Saturday, August 30, 2008

And the Nominees are...

So we need to chose a new book for our Smart Remarks book club. Amy's getting antsy.

From roaming the blogs, I'm guessing we have two nominees so far, but if anyone wants to add a book to our vote, please do so ASAP.

Amy suggested we read Stephenie Meyer's viral leaked, partial unedited manuscript, Midnight Sun.

It's Twilight told from Edward's POV.
S. Meyer was very upset about the leak, but decided to go ahead and post the unfinished half-manuscript online since it is already out there, so her fans wouldn't have to delve into the dark underbelly of dishonest copyright infringement to asuge (made that word up) their curiosity. Go here to read her own words.

Here are my smart thoughts on the matter: I read the first chapter of Midnight Sun that she posted by design right after I read Twilight many centuries ago. I thought I would be bored with the retelling of the same story, but I wasn't. Actually reading what Edward was thinking all along was very... interesting (I want to say sexy, but that's a bit much. ahem.). As you know, Edward can also read other people's thoughts (except Bella's), so we got to hear what every character was thinking. As I demonstrated above, people think things they normally wouldn't say aloud. Yum.

Having said that, I'm actually guilt-tripped into NOT reading the unfinished draft of Midnight Sun. S. Meyer's reverse psychology worked on me, but I'm also not a fan of copyright infringement. Yes, I know I downloaded pirated copies of Radiohead songs in the early century, but I've since seen the light and traded *me* eye patch and woodenleg for pieces of eight.

S. Meyer claims she's dumping the project and won't be publishing Midnight Sun, but time heals all wounds. I think she'll eventually finish and publish it.

After reading my smart thoughts, if you still vote to read Midnight Sun, I will fold to peer pressure and play along. (pause) Actually, no I won't. I'm not reading it. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. Waa Waa. So you'll all have to go on without me. I won't judge you, just crouch and hiss at you. I'm sure critiquing an unedited manuscript would be fun. Man, I'm a $#@&%!* saint!

Our second nominated book is Lord of the Hissy-Fit by Elizabeth Mayne.

After a quick Amazon search, I discovered that Tom had duped us. The title is made up, but the book does exist. It's really called Lord of the Isle. (<--see link) It's no longer in print, but there are over 100 used copies for sale on Amazon, starting at $0.01 + shipping. One amazon reviewer said: "I found this book to be a bit overdramatic and in some parts totally unrealistic."

Sounds promising.

The second amazon reviewer said:
"This book has everything! Humor, romance, battles, ghosts, castles, the works."

You had me at "romance." Turn out the ligshts Charlesh...

Anyway, if you have any other suggestions, get them out there fast, or you'll be stuck with these two options. I'm talking to you, Mark.


Oooo, Landeelu gave us two additional nominations:

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I started reading this very detailed *snoozer* right when it came out, but set it aside to read anything else that caught my eye. I actually want to give it a second try, so I'd totally go for this one.


The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Ooo, Newbery Honor. Ella Enchanted meets Lord of Hissy-Fit?
I could go for that as well.


Eek! Another nom. from Memzy.

Austenland by Shannon Hale

This 'un sounds good! Some of these nominations might have to roll over into next month. It's getting hard to decide.


Mark added a slew of classic novvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllzzzzzzzzzzz

huh? where am I? sorry, I must have dozed off on my keyboard for a minute. Where was I? Oh yeah, Mark added a slew of classic novels to the nomination. I think the one he was really singling out was this one:

Honestly, it sounds like a good one, too. Like Pollyanna on steroids. Especially if GB backs it up with a recommendation. Maybe we should roll over all the losers to the next month, as Mark suggested?

So many to choose from! You gize better get to votin'!


Amy Thurston said...

You can can say no to Midnight Sun, because I already read it. I am ready to move on now, at least until she finishes the book.

Cristin said...

AMY!!! I can't believe you read it already!!!!!! for shame...though I don't think your alone *coughlandeelu*

Jenny, I feel the same way about reading it, except I think I might come around. I want to read it but I don't. I want to read the hardbound covered book that I wait in line at Borders for not the version that's on the computer. I want to sit and enjoy it and not feel guilty that I'm supporting those jerks that leaked it. BUT I LOVED that first chapter that she put on her website that made me wish that time would move faster to the day that it was released. I don't know how long I can hold out before I'm forced to read it or go insane knowing it's out there and I haven't read it....

Cristin said...

OOO so I guess I'm saying that I wouldn't mind if it was this months book club choice then it wouldn't be me but you guys that FORCE me to read it, cause there's no way I'm not going to participate in the discussion abs still need a little work.

Katie or Tom said...

I vote for Lord of the Dance. I just hope there is a hissy fit in there.

Landeelu said...

So I've been pondering this for, like, 3 days now. I nominate "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. I'm not sure if any of you have read that already but it contains some of the similar themes in the Twilight Series. I'd need to read it again, of course, to be on my A game but I would totally do it... for you guise.

I've also heard a little bit about The Princess Academy. 250 pages, reading level ages 9-12 (but my 38yo SIL couldn't put it down once when we were visiting soooo....) I'm guessing that, if nothing else, we'd be able to mock the crap out of it.

ajesplin said...

Cristin, I guess since she put it out for her fans to read, you might as well go for it. I think my bigger issue is with critiquing her unfinished, unedited manuscript.
--Saint Jenny

Landeelu said...

Dear St. Jenny,

I will say The Host was a skosh slow but then the last 1/2 really picked up. I have a major beef with the very last part that I'd love to discuss with intelligent peeps such as all y'all.

Hisses & Snarls,


Memzy said...

