Sunday, July 13, 2008

No More Paint

Why do kids like painting so much? I remember always wanting to paint something when I was a kid, but at some point, I got over it.

Not surprisingly, this whole summer, the kids keep choosing projects that involve paint and, as I'm sure anyone would be, I am sick of setting up all the paint stuff and cleaning up the mess afterward. I've gotten lazy about supervising it and now there's dried specs of paint all over my kitchen table that I can't get off without chipping off more of the finish.

This last time they painted, I tried to set up everything outside, but the plastic tablecloth I used to protect the patio started to melt so we had to go back inside. Plus it was too hot for the kids. I ended up with two messes to clean up.

But no more.

I solemnly swear, oh Bloggers of America, that there will be NO MORE projects involving PAINT this summer. Can I get a "Amen"?

(Note: these pictures were taken when things were still relatively clean. I informed the boys that this is the last paint project of the summer and they milked it for hours.)

Notice how Homer's pirate ship turned out:

Yeah, he didn't do that brilliant paint job by himself, and that's the other reason I'm sick of paint projects.


Amy Thurston said...

I can't believe how long you have lasted! The only time my kids get to paint something is if dad does a project with them.....or their aunt buys them a birthday present that has to be painted!

Amanda said...

I like how they are all naked.

Emily said...

I'll give you an Amen. I just cringe anytime my kids say they want to do a "craft." You are a good mom for letting them paint as much as you did. Good job.

Memzy said...

Great. Now I've gotta mail you the "mom of the year award". ::grabbing it off the bookshelf and dusting::

Srsly, kids must think you are the coolest EVAH.

Waite Family said...

thanks jenny, i'm glad you like my videos. i'm about to post the actual wedding video maybe today. anyway, i would love to do one for you and your family.... you don't need an occasion, check out

Cristin said...

Amen sista!

Seriously, do you have to rub your "I'm the best mom in the whole world" in.
I avoid letting my kids paint like I avoid going to the mall. I only do it if I absolutely have to and there's no other way around it.