Sunday, July 20, 2008

Take a Chance on a Flick like this...

First, I saw Mama Mia! (the movie) last night and highly recommend it, especially if you love ABBA (who doesn't?) and if you haven't seen the play. (It's every bit as cheesy and entertaining as the play.)

Wunderbar! (that's Swedish for wonderful)

The cutest little old man sat next to us and he was clapping, dancing, and singing along. Oh, I wish I was old so I could get away with doing crazy junk like that.

ABBA reminds me of my BFF from high school, Gina S--we were both raised on ABBA. (hard, deciding what ABBA songs to add to my playlist)

And now I'm going to post a super groovy picture of me and Gina S., dressed all ABBAish (that's what she gets for never looking at my blog).

Second, the first meeting of the Smart Remarks book club is today! BUT after realizing that a few people (me) still haven't read this month's book choice, The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery, (LOSERS!!!!!) I thought we should probably extent it by a week. So, we'll discuss the book on July 27th... everyone kool with that?

Anyone who read the book should post their own review, if possible. I'll provide some thought-provoking metaphors, conjunctions, & smilies about the reading, since I nominated the &@&*%*& thing in the first place. Then we can discuss in the comments. Okiedoke? Also, we'll nominate a new book. (Toss me a bone on that one, OK?)

Third, I Aced my math final (<--I'm no dummy)

, part four of my Dramatic and Twisted Tail is coming...

(If the name Rebecca Ryan sounds familiar, click here. If you haven't seen this movie, you MUST borrow my mom's Beta Max copy of it. Best movie of 1984, hands down.)


Amanda said...

There is NO way I am gonna find the time to get that book read this week. But if Breaking Dawn gets chosen for August, I am sure I'll get that one done. Sorry. I am definitely a loser.

Memzy said...

Breaking Dawn will be a nomination from me. And you are NO dummy. Math is hard.

sarastrasser said...

I will definitelym be voting for Breaking Dawn and giving my review the same day.

Cristin said...

Are there any other books besides Breaking Dawn because I don't see any.

Grats on your test!

Thanks for the review of the movie, it's on my must see list. How did you get your hubby to go? According to LM his life would end if he had to go see it.

That's where I know the name. I love that movie!

Cristin said...

O I wanted to say that I L-O-V-E ABBA. My friends and I would listen to ABBA's greatest hits every time we went to Las Vegas in the middle of the night, which was a lot. It brings back fun memories.

michelle said...

Congrats on the math test!!

Definately want to see the movie.

Finished the book and really liked it. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone still reading it. But...maybe I'll mention I was annoyed with the beginning and hated the weakness in Valancy. The author does a great job of creating a horrible existence and did I ever feel sorry for Valancy. I'll save the good stuff for the 27th. Good pick Jenny!