Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It's the middle child's birthday!

Gus Gregory Esplin

Gus was named after one of my favorite people on this planet, my dad. I'm so proud of my dad, and love that they share a name. Maybe that's why it's my favorite name of the three (shh). His middle name comes from one of Anthony's favorite people (and another one of mine), his dad, Gregory Esplin.

Gus loves being named after his grandpas. He once complained, "How come you didn't name me Grandpa Gus?" I told him that when he's as ancient as my dad, his name will become Grandpa Gus, and that seemed to satisfy him.

Gus was my sweetest baby. In fact, I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say that he was the sweetest baby that ever existed. He spoiled me and Anthony rotten. He rarely, if EVER, cried, slept all the time, and would eat anything we shoved in his mouth. He was the "strong silent type" as a baby, and he's still that way today. He chooses his words carefully. If I, for example, ask him to run upstairs and tell his brothers it's dinner time, I'll hear him quietly practice it on the way up, placing emphasis on different words..
"Cord, Homer, it's dinner time. Cord, Homer, it's dinner time. Cord, Homer, it's dinner time."

Don't be offended if you ask him a question and he just stares back at you. Sometimes he thinks his answer instead of saying it aloud.

Gus does open up more around his brothers, cousins, or friends, but the larger the group, the more he prefers to blend in with the crowd. This helps him make friends easily, because he just kind of goes with the flow.

He is a pleasure to raise--practically raises himself!

Humor me while I take a humorous trip down memory lane...

Gus's "baby word" was zetteh, said with a French accent and lots of drool. Each of my kids had a different unintelligible word that they would repeat when they were a baby, and Gus was especially fond of his word. Once, I was typing on the computer, and he toddled over to me repeating his baby word over and over and I guess I wasn't paying enough attention, cuz he reached up and pounded his little drool-soaked hand on my keyboard. I looked up at the screen and saw that he he typed his word, "zetteh." Brilliant!

When Gus was about 2, we were at the grocery store, and Gus wanted to help me unload the cart. (Keep in mind that he was going through his "stuffed animal phase" at the time.) So I gave him a loaf of bread because it was light, and then turned around and continued to unload my cart. Then I heard this quiet squeal of laughter. Gus was hugging the crap out of my bread. It was a ball of dough by the time I got it out of his grip, and of course I had to buy it.

Last story, and Gus is gonna kill me if he finds out I posted this, but it's my favorite one. When he was about 3, he and I were driving somewhere together, his car seat was directly behind my driver seat, and I broke wind (the "silent but deadly" variety). A few seconds later, I hear Gus quietly musing to himself, "It smells good in here." Oh, I couldn't have agreed more! Now I always tease him that he loves my toots, and he turns red and tries to deny that ever happened. Whatever, Gus. That's real love.

Here's a long string of pictures of Gus through the years, so we can all reminisce about how darn stinking cute he was/is. He might even be the CUTEST baby that ever existed. Right, moms? Don't you agree? Look at those cheeks!

Happy Birthday Gus! We love you!


Cristin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUS!!! I hope you NEVER outgrow those cheeks...soooo cute!

Markie23 said...

That's amazing... my farts smell good too!

Amy Thurston said...

Happy Birthday Gus! You are one of my favs. And I am pretty sure I am one of your favs too, because I would never toot in your car.

Katie or Tom said...

I had forgotten what a cute baby Gus was. Jenny, tell that handsome boy Happy Birthday for me.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Gus! We love you are are so happy that you were born just 7 short years ago.

Amanda said...

I love your stories. Gus is adorable. I like the name too. I think your dad is great also.

Jana said...

I just have to say I read your post about the testimony meeting and it has had me spontaneously bursting into laughter throughout the day.

michelle said...

Happy Birthday Gus!!! You are still the cutest kid ever!

Thank you for the drawing you made for me - it's hanging on my fridge and I think about you every day...:)

Jenny - great stories!

abutler said...

Happy B-Day Gus. I think you have a cool name too.

Erin Beck said...

I hate to admit this but he is your handsomest boy out of all your handsome boys and he is so sweet. Happy birthday Gus from the Becks and we dont want you to move to Arizona!