Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have an hour?

Want to be inspired? Go watch this video.

It's The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch.

You've probably heard of it, or seen the Primetime specials, but if you haven't watched the lecture, I highly recommend you do so.

I watched his lecture (the first time) at the end of last year, at a time when I felt kind of bad about myself because I wasn't accomplishing the things I wanted to accomplish most in life, yet I was very unmotivated to change anything. After watching it, I decided to focus solely on the one thing I wanted to accomplish more than anything for just a few weeks, and let everything else go.

Randy Pausch died last Friday. I watched the Primetime special on him last night, and then watched his lecture again. All that motivation I had at the beginning of this year is back. And I need it. Do you need it?


abutler said...

I totally saw that guy on Opera and thought he was so amazing. I was actually a little sad when I heard he had passed away. It is an amazing lecture. I think I saw a book about him somewhere???

Cristin said...

I was so sad to hear that he passed away even though I knew it was going to happen. He is such an inspiration and I really needed to hear this again. I loved what he said about walls in our lives.