or two, would that give any of you who haven't even come close to finishing the series, time to finish and join us? Let me know if you want me to, thanks.


Katie or Tom said...

Phoenix? I have heard they had great wildlife. Some world famous bugs. Really, really, really big ones. Oh, and cactus, you know, if you are into that sort of thing.
That white thing that covers everything in the winter in Utah is called packing peanuts, or maybe popcorn, can't remember.

Emily said...

There is a lot to do in Phoenix, but it's pretty hot still. Their zoo is supposed to be fun, but it might be too hot for that. They also have some fun water parks. There's this little amusement park called Castles and Coasters (just google it), we took our kids there a couple years ago and they LOVED it. It's small and pretty hoaky, but your kids will love it. Man, I wish we could meet up. How long are you going to be there? Let me know if you will still be there on Friday and we'll come meet you for dinner or something. Email me.

Amy Thurston said...

I heard Phoenix was a scary place to raise your kids. I also heard that the only safe place would be in the house next door to me. It's not like there is so much snow that you will get trapped inside your house and starve until you finally decide to eat the neighbor.

Markie23 said...

We just got back from AZ, and boy am I glad to be back home where is a mild 96 degrees. There is really not much to do there. We visited IKEA's. It was the first and last time I will ever visit that store. We also saw several enormous Dick's sporting goods stores there (I told Katie all about it), but we never went in.
I recommend just visiting Utah instead. There is a TON of stuff to do here!

ajesplin said...

Not helpful. (except for Emily)

sarastrasser said...

I think Phoenix has a Walmart. It is this really big super store where you can buy food, games, linens, tires, etc, etc, etc.

Landeelu said...

I'm pretty sure it's spelled Fenicks. I just didn't want you to be embarrassed when you got there & melted to death.

Murdocks said...

Have fun in AZ...let us know when you are coming to UT...so we can clean our house in our pjs before you arrive:)
What a cute family..you guys should be on GQ.

Cristin said...

did you know it's hot in Phoenix? guess where it's not so hot? Portland! Yup...good ol' Portland.

It's been in the mid 70s...I bet that would be refreshing after the 100's....I'm just saying...

Sam, Shel & Co said...

There's all kinds of stuff to do. Geez. Wish I was gonna be there, though. Although, in a month would be better, not so hot.

Arizona Science Center, very cool

Phoenix Zoo, my all-time favorite zoo www.phoenixzoo.org (they open at 7am until 9/30/08, it's cooler then)

Desert Botanical Gardens www.dbg.org Nextdoor (as it were) to the zoo.

Papago Park is near there, also (in fact the zoo may technically be in Papago Park). Hole in the Rock is a short hike that's kind of cool.

Big Surf Waterpark www.golfland.com/tempe (owned by Golfland now)

Another waterpark owned by the same company is in Phoenix www.golfland.com/phoenix

The Heard Museum, a native American museum has always been cool, although we haven't been there in years www.heard.org

Mining Camp Restaurant is fun, in the East Valley past Mesa www.miningcamprestaurant.com

Out by there is also Goldfield Ghost Town thats kind of fun, they have people in costume and stage gunfights, etc. www.goldfieldghosttown.com

Also out there are Saquaro Lake, Canyon Lake and Apache Lake

There's the Mesa Temple, of course.

http://www.go-arizona.com/Lake-Pleasant-Arizona That lake is closer to Phoenix (most of what I know is East Valley, actually)

Tempe Town Lake is kind of fun, on the Salt River in downtown Tempe. You can rent paddle boats or electric boats. http://www.riolagocruise.com/boatrental.html

OK, that's long enough for now. If you want more, email me at samsgallery.com (shelberry@) and I'll give you more.

abutler said...

I have nothing to say about Phoenix...Utah on the other hand.

I have 200 pgs to go on Breaking Dawn so you would be helping me out if you pushed it back a week. I'm totally freaking out!

Erin Beck said...

Jenny you should visit Amy Eshenroders house..its very clean though you may not enjoy that, also I have 300 more pages to read of Shattered dreams, the Laura Creche story, so if you wait that would give me time to catch up on your vampire book. Thanks a bunch

emperorbailey said...

Or you could see your charming Bailey cousin Ryan, and his charming wife who you've probably never met.

You could take us to the Science Center, which I've never been to :)

Come to think of it, other than the temple and Tempe Town Lake, I haven't done anything on Michelle's list. Huh. Maybe over the next seven years here.