Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Adventure

Ah, a new school year. I figure that qualifies as an adventure. I was so unprepared, I bought no new school clothes--happy with that decision--and sent the kids with only half of the *annoyingly specific* supplies on their list--happy with that decision.

They walk to school (we live ridiculously close to the school) and they used to cut a more direct path to school by hopping over our neighborhood wall. Alas, the HOA fortified our neighborhood over the summer by adding deadly spikes to the top of the wall--not so much to keep the bad guys out, but to keep the good guys in. They only added the spikes to the section of wall where the kids would hop over. Ah well.

They walk to school with their BFF, Micheal, who lives right across the street. He is the most well-behaved boy, a pleasure to have around. He's super patient with Homer--he has a little sister Homer's age, Madeleline, who is also Homer's BFF. Plus, he's Cord's age, but he's BFF with both Cord and Gus. How convenient is that? (Isn't it annoying when one of your kid's friends doesn't get along with your other kids?)

Cord and Gus totally remind me of me and my little sister, Sara. We did everything together growing up, including sharing our BFFs.

Homer and I have been walking with the boys for fun. It's kinda hot, but not too bad that early in the morning. Our neighborhood is swarmed with families walking to school because it's so close--it's a nice vibe in the morning.

The boys are never late to school, probably because they want to walk with their friends, but it seems like I've been late for everything else recently. I go through phases where I'm obsessively on-time, then I fall back into my usual pattern of lateness. Here's one of my problems, and it's driving me crazy:

Can someone please come organize my shoe closet? I'll give you a million dollhairs.

Last Sunday, we spent at least 30 minutes (yes, 30 minutes) looking for shoes to wear. This closet isn't the only place we keep our shoes. We have a stash in both of our garages, and a stash out by the tramp, and a few scattered upstairs.

My mom is obsessively punctual. When I was a kid, if I couldn't find my church shoes, my mom was fine making me wear two different shoes (same color, just different) so long as we were to church on time. I didn't mind wearing two different shoes, so long as I could stretch out on our pew and take a nap. One time, I was wearing two different shoes, both scruffy old hand-me-downs, and my Beehive adviser who was giving the lesson started by telling this story of a very poor and needy family, so needy that the oldest girl had to wear two different shoes to church. I just remember slowly slipping off my mismatched shoes and sliding them beneath my chair. Is it more embarrassing to be poor and needy, or to have such a messy room that you can't find a pair of matching shoes?

Anyway, back to last Sunday, as we were walking up to the building, I tell my kids, "Hurry up, we're late." I hear Gus quietly ask Cord, "How late are we?" and Cord answers, "We're so late, that we shouldn't have bothered to even show up."

Yeah, church was more than half over, but at least we all had matching pairs of shoes.

This post started out on one topic, and ended with another. Like an adventure!


Landeelu said...

No family of five should have that many pairs of shoes. Srsly. There is this really neat place called Salvation Army that takes used things and gives them to the truly needy. You might wanna look into it. I do spy a cute pair of white wedge slip-ons that I wouldn't mind taking off your hands though.

What is that haphazardly thrown up on the steps? Some more school supplies?

Amy Thurston said...

I have the very same issue. Only our shoes consist of 90% flip flops. And my kids are ALWAYS wearing miss matched shoes.....without oakies. (That's what dad calls us.)

Cristin said...

haha I like the adventure.

I wanna move to your neighborhood with spikes on the walls...sounds like fun!

As much as I'd like to have a million dollhairs, I'm struggling with the same problem, except maybe not so severe. You guys do have a lot of shoes!

abutler said...

Now I'm not only offended that you didn't wait for me and your little "Smart Remarks Book Club" aka Book Snob Exclusive. But now I'm totally offended that you never saw or even worse don't remember my comment I left you on post "Phoenix" Aug. 21st, 2008 @ 12:47 pm. Go ahead and check it out.

Now what???

P.S. 90 pgs to go.

abutler said...

Oh, I forgot...your shoe problem, I've got the same thing going on in my house too. I thought wearing flip flops all summer would solve that but actually it just added to the problem.

Krissy and Jason said...

oodelally, fortunes forecasts, lucky charms...
okay first of all i am so disappointed in myself that i did not log onto my computer monday night to join in on the smart remark fun! i just finished reading your review (and Amy's) and am laughing so hard!
Second, i have a shoe basket in my laundry room that is overflowing with shoes and it doesn't matter how many times i clean it out, our house is shoe infested as well and it drives me mad!
Third, next time you are in town, call me...we need to get together, especially so my kids can meet their future husbands!

Amy Thurston said...

Anna, your wasting precious time!! And with how Stephenie writes, that 90pgs, is more like
35pgs. So you really should be done by now. Plus, we all know you aren't missing a whole lot of action if you stop right now.

Amy Thurston said...

Are you done?

Katie or Tom said...

Are shoes a requirement for school? If they are a must, I recommend sitting on the couch and making your kids find their own matching shoes, and if they haven't found them by the time it is time to go to school, take the ugliest dirtiest pair that you had set aside in a secret, undisclosed location and make them wear those babies to school. You welcome.

Amanda said...

You guys have an insane amount of shoes!
Loved reading your adventure though. Love reading ANYTHING you write!

Memzy said...

Yikers. It's hard to know what to say considering I've missed 7teen posts by you. I think next time I'll rethink going out of town just for that reason.

1. Breaking Dawn. I've heard so much good and bad I don't know how to weigh in.
2. Laughing is good, no matter where or when. Just ask me and Landee via our family auction.
3. Shoes are like Oreos. You never can have just one. End of story.

Markie23 said...

I don't believe you really HAVE a million dollhairs.