Monday, June 9, 2008

Family Pictures

When I got back in town (see post below), the family pictures we had taken in April had finally arrived! Rather than the typical "nature" backdrops of most family pictures, we wanted to try something different so the very sweet and talented photographer, Sara Boulter, suggested an urban flava. She took us to old downtown Las Vegas (aka, the ghetto) for the photo session. She actually lives in the Salt Lake City, UT area but she will travel to different states to do photo sessions. She was unfamiliar with the "urban" Las Vegas area, but she took the time to scout-out an area ahead of time.

I'm not sure if she really knew how ghetto a place she had taken us to. We were a little shocked to see all the bums, drug dealers, and hookers, but not as shocked as they were to see us. Here comes this clean-cut family in their new Gap clothes, "Excuse me sir, may we step in front of your dumpster for a family photo? We've love to get a shot of us by your box house. Would you mind smashing your beer bottle a little to left? We'd love to get that in the shot." I will never forget the look on that hooker's face when she stumbled out of the old mattress store and saw us walking down the street, holding hands. She did a double take, and then made a halfhearted attempt to reattach the broken strap on her dress. "Don't fix your strap on our account, Hooker. We're urban."

Anyway, that's the story behind these beautiful family pictures:

So what'd ya think of our authentic urban flava? True dat!

Now go check out Tom and Katie's new family pictures (posted here and here). Yeah, Sara Boulter took those too (Katie hooked us up with Sara in the first place). Tom and Katie had their family pictures taken on a farm because they're old-fashion farmin' country folk. Not us. We're urban.


Amanda said...

Those pictures are perfect! They were even better knowing the background of the photo shoot. Glad you all didn't get mugged or anything.

sarastrasser said...

Super cute!! You need to send me some. I like the "urban" setting. It is very Las Vegas-y. You should always stay true to your roots.

Cristin said...

Very cute and urban-y!

michelle said...

Love em!! It was nice that you could enjoy a little "culture" while getting your pictures taken.

Katie or Tom said...

Oh Jenny, those look fabulous! Your blog makes them cuter, not that they aren't cute already, but something about the "Esplin" in the right corner of your cropped family photo makes it cooler. I bought frames for two of my pictures it was almost 40 dollars. Ouch. I guess I should have gotten less pictures.

Emily said...

I LOVE all your pictures!!! I wish that photographer lived around here! Awesome.

It was so fun to see you at the wedding. Hope you had/have a fun time in NY! Can't wait to hear all about it!

abutler said...

I love your family pictures. You say she's from SLC??? I'm going to have to look herup. Totally love em.

Sara Boulter said...

HAHAH! Okay, I just found your blog again and spent the last 20 minutes laughing my guts out. This one takes the cake. You clever clever girl. Of COURSE you're a writer.
You told the "urban" story so well, my dear. I am SO sorry for taking you down into hell with me. Of course I had no idea how ghetto it really was. I was busy looking through my lens...too occupied to notice Miss Hooker-strap-insky. Next year, please do the scouting for me! C'mon...I live in friggin' Centerville! No one does drugs here...though, there is a fancy hooker across the street.
You kill me. Well done, you.