Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Smart Remarks Book

Click HERE to vote on this month's book.

*Update: OK, not everyone had a chance to vote on a book choice before I left on my trip. I guess we (meaning I) won't be reading the book on the plane. I get back late Monday night, so the book will be determined around Tuesday morning. If you haven't voted, vote! Do you know how many people died so you could vote on the book club book? Don't make a mockery of democracy. OoOh say can you see? By the dawn's early light! Anyways, keep an eye on my blog while I'm gone and report any fishy business to the authorities. (I just found out my American Express card was stolen in Barstow and I've been treating some Trucker to a full tank of gas from Vickterville to TenBuckTwo, so I'm especially suspicious lately).

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Memzy said...

I'm down with the book club fer rizzles. And I am so urban like you. That photographer was RAD. I love the pics!