Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's Growing in My Garden

Seriously, can you identify any of these plants?

I started a garden on the side of our house about three years ago, but we didn't have a drip system, so I'd plant seeds, water them by hand for a few weeks, get lazy and forget about them, and everything would die within a few days.

This last spring, Anthony finally put the drip system in our garden, but before I had a chance to plant seeds, stuff started to grow.

It's ghost seed that I murdered last year, haunting my garden.

Anyway, if you can identify any of these plants, I'll give you five doll hairs. (Oh wait, that trick doesn't work if you spell it out.)








For bonus doll hairs, what are these peach-colored orbs growing on my peach tree?

I kept meaning to blog about Homer's new tramp. It takes up all the space in our huge backyard, but it's way funner than the area of grass it sits on. One of these days, I'm going to film myself doing this sweet flip I can do.

In other backyard news...

My raised planter still looks nothing like the main entrance to Disneyland...

There will be no pomegranates this year, as a group of wild kids picked all the baby fruit buds off my pomegranate bush. ("But can't we just buy them at the store?" says Gus. "No," says mom, "All the pomegranates in America were on that bush.")...

And my boxwood hedge is still as sparse as the day it was planted...

Hey, it's a freaking miracle any of these plants are even still alive in the 110+ degree heat we've been having.
What's your backyard news?


Emily said...

You got me! A couple of those plants look like weeds, especially #2. #3 looks very similar to our corn in our garden. Did you plant pumpkin? #6 looks a lot like our pumpkin plants too?? And, DUH! Those are definitely peaches. Our peach tree got attacked by birds this year and I was only able to salvage 2 grocery bags full. Our garden is pretty much out of control. I'll have to post about it on my blog...pretty exciting stuff.

Amanda said...

I refuse to comment on your current post. I am on strike until you finish your story about Jeremy Cla

Shed said...

#5 is hashish and #2 are melons. Congratulations!

Memzy said...

I'm looking down at my thumb and teh color looks definitely more like a black than any shade of green. Soo, yeeeeah. I have NO clue.

Cristin said...

hmmm they all look like weeds to me but what do I know, your grass is greener than mine and I have no excuse...we've had cooler temps in the 70's and 80's. I'm obviously not the gardener. Lucky! You have peaches, we have pears and nobody likes them.