Monday, June 2, 2008

Smart Remarks

Have you ever heard of that club called "Smart Remarks?"
Well, it's this WAY nerdy book club that I started riiiiiiiight... NOW! Anyone want to join?

WAIT! Don't leave!

C'mon, it's my wildest dream to have a book club. It's the only reason I wear glasses. I have 20/20 vision for reals.

WAIT! Don't leave!

You know how hard it is to find a good book club? I've dropped out of three book clubs this year alone. I just want to read some good ol' fashion fiction, but all anybody wants to read these days is self-help, how-to, nonfiction, religious doctrine, etc. Not that I don't enjoy that sort of reading on occasion.

WAIT! Don't leave!

Smart Remarks isn't like those other book clubs out there. In Smart Remarks, we'll always be on the "same page." (Expect lots of witty remarks like that in the Smart Remarks book club).

Here's the Wikipedia on Smart Remarks:

Anyone can join
It is a fiction book club
Any who joins can "nominate" the "book of the month"*
When someone nominates a book, they'll provide a blurb about the book

Everyone who joins will vote on which book we'll read that month
That's right, it's a democratic club. It's America's Book club!
You have a month to read the book of the month
Then we'll have a deeply satisfying,
witty discussion online about
the book we read, hosted
by the person who
nominated the
book in the
first place,
via our

Trust me. It'll work.

So, if you want to join the Smart Remarks book club, say so in my comments.
But please don't jam my system.


Amanda said...

Jenny, you are seriously one the coolest people ever created. Very tempting, but I'm already in a book club and I can only handle so much. I'll think about it.

Amanda said...

Seriously- Do you have good vision??? Because I've always wanted to wear glasses and I have good vision.

Cristin said...

OH MY GOSH, I wear glasses just to look smarter too...and because I'm too afraid to get that creepy eye surgery.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your book club idea! I've quit 2 book clubs this year, they I want to read religious material for "fun"...pfft.

ajesplin said...

Yay Cristin! I knew I could count on you!

Katie or Tom said...

I'll join your book club if I get to pick the first book. I choose the bible, and for those of you who've already read it don't give away the ending, I'm dying to know how it turns out.TIT

Markie23 said...

If the book of the month has pictures, pop-ups, or is fewer than 12 pages, then I would probably read it.

Amy Thurston said...

I'm in, but we should probably quick and pick a book before Sara joins and picks the BabySitter Club series. Or Erin picks Flowers in the Attic. Or Tom picks The Bible. I would pick something great, like, anything from Judy Blume.

sarastrasser said...

Whatever Amy!!! I don't even love "Babysiiters Club", I only like it. I am joining. My first nominated book is "Sweet Valley High #1...Double Love". It is full of suprises, deception, and LOVE!!! It is important we start from the beginning and work are through high school and into the university books. You can get these books from Amazon for only
$.99!!!! Get your copy TODAY!!!

Katie or Tom said...

I just wanted to see who was going to join before I made a decision. I will join. I recommend "The Chocolate Touch." ummm...yeah

michelle said...

Count me in!