Monday, June 9, 2008

Molly's Wedding

I just got back from a quick weekend trip to Bakersfield, for my cousin Molly’s wedding reception. My aunt Liz did an amazing job, and, knowing her, I would expect nothing less. She was a great hostess, so accommodating, and really made everyone feel welcome (which is always the case with her). I'm sure her stress level was through the roof, but most would never know.

The reception was gorgeous, and from what I hear, Molly's wedding (the day before in Big Sur) was just as beautiful. Scott (the groom) seemed like a nice, laid-back sort of guy, and I look forward to getting to know him better. Molly looked so pretty (not hard for her to pull off) in her wedding dress and so did her bridesmaids—I loved the dresses. If you weren’t there, you’ll have to take my word on all of this (since I totally forgot to take pictures), or you can visit any of the Waite or Bailey blogs, which I’m sure will have tons of pictures. If you were there, it was fun seeing you, and much too short! I wish all of you would come visit us in Las Vegas, but not all at the same time and not too close together. But please, do. If you've never experienced a Las Vegas summer, it's really something you need to do before you die. It's truly miserable. But still, something you need to experience for yourself.

--About Smart Remarks Book Club, I promise I'll nominate some books today, so check back in the comments section of that post later. What about you guys? Are you going to nominate a book or what?

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