Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Riverside Apartments

Remember your first home? (And I'm not talking about your parent's house when you were a kid, I'm talking about YOUR first home.)
I don't know about you, but Anthony and I had some seriously humble beginnings. Our first ever home was a teeny tiny apartment in Boise, ID near BSU called The Riverside Apartments. (Don't let that luxurious name fool you. The closest we came to "riverside" was the gutter.)

I don't think I have any pictures of the place, so I Googled it, and stole the following photos from the leasing website, but the pictures have obviously been staged for real estate purposes:

See the tulips? Must have photoshopped them in.

Look at the clear green water in the pool in the picture below:

Yeah, when we lived there, the pool only had a few inches of brown water and lots of leaves and debris. They actually reduced the rent of the apartments that overlooked the pool.

This picture (from the website) was taken from the corner of the family room, aimed at the kitchen.

It was a one bedroom, one bath, with no dishwasher, and we shared a washer and dryer with the entire floor, which was down the hall a ways (that was a selling point, by the way). It was an indoor complex, meaning all the hallways leading to the different apartments were inside. The hallway leading to our apartment on the third floor, was narrow with a low ceiling, and every time I stepped onto our floor, I anticipated the presence of a rapist/murderer. (That may have been my own paranoia, unrelated to The Riverside Apartments).

This picture (from the website) was taken from the front door, aimed toward the kitchen and family room.

Since we didn't have a dishwasher, we had to do our dishes by hand, just like the pioneers who came before us. Once, Anthony was doing the dishes and our neighbor called the cops, thinking he was beating me with pots and pans. Washing dishes by hand creates quite a ruckus. Bet you didn't know that.

Our kitchen had green counter tops (not the white pictured) with wood cabinets (not white). The cabinets were so tiny, we could only fit about half our stuff in them, even though we didn't have much kitchenware. The shelves were too shallow for our very average size plates, so we had to stack them on the counter.

Here's the floor plan (I drew it myself)

I made it look practically huge, but it was only about 350 sq ft. Our rent was $365/month (but according to the website, they have since upped the rent to $475/month). Can you imagine rent that cheap? I remember thinking it was so much money. And we were barely making it. Now, if I found $365 in my jeans pocket, I'd throw it in the wash without bothering to take it out. That's how little $365 is to me. (I'd get it out of my pocket after the drying cycle, though.)

Those were simple, simple times. Why'd things have to go and make things so complicated?


Amanda said...

Talk about luxury. I liked your little drawing the best. There wasn't even room in the bathroom to type in "Bathroom". "Bath" barely fits. Creative post. Much enjoyed.

Amy Thurston said...

You did have an elevator, and mom's family room.

Cristin said...

AWWWW memories.... Ours was slightly larger but we had a washer/dryer IN our apartment...oh yeah! We also had a little baby soon after we moved in was crowded. I kind of miss the simpleness of our life back then and really miss how easy it was to clean a small space....

bailey thurston said...

i cant wait till you guys come for the fourth of july i cant wait

Katie or Tom said...

I remember being jealous of your digs. We did have 2 bedrooms, but we also had goat poop in our house, and the second bedroom was completely off limits to me. I went in there once on a mission to track down the gross smell. I would rather it wasn't there at all.