Monday, August 11, 2008

Corruption and Goodbye

Anthony is corrupting my innocent children. Face cards? Next thing you know, we'll have a pool table right here in River City.

And I wanted to publicly (there's like 6-7 hits a day on this blog!) thank my SIL Michelle for coming to visit us here in boring Las Vegas.

These pictures were taken right as we were saying our goodbyes (notice how dead my eyes look). I totally forgot to take any pictures earlier, but Mich got a few pictures of us all in our new Crocks--maybe she'll post them (hint, hint).

It was too short! I miss you already!


Emily said...

Those pictures are great! Love the sunglasses!

Glad you had fun with your SIL. It's always great to have company, but sad when they leave.

Cristin said...

Your totally right, her hair is sooooo cute! How fun for you guys to spend some time together.

As for the kids, I think it's a slippery slope when you add face cards to your home...look at us we now have lots of face cards and now my kids want to play cards all the time. You don't want me.

michelle said...

Jenny, I love the pic of us - so glad you thought to take that before I left. I'm so stealing it for my blog...:)

Miss you too!!

Rollerskating sounds like fun! What did the boys think of the four wheel setup instead of the inline skates?