Monday, July 14, 2008

A Dramatic and Twisted Tale of Love

I'm sure you've wondered, "what ever happened to that old boyfriend?" Googled him, maybe? Well, I thought I'd share a queer little story about one of my old boyfriends. (The word "queer" kinda grosses me out, but I keep using it for some reason.)

As you would probably assume, I've had many many many many boyfriends. See here. The one I'm going to tell you about today, I haven't given much thought to in a long time, but he's part of a bigger story, so I wanted to start with him.

His name was Jeremy Cla... oh wait, I better not mention his full name. For privacy purposes, his name was Jeremy Cla. We met at Subway, where we both worked. I was a senior in high school, and he was in college. He went to BSU on a wrestling scholarship; he was handsome, about 25 years old at the time if I remember correctly, 6'4", and a return missionary. He was pretty much out of my league for those reasons, so I never really gave much thought to dating him or anything. Until, one night, the night manager informed me that Jeremy liked me but didn't think he could ask me out because I was still in high school. I was like, whoa wha... This older guy who's way out of my league likes me?

Of course, I started to like him back. I kept it all to myself, being that I was very shy around boys I liked and didn't have a flirty bone in my body, despite all those rumors of me being a playa. So, I went from being comfortable and friendly around Jeremy, to all bumbly and nervous, my eyes darting all over the place when he talked to me, stuff like that.

Me, Jeremy, and Paris (that's the night manager--he was a guy named Paris) worked the dinner shift at Subway, then Jeremy would leave and Paris and I would work the last few hours before we closed. While we were closing, Paris would tease me about Jeremy, and I would deny over and over that I liked him. I only confided the truth to one person... Erin (my sister). What was I thinking?

One night, Paris and I were closing when Erin came in with a few of her friends. I'm making her sandwich and Paris is standing there visiting with us. He knew Erin because she used to work at Subway as well. Anyway, we're talking and all the sudden Erin says, "Is that guy you like working tonight?" My heart drops and my faces goes red because it's so obvious she's refering to Jeremy Cla. Paris just points at me with this annoying open-mouth grin... I remember this whole scenario very clearly, as it was one of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to me. Like I said, I was very shy about boy stuff. Then Erin says with all this false innocence, "Oh, was I not supposed to tell?" Yeah, she knew what she was doing.

For the rest of the night, Paris is all smug and teasing. He wants to set us up, but I make him promise not to tell Jeremy.

The next day at work, by the look on Jeremy's face, it's obvious that Paris has told. For the next month or so, Jeremy doesn't ask me out or anything, and I'm feeling dumb and dumber about the whole thing. Like maybe he didn't like me to begin with. This, of course, makes me like him more, which makes me act way awkward at work. My tomatoes are on top of my olives and I'm leaving the cheese off completely. Jeremy and Paris are all chummy and I feel like they're sharing some private joke. The way their conversation stops when I walk in the room gives me the sneakin' suspicion the joke is about me.

By this time, it's nearing the end of the school year, and I eventually graduate (with a very high GPA but that has nothing to do with my story). The Monday after graduation, I get a phone call...

Whoa wha... it was Jeremy Cla.

Needless to say, I was very surprised to hear his voice, and all voice-cracky and awkward. First, I had no idea he had my phone number, and second, I thought he was no longer interested. He confessed that he had been waiting until I graduated from high school before he asked me out, since he was so much older. I was still 17 years old for a few weeks, but he refused to wait another day. Every day he had waited thus far had been agonizing. Days felt like weeks to him, months, like years. (<--all this last part is my assumption, nothing he professed or anything.)

So, I had just graduated from high school (with that high GPA I mentioned earlier), and a guy that was way out of my league wanted to date me. Things couldn't be more perfect, right? That's what she said. But the real drama was about to begin...

(This is getting longer than expected, so I'm gonna have to finish this dramatic tale later)

Here's some pictures of Jeremy Cla (I debated for a good ten seconds about whether or not I should post them). Jeremy's in the blue shirt. I'm the girl next to him who looks like maybe his daughter or something, then it's Amy and Dwight Thurston, and that's Sara's head popping up below.

Here he is dressed like a sailor and me wearing a graduation gown. It's all completely innocent.


Amy Thurston said...

1. Sara looks like she was photo shopped in.
2. My bangs are the result of a perm gone wrong.
3. You look like you are 10, which makes me wander about that guy.
4. You can't just start a story, then say, it gets really dramatic, then say, I'll blog about it later! Just go ahead a write a long blog.
5. You may have had a high GPA, but you were seriously lacking in the street smarts......telling Erin a secret.

Amanda said...

Very rude to get me all sucked in and then drop me like a hot potato!

Memzy said...

Hottie that you are,.....I'm not surprised. Can't wait to hear more. It's hard enough waiting for the new Stephenie Meyer book!!

Cristin said...

What the....why....hmph...not nice..

Emily said...

You totally left us all hanging!! You better finish TODAY! This is awesome.

Shed said...

Jeremy Clayborn? I know him!

ajesplin said...

Oh, Shed, you are so close!