Thursday, June 26, 2008

NYC--A Night at the Museum (or two days)

Are you guys getting sick of my New York City trip pictures? Yeah, me neither.

This was the coolest museum we have ever visited:
The American Museum of Natural History

We easily could have spent a week here and not seen everything. It was huge.
(That's Teddy Roosevelt sitting on that horse.)

The museum faces Central Park:

You should know that Anthony always makes me do dumb poses when he takes my picture. He's pretty insistent, and I usually give in unless I'm really feeling lazy.

Anthony: "Jenny, make an elephant trunk with your arm."
Me: "All right."

Anthony: "That looks so awkward. You look like your wiping off your nose on your shoulder. Use your other arm, and make the elephant noise."
Me: "Just take it."
...30 second pause...
Me: "Hurry!"

Below is an actual human shrunken head. Warriors would take out the skull and boil the flesh until it shrunk and hardened. Gross, huh?

This rock either came from outer space or Boston; I can't remember, but in my estimation, they're pretty much the same place.

So, I tried to take a picture of the famous "Star of India" behind glass. I ended up with this queer picture of Anthony and I reflected onto the glass and the the Star of India reflected onto my womb. Talk about symbolism.

The sweetest planetarium. Remember that planetarium you visited when you were a kid with the glow-in-the-dark stickers on the inside of the dome in the shape of constellations? It wasn't like that.

This scale is totally broken. There's no way I weigh this much on Jupiter. For reals.

Real, giant bugs:

Anthony: "Wait, it totally looks like you're actually in a field with real deer."
Me: "Seriously? Take a picture and we'll say we made a quick stop in Montana."

Anthony: "Lift up your foot and it will look like your climbing that rock with the goats."
Me: "All right."

Did you know that the skeleton remains of only about 30 T-Rexes have ever been found. This is one of them, and the most complete of all of them. Famous. (BTW, I didn't tell Anthony to pose like this, he did that on his own.)

Anth: "Position your head behind the glass between his teeth. Higher. Left. Left. Lower. A little to the right..."
Me: "Just take it!"

The view from the top floor of the museum:

Combo of my two favorite things, turtles and taxidermy.

Anth: "Your feet hurt? Let me take a picture."

The second coolest museum we went to was the MET. Again, it was ginormous and would have taken us a week to really see everything. We had to pick and chose what we wanted to see the most, and skip the rest.

Here I am looking all cultured.

Here is just a tiny sampling of the neat things we saw inside.
(We couldn't use the flash on our camera inside)
Egyptian temple:

Babe Ruth's rookie card:

Full suits of armor spanning several centuries:

They had a huge hall of Greek and Roman statues.

They had tons of "time period" rooms, complete with authentic wallpaper, flooring, moldings, fixtures, etc. It was like you were touring an old manor house or castle.

Paintings by Picasso, Rembrandt, Monet, etc... they were all a dime a dozen at the MET.

I'll post my sweet Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island pictures tomorrow. We took a lot of pictures, so bear with me as I continue my brag fest...


Cristin said...

Are you done yet???? I said I was jealous with the first your just torturing me....

Amanda said...

I love reading the commentary of what went on when a photo was taken.

Katie or Tom said...

Not to burst your bubble, but I just watched a show on the science channel about an even bigger and more complete T-Rex skeleton that was found. The government seized it and sold it to some Boston Museum for 51 million dollars. That officially makes your skeleton not that much better than the plastic, growling, disneyland reject at the natural history museum here. Can you tell I am jealous? Cause I am all.

Emily said...

I love the look on Anthony's face in the picture of the headless statue.

Looks like you had so much fun!

Memzy said...

More, more, more!