OOOOOH I'm gonna vote for the Princess Academy. Onnacuzza this author happens to be an actual favorite of Stephenie Meyer. She said so on her website. I also nominate the book "Austenland" by Shannon Hale. A quick read that I loved and sped through in one day. It is Shannon Hale's first novel for adults. About a single woman obsessed with Jane Austen novels.

You gize decide.

Landeelu said...

Do you have to have read Jane Austen stuff to get it though? Cuz I never have. And never plan to.

Your thoughts...

ajesplin said...

K, I'm leaning towards The Host, cuz I'm on a SMeyer high. Plus I already mucked my way through most of the cacti description.

There are several on the list I'd enjoy reading, though.

But my official vote is The Host.

BTW, I've read every Jane Austen book (<--brag)

--St. Jenny

Markie23 said...

I'm such a sentimental wuss that a Jane Austin book sounds good. Also, there were several references to Wuthering Heights in Eclipse (just finished it a couple hours ago by the way... we will finally be starting the last book tonight) so I am thinking about reading that one again.

I am a sucker for the classics...
David Copperfield
Great Expectations
Nicholas Nickelby
Les Miserables
Silas Marner
Adam Bede
... and a really great book that mom (Grandma Bailey) recommended to me called The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer. I LOVED it and I know you all would too. In fact I am going to make that my official recommendation from now until you finally decide to select it. The only down side is it can be hard to find. You probably have to buy it online and just looking at Amazon it says there are only 3 available. But if we could find a source that had a bunch of copies, I am certain you would all thank me (or Grandma Bailey) for recommending it.

Cristin said...

Landeelu, how can you go through life without reading Jane Austen novels? HOW???? I don't understand....explain???? Jane Austen ROCKS!!!!

so it wouldn't hurt my feelings if we read Austenland because I can kind of relate to being slightly obsessed with Jane Austen.

I've read The Host and would love to discuss it, I'd probably have to read again, not that I'm complaining, I know the parts that I can skim through.

So I guess I vote for all of the above. I can't decide.

Landeelu said...

Cristin, This may come as a giant shock to you considering my articulate and genius review of Breaking Dawn but I'm not much of a reader. I read magazines like I drink Diet Dr. Pepper but actual books? Not so much.

But when I do read, I READ. Know what I mean? It goes in spurts. And one of my spurts has never included anything Jane Austen. ::checking my pulse:: And yet I live!! Weird.

ajesplin said...

Landeelu, you're dead inside. We can see it in your eyes. And the little incision on the back of your neck ::Hiss::

So I'm tallying the votes to keep it straight--correct me if I'm wrong:

Amy--no vote (and you were so antsy this morning. fickle)

Cristin--all of them (that doesn't help narrow down the vote)

Katie--Lord of the Hissy-Fit (but she won't read beyond the title page--she only wants to look at the pictures)

Landeelu--The Host (cactus hugger)

Memzy--The Princess Academy (likes younger men)

St. Jenny--The Host (likes the name Wanda)

Mark--The Grand Sophy (sentimental wuss)


Hmm. So far The Host is winning by a 50% margin.

Cristin said...

Landeelu, I totally understand. This reading books thing is somewhat new to me. You'll see soon, you won't be able to stop reading books and magazines will be left for times your standing in the line at the store or when your at the doctors/dentist office....then again maybe not. :) I don't want to change who you are. If reading magazines makes you this funny then I don't want to ruin that. haha

Amy Thurston said...

Sorry, I went out with the hubby. (Trying to get over Edward). I am having a hard time deciding between The Host and the Austen one. But I really could go for whatever. And you can try to avoid Midnight Sun, but it was sooooooo good. I only wish I waited because I can't stand the idea of how long I have to wait to read the whole thing. And then, what if she decides not to even finish it? Crap!

Memzy said...

Uuugh. You gize are driving me crazy with this! ::face clenching with irritation and anticipation::

I will have to admit that I've never read Jane Austen either. And so the answer to your question Landee is nooo........very no, you don't have to have read Jane Austen to understand the book. But I'm guessing those who have would enjoy it even more.

And don't let Landee fool you. She and I have a Leon Uris, EXODUS fixation that started way back in the BYU days. That's some serious literature if you ask me. And you can, btw, cuz I've read that book at least 4 times.

Landeelu said...

Put me down for both Princess Academy and The Host. Because, yeah, I'd definitely want to re-read The Host if that were the book and it's a bit long... and now that you're reminding me of the desert scenes....

And PA would be a fast read and I'm sure all the pre-teen stuff would not disappoint the book club members. Just my two cents.

Landeelu said...

Ari Ben Canaan's hawtness puts Edward to shame!!!! I'm not even kidding here, people.

Memzy said...

Ari, oh Ari! ::swooning::

abutler said...

I'm starting to feel so out of place commenting on your blog. I don't have a cute name like "Memzy" or "Landeelu". I can't ever come up with anything clever to say either.(It's not like you read my comments anyway.)
My vote would be The Host.

Just cause I already read it, and boy did that one take me a long time.

Amy Thurston said...

Is your name really "abutler", cause I sort of thought it was a nickname. I've been calling you Anna all this time, so sorry.

Mary said...

I didn't participate in the last book as stories about vampires just didn't grab me. But I would like to read "Austenland" so I'm voting for that or my second choice would be the one Mark recommended by Georgette Hyer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that another vampire book doesn't end up being our choice!

sarastrasser said...

Please, please don't vote for Mark's!!! BOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! <--No offense Mark.
I am going to vote for the Host(final answer) because I already have it and I too found it boring and haven't finished it.
I am not going to read Midnight Sun. Not because I care about copywrite infringement but because I read S. Meyer's complaint and it actually made me a little mad at her for not caring about MY feelings. She needs to get over it and finish the book for me. It is very selfish of her and I will wait for her to finish the whole thing before I read it (cuz she will after she reads this comment).

michelle said...

I vote for The Host.