Monday, June 23, 2008

NYC--Our Favorite Thing in Manhattan

Ahhh, Central Park.
843 acres of green. Grass, trees, and lakes (yes, the lakes are green).
My camera simply couldn't capture the beauty of Central Park. You have to see it in person.

Most of the park was man made, but it's so old, it seems like a natural, wild part of Manhattan island that was left untouched. Manhattan's giant, towering buildings surround the park and are part of every view. It's an odd contrast. After walking around loud, busy Time Square, Central Park was a refreshing change. We could have spent a day sitting on a rock and never get bored.

The park has had many renaissances. The conservation of Central Park is now privately funded, which is probably the reason it is now safe, well-maintained, and clean. They even strictly prohibit alcohol--they blame a lot the park's past deterioration on drunken gatherings. From episodes of Law and Order, you'd assume joggers find dead bodies in Central Park on a daily basis, but I assure you, Anthony and I jogged for quite a while and didn't find a single body.

There were tons of little pathways that led to old gazebos like this one.

The park was so huge, we eventually paid a petty cap driver to take us around the whole park. He was from Russia and won his citizenship through a lottery. This is him:

The picture below is the view we had to endure from behind the petty cap driver. Please click on it to enlarge. Yes, no underwear, and a trail of thick black hair. We rode with him for over an hour. When it was over, Anthony said, "Man, we should have gotten a picture of that guy's..." Oh, Anthony, it's me you're talking to. Of COURSE I got a picture.

Here we are in front of John Lennon's house. This is where he was shot and killed. Many other famous people live here now, but I can't remember who. We saw too many houses where so-and-so lives, I can't keep it straight. Anyway, this house faces the area of Central Park named Strawberry Fields (for obvious reasons).

Our petty cab driver tried his hardest to tell us interesting facts about the park in broken English. Our favorite fact concerned this statue below of Robert Burns, who "started that famous bookstore chain, Burns and Noble." I wanted to correct the poor guy and inform him that Mr. Burns was actually the owner of a famous nuclear power plant in Springfield, but Anthony stopped me. Instead we asked, "Where's Mr. Noble's statue?" For the rest of ride, he stopped at every statue, looking for Mr. Burns partner, Mr. Noble.
(BTW, Robert Burns is a writer; he wrote the famous song we sing at New Years, "Auld Lang Syne," among other things.)

Ah, here we are in front of that fountain from the movie Enchanted (it's in the background).


Turtle Lake is behind the fountain and it's FULL of turtles. Red Eared Sliders, to be exact.

This is Central Park from the top of the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art). The museum is actually in the park.

more to come...


Cristin said...

OH MAAAAAAAAAAAN! I'm so glad you shared the picture of your cabby! It's like you had an awesome time, take me next time please.

michelle said...

WOW!!! The pictures of Central Park are beautiful!!!
Now about the other picture that you shared...they should have outlawed hairy guys from wearing pink shorts without underwear way before they took away the alcohol. What were they thinking?!! Protect the tourists!!

Amy Thurston said...

He's a bicycle cabby! In New York! He is lucky to have the shorts, let alone afford underware.
I love parks. After we win the Idaho lottery (not to be confused with the citizenship lottery) I will have to take a trip to Central Park.

abutler said...

Never went to Central Park when I went to N.Y. wish I had now. Thanks for the suggestion on blowing up the "crack" pic.

Amanda said...

I didn't know Central Park was that great! I've never been there. I will HAVE to do that next time. Did you happen to get your cabby's number?

Katie or Tom said...

As I was reading your post I thought, "Oh, I will ask if she found a dead body in central park." You stole my joke you joke stealer. I had some other funny things to say, but now I don't want to say it anymore. Joke stealer.