Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Can't Believe It... baby is 3.

Arch Homer Esplin

Homer's first name comes from Anthony's uncle Arch. We actually named him "Arch Henry Esplin" at the hospital, and called him Arch, sometimes Archie, sometimes Henry, and sometimes Hank for the first three or four months of his life, as we tried to get comfortable with one of his names. Why did we change his name to Homer? It's a long story that I don't have time to type about today, but the short version of it is that the name "Homer" started out as nickname, and we eventually got used to it and had his name legally changed to what it is today: Arch Homer Esplin. So be careful what you call your baby... that nickname could stick.

He was born here in Las Vegas, weighting in at exactly 6lbs. at birth, the second smallest of the Morgan grandchildren (second to Cord), but unlike his older brother, he grew pretty fast...

At the hospital the day he was born:

See that sly look in his eye:

He changed so much from month to month, I can barely see any resemblance in these baby pictures to what he looks like now.

Here he is at one year old:

Here he is at 2:

These are all from this past year:

We have a lot of fun with Homer. In the privacy of our own home, Anthony and I are secretly obsessed with him. If you could spy on us for an evening, this is the conversation you'd probably hear between me and Anthony: "Look at Homer." "Homer looks cute." "Did you see what Homer just did?" "Did you hear what Homer said?" "Anthony, Anthony look at him, quick. Look what he's doing." "Jenny, you missed what Homer just did! I told you to come here." Every ordinary thing he does and says is entertaining to us.

A lot of parents are like this in public and it drives me crazy, that's why we keep it to ourselves.
You're welcome.

There is a high possibility that Homer will be our last baby, so that's always in the back of our minds. It's exciting watching him grow, and we know from experience that better things are to come the older he gets. But it's still kind of sad to know that our days of having a baby crawl around our house have flown by.

Some of my favorite memories of Homer are posted on this blog, so I won't bother repeating them. I love this video of him watching Toy Story, this video of him as Yoda riding on Cord's back, this video of him singing all emo like, and this morning conversation with him. Check a few of them out if you have the time (being it's his birthday and all).

We love you Homer! Happy Birthday.


Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Homie! We tried to call to wish you a great day, but had to leave a message since you weren't home...bummer! Did your mom let you hear Grandpa singing the "Happy Birthday Song" out of tune on your answering machine? Love you!

abutler said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest Homer I know. Seriously cute!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Homer!! I can definitely see why you and Anthony are obsessed with him. He is so cute!! Thanks for explaining the name choice, I was always curious. I think it suits him perfectly!

Cristin said...


I would be obsessed with him too, he's soooooo cute!

steve said...

ya hommer howie is three too