Friday, July 11, 2008

Esplins, Meet the Morgans, and Vice Versa

(If you want a copy of any of these pictures, right click on the one you want, click "Save Image as," name it, and then it's all yours)<--that instruction was for my mom's benefit.

So here's a bunch of pictures from last weekend of both Anthony's family and mine. You might see a picture of someone you've only heard about and have been dying to see. All excited now?

These first three pictures are of Atticus, my brother Tom's youngest of four kids, and arguably the fourth cutest boy that ever lived. (fourth to my three boys, in case you didn't know)

He was very busy cleaning up. (future environmentalist/hippie)

Here's the cutest husband that ever lived, Anthony. (he hates it when I call him that) The striped-headed boy is Calvin, my sister Amy's son, and he looks all troublemakerish with that haircut, but he's way laid back and chill.

This is my favorite brother Tom Morgan. In the background, in the green stripped shirt, is Wade Esplin, Anthony's older brother.

Here's Katie Morgan, my SIL, with her girls Hazel (oldest) and Violet (second to youngest). Her three oldest kids had a sleepover at my house the other night, and at dinner, Violet was all confused and asked, "Are you my mom, Jen-Knee?" (said like Forest Gump) and I said, "Yeah." I know it was the wrong thing to say, it just came out.

Here's my mom, with my sister Sara and her daughter Wini. If Wini asks if I'm her mom, I'll tell her "Yeah" also. Cute, huh?

Here's Howie Thurston, my sister Amy's youngest. He's the same age as Homer. Too bad we live so far away. Cute, huh?

Here's my nephew, Preston Esplin, Wade's son (in the background). Homer kind-of looks like him, I think.

I'm not allowed to mention who these girls are:

Here's a hint, though:

(is that legal, Sara? Anyway, steal them from my blog so I don't have to email them to you.)

Here's Anthony's mom, Cheryl:


Bailey Thurston (Amy's oldest), and Maddie Beck (Erin and Corey's oldest). Erin wasn't there, but Corey made a rare trip up to Idaho that weekend and brought the girls.

Wolfe Straw, Sir? (Sara's oldest). I wanted to get a picture of his purple eyes (yeah, purple) but he didn't want me to.

Frances Beck, or "France" as she called.

Teddy Straw, Sir? (Sara's second oldest of three). He really wanted me to take his picture, as you can tell.

This is Brenden Esplin, Wade's youngest, jumping on the tramp with Thomas Morgan, Tom's son. Check out that air.

The two Gus's:

Hazel and Ella (Tom's daughter and Amy's daughter). Hazel wore those Sponge Bob pajamas for three days straight, day and night, and she was proud of it.

Sara, with Violet and Wini. (They're roughly the same age)

This is Jenny Esplin, Wade's wife. We have the same name, in case you didn't catch that. Together, we make a strikingly beautiful pair, don't you think? Jenny is also a very talented artist. Her drawings are so perfect, they look like photographs. check out her website

In high school, Jenny was actually Anthony's girlfriend. Scandalous! Naw, it's kinda funny. Someday I'll blog about it, with pictures (I'm sure Jenny will be thrilled) so stay tuned.

Here's Homer (middle) with his cousins Brenden (left) and Preston (Right) (Wade and Jenny's two youngest):

This is me with my niece, Madison, (Wade's daughter). She's the same age (roughly) as Cord:

This is Anthony's step-brother, Brian, and Brian's wife Shannon, and daughter Dena, and their new baby boy, Kainan:

We had a much too short visit with them at their beautiful house, and hope to get a longer one next time. They had a freakishly clear, plasma, HDTV (or something like that) that I could have spent hours watching. But that's not why I wanted a longer visit or anything.

Here's a close up of Kainan:

That's it!


abutler said...

That was fun to see all those pics. Thanks for the pic of Sara's "Fam". How is that going for her anyway?

Memzy said...

Such a good picture taker you are!! That's some good looking family. And I happen to wear my "Drake and Josh" pj's on a daily+ basis, sooooo that's totally cool.

Amanda said...

Thanks for all the great posts and photos. I was glad to see the photos of those girls that are to remain nameless.

Amy Thurston said...

That was fun. Howie was looking with me, and now he wants me to go find that spider man shirt for him.

michelle said...

Great pictures! Wish I could have been there to join the party